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ALL POINTS BULLETIN “It’s imperative that all Blacks vote for Donald Trump “ALL POINTS BULLETIN”

I believe that Hillary Clinton is a destructive force for America.  I do not say this without serious contemplation.  I must admit that I cannot connect the dots but the appearance of impropriety is devastating.  If the appearance of impropriety look bad for Americans then this appearance would give fuel for foreign countries to try to manipulate the Commander in Chief.  No one should be allow to be the Commander in Chief when there is a propensity of manipulation by a foreign country because of the appearance of impropriety.  Since this lady is brief on highly sensitive intelligence about this nation, then the bar or qualification of the person who is going to occupy the seat of the Presidency should be extraordinary higher then any other job in this nation.  From their moral aptitude to the appearance of impropriety, the vetting process of these individuals need to be intense.  These people have the lives of millions of people in the palm of their hand.  THIS IS NOT A GAME!!  Trust me you do not want a foreign nation to usurp  or influence the policies of this nation.  Even though I’m putting emphasis on the Black vote, we all is in this thing together.  Our fight is not among each other but those individuals who will sellout America interest to foreign enterprise.  As a Black man who fought in the Viet Nam war, I remember when the enemy drop leaflets telling the Black man that we shouldn’t be fighting the war against them because they are not our enemy.  Well this is the same psychology the Democratic party has used on the Black race for decades.  They tell the Black race that they are our friends to get our votes and afterwards they destroy our communities by their policies.  As I did not listen to our Viet Nam enemy during the war, I will not listen to the Democratic party this election.  VOTE DONALD TRUMP.


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