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Well said, but…

With regard to immigrant labor, they are here as we have folks who won’t do those jobs. While you say this is due to the wage paid, I disagree. There are a % of people who don’t want to work, period. They could use these jobs as opportunities to improve themselves; use it as a spring-board to new opportunities. But with all the handouts we provide, and continue to provide, there is no incentive. You have GENERATIONS on public assistance and they know nothing different. Try cutting those entitlements and the Democrats will throw a royal fit. I say you either cut or freeze them to over time, deliver a message.

As for Trump not being very Presidential with his twitter habit, that is an understatement.

Finally, about the tax change, there was a better way to go about it, but it’s what we have for now. Time for Corp America to bring in some of those profits parked overseas, and for companies to pass along the savings to their workers. Prove to the Dem’s they were wrong that all all of this saving was going to go to just the CEO’s and top executives. Nothing better than actions proving those blow-hole comments wrong.


Bill T.

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