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A Vote for Peace, Love and Light

Written by Cindy A Matthews

YahNé Ndgo, surrogate for Jill Stein, gave a rousing rally speech for Toledo-area Greens recently, reminding her audience you can’t vote against someone, you can only vote for someone. She said a vote for Jill Stein was “a vote for peace, love, and light.”

YahNé appeared twice on CNN this past year as a Bernie or Bust supporter. The second time she was placed opposite a Clinton supporter. She reminded CNN viewers of Hillary Clinton’s time in the State Department and her support of the ongoing coup in Honduras which has fueled the refugee crisis, and Clinton’s pressures to lower the minimum wage in Haiti to 31 cents an hour so American manufacturers could exploit Haitian workers. These facts are rarely mentioned in the mainstream media, which comes as no surprise to YahNé. The Podesta emails that Wikileaks exposed this past month show how reporters from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and other media outlets were actively working for the Clinton campaign all along.

YahNé is an activist for the rights of the poor and marginalized.  She stated that more money has been spent looking for rare occurrences of welfare fraud than to actually feed people. Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform” (which Hillary supported) has thrown 500,000+ children off of public assistance and left many hungry. These “welfare reform” programs of the 90s were couched in racist language and used primarily to get the Clintons elected by appealing to predominantlyconservative, rich, white donors wishing to maintain the status quo. When asked about her civil rights record on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has said these programs were “mistakes” but offered no solutions to rectify them.

“How many ‘mistakes’ can Clinton make and not be held responsible?” YahNé wondered.

YahNé came to realize that taking over the Democratic party from within wasn’t the way to go, after the “theft of our dreams” (Bernie’s dismissal at the DNC convention). After Philadelphia, she discovered that many of her activist friends were already involved in the Green Party movement, tackling progressive issues head on. She became excited as she researched Dr. Jill Stein and the Greens’ principles.

“We’re all connected,” YahNé  discovered and said, “Time to activate it in our policies.”  The Four Pillars of the Green Party spoke to her:  Social Justice, Non-violence, Environmental Wisdom, and Grassroots Democracy. YahNé was convinced the Stein/Baraka campaign wouldn’t forget these core principles once in office and would continue to “connect with the issues inside the communities” and work with leaders within those communities to bring about positive change.

YahNé was invited to be a key note speaker at the Green Party National Convention in Houston in August and has since become an outspoken surrogate for Jill Stein. YahNé and the Greens have traveled to Oak Flats, Standing Rock, L.A.’s Black Lives Matter protests, and the Baton Rouge flooding to show their commitment to Americans who are struggling and whose civil rights are in danger. She encouraged all progressives to show up in “our green shirts” and network with other activists and connect with communities and their leaders to make a difference.

“Believe we can win!” YahNé stated that mainstream media poll numbers are skewed and many demographic groups aren’t polled, such as millennials and people of color. Other polls show Jill Stein becoming more popular than Clinton every day. To those who support establishment candidates and scold Greens not to “waste their votes,” YahNé declared, “Hillary Clinton is the spoiler–not Jill.”

YahNé’s favorite social media hashtag is “Go Green or Die” and she reaffirmed the reality of that statement. YahNé stated that “apocalyptic conditions” await us if we don’t face our climate change crisis head on. Recent studies show we have only a few years to turn things around before we lose half of all species. Our planet can’t wait for us to take action. The time is now.

In summing up, YahNé said, “We can save the world–vote for Jill Stein… You have nothing to lose but your chains.”


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues blog: http://bernie2016.blogspot.com



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Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog. http://bernie2016.blogspot.com