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Why Vote for Jill Stein?

Jill Stein at Capital University
Written by Cindy A Matthews

With so much negativity expressed this presidential election, it’s refreshing when voters express positive reasons and a sense of joy for supporting a candidate.

Talking to supporters of the Green Party’s Jill Stein, you will hear many reasons why they’re voting for her, not simply reasons why they’re voting againstothers. Here are a few of their reasons.

Many voters see a need for strong leadership on climate change and pollution control issues. Time is of the essence. Our planet cannot wait. One of the Green Party’s Four Pillars is protecting our environment. Jill Stein and her VP pick, Ajamu Baraka, traveled to Standing Rock to stand beside the water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline and have been outspoken about protecting the rights of Americans to have access to clean water and air. Their “Green New Deal” is a program that will create millions of new jobs in green energy transitioning while tackling the challenges of climate change.

Social Justice is a Green Party pillar that speaks to Americans of differing backgrounds. Jill Stein has marched with Black Lives Matter protests and discussed at length dismantling the for-profit prison system. Another Green Party pillar is non-violence. Greens feel international law, diplomacy and human rights are paramount for all interactions with other nations. This means no more “regime changes” and throwing fellow human beings back into violent situations our government might have created to take advantage of cheap labor costs and/or to appropriate natural resources.

Many Americans feel health care should be a human right for everyone, as it is in many countries. No family should go bankrupt just because a loved one becomes seriously ill. Dr. Stein states that  extending Medicare to all Americans, from cradle to grave, will actually save our country money in the long run because of the savings we’ll receive from having a healthy populace.

This forward-thinking of the Green Party is a very big draw for many voters. Making public college/technical school tuition-free is seen as a shrewd move. As Jill Stein has said numerous times, “For every dollar invested in education, we as a society receive a seven dollar turnaround in productivity and a rise in our standard of living.”  Through the Green New Deal thousands of jobs will be created by improving our country’s crumbling infrastructure and training workers in green energy work. It will benefit our environment, economy and education system. 

Dr. Stein has stated, “We bailed out the bankers who caused the 2008 crisis–why aren’t we bailing out those who are suffering because of that crisis?” By forgiving student debt, we release a whole generation from a burden that is keeping both students and the entirety of our society from becoming what it could be. Students freed from debt will be able to move out of their parents’ homes and buy their own homes and cars, marry and start families. Many voters are excited by the prospect of a burgeoning economy which benefits families and small businesses rather than the wealthiest one-percent.

The Greens are outspoken supporters of workers’ rights. Many agree that Jill Stein as president will assure American workers they will not be sold up the river again–or have their jobs shipped to China or elsewhere. Dr. Stein has spoken out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which former Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama are touting. The TPP is seen as a “NAFTA on steroids” whichcould destroy even more American industry and jobs if it isn’t stopped.

The majority of voters agree positive, honest leadership is sorely lacking in government. One of the pillars of the Green Party is “grassroots democracy” or encouraging ordinary people to run for office. Jill Stein does not take money from corporations or have any Super PACs and believes in rescinding the Citizens United ruling. With an equal playing field, talented and honest leaders from all social classes can seek and win office, to the benefit of all.

Jill Stein reflects voters’ values of honesty, decency and compassion. They feel there’s no reason to vote out of fear or hatred when there is a candidate who truly believes in the ability of ordinary Americans to govern themselves. As Dr. Stein says, “It’s in our hands.”

Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues Blog:

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Cindy A Matthews

Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.