About Political Storm


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Political Storm was created as a non-partisan platform where varying ideas can be shared with the goal of bringing discussion back to politics.

We are a throwback to a time when discourse was encouraged. When people could go to a bar and match their wits over a couple of cold brews. Where it was fun to discuss topics with people you didn’t agree with if only to prove to them how wrong you think they really are.

It was fun, it was exciting, but in the end you always enjoyed being able to get your voice heard.

We like to think this mindset is what celebrates the individual.

Which is exactly what we aim to do at Political Storm.

Jon Saltzman

Jon Saltzman is the Senior Editor and Publisher of Political Storm. In a former life, Jon was the CEO of a publicly traded company. Tired of happiness and living a stress-free lifestyle Jon decided to embrace his passion for politics, creating a website to bridge the divide created in today’s political realm. He believes that all of us want to hear points of view from all sides, so he established a vehicle to help us get there.

You can contact Jon directly at jsaltzman@politicalstorm.com

Jo Saltzman

Jo Saltzman is the Operations Manager of Political Storm. A woman of tremendous patience, fortitude, and saint-like understanding Jo is the wife of Jon Saltzman.

A UK native Jo brings a tremendous amount of perspective to the site, always reminding us that dysfunction in politics is an international condition.

If you need to contact Jo you can reach her at operations@politicalstorm.com

Pat Greer

Pat is an editor and content creator for Political Storm. Like most talented people who haven’t succeeded in other areas, Pat finds himself in the world of Politics where he finally feels at home.

Feel free to contact Pat anytime at patgreer@politicalstorm.com