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NYC Terror – The Heart Of The Matter

Written by ThreePatriots

With the Las Vegas attack still fresh on our minds, the homeland was attacked by a terrorist on the final day of October. In the heart of New York City, a man plowed down the sidewalk in a rented truck and killed 8, injuring many more. The man ran his truck into the side of a short bus and then exited his vehicle yelling “Allahu Akbar”, which is literally translated from Arabic to English as “God is greater”. He was shot by police, but has survived the injury and now has been in police custody. He has claimed ties to ISIS and radical Islamic terror.

This is another example of pure evil in this world… plain and simple. This man was on a mission to bring death to “the enemy”. This was his jihad. No law, no sound bite, no constitutional amendment would have been able to stop him from carrying out the evil plans he had in his heart. He didn’t need a gun in his pocket, he had keys.

Someone can take almost any item that we use for good and turn it into a tool for evil. A gun for shooting, hunting and self-defense can become a tool for mass murder. A truck for hauling and transporting can be used for mass murder. A knife for cutting food or camping can be used for mass murder. Fertilizer used to make the grass grow green can be used for mass murder. The tool isn’t the problem, it’s a heart problem.

You can’t regulate evil. You can’t kill evil. Evil doesn’t exist inside an inanimate object; it exists in the hearts and minds of people willing to destroy everything with it. Evil is the absence of good. We have had evil in this world since the first family when Cain killed Able and it will continue until Christ returns.

~Jason – Three Patriots


  • Great job on the featured image. Your “about” section is good stuff. Just read Pat’s comments. Pat’s comments come perilously close to unnecessarily gleaning a xenophobic context to your article, but the line is toed. In my opinion, Pat whiffs because he forgets to mention one critical fact. The man was from Uzbekistan. This fact is also missing from your article.

    It’s mostly a good job because you kept to the facts. Good job. But, the omission of the fact that the man was from Uzbekistan is glaring. Good job, but go the one extra mile next time.

  • Great article.

    Pretty safe to agree that what happened was horrific, as it is with any terrorist attack.
    Needed to get that disclaimer out.

    What I want to say is that there part I disagree with is this man was evil.
    Yep. Going to be that guy.

    Evil does exist, but I think that part of conflict that perpetuates itself is when we demonize people.

    You might be thinking , “What do you mean Pat? He killed innocent people” to which I say to refer to my opening sentence.

    When it comes to religous wars it makes it easier to paint the enemy as evil, especially when they want to kill our people.
    However when in relgious wars or wars against other countries the fact is this man and other like him felt what they were doing was righteous.
    He was acting in a way that was in line with a moral set of beliefs that painted us as the evil ones, justifying his violence.

    There are always two sides to a coin and to flatly dismiss someone as evil fails to look into the motivating factors that led to this atrocity.
    More understanding is how I see any solution coming from events like this.
    And to be clean the understanding is not about sympathizing with the aggressor, but to familiarize ourselves with the motives and driving forces of those that wish to harm us so we can better protect ourselves and be proactive in finding a solution.

    • I just want to clarify something, I never intended to point out that a particular religion was evil, but that humans have within themselves the ability to do good or the ability to do evil. This man chose to do evil and now there are 8 dead and many wounded.

      In respects to ISIS and Radical Islam, my studies have shown me the only way to find a solution to stop the driving forces that inspire these people to hate and seek to destroy is to become one of them.
      For example: Quran 2:191-193 “… kill them wherever you find them… and fight them…” referring to those who do not share their beliefs (non-believers).
      So, the only way to avoid their killings or fighting is to become a believer in their cause, based off of their own scriptures.

      • I did not think you were singling out a particular faith , so if my comment read that way I did not intend it so.

        My point was that labeling this as “evil” is a matter of perspective as the attacker, if religiously motivated, felt morally righteous in what he was doing .

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