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Can Britain Stop Brexit?

Written by Jon Saltzman

Editor’s Note:  This video is a talk by Jon Danzig, the founder of Reasons2Remain, an anti-Brexit group that believes that The British Brexit from the EU that is scheduled for March 2019, is a mistake and can be reversed democratically. As he says in this talk,  “…in a true democracy, voters are allowed to change their minds.”

Jon Danzig is an award-winning medical and investigative journalist, formerly at the BBC. He specializes in writing about health, human rights, and the European Union.

Below is just a taste of Jon’s presentation which is excellent. Political Storm takes no position on Britain’s Brexit, but I find the political situation surrounding Brexit to be very similar to what we’ve been seeing in America over the last two years. It is very much an establishment vs. outsider and nationalist vs. globalist discussion and it has become a polarizing issue for the British.

If you like the one-minute trailer, I encourage you to take the time to look at the whole 50 minutes. Jon does a great job and the video goes pretty quickly. Enjoy! Your comments are invited.


The 1-minute video:

And This is the full video:



Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm and spends a lot of time in England.

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