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UK Labour Party in Anti-Semitic meltdown

This week has seen the intensification of an issue within the UK Labour Party, which has been bubbling near the surface since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. The party has been accused on a number of occasions as harboring anti-Semitic views. Several Labour MPs have been forced to apologise publicly for their views, seemingly, because they have seen the error of their ways. I do not believe that to be true.

 I think it is a rare occasion, where a politician who says something strongly on a particular issue, subsequently decides they have been genuinely wrong. More commonly and more likely, these people apologise because they do not want to lose their job!

So why are members of the Labour Party seemingly anti-Semitic? I think that this is connected the rapidly growing numbers in our Muslim community.   Politicians not wanting to offend the Muslim population is leading them towards anti-Israel commentary, and hence towards anti-Semitism. Their need for the rapidly increasing Muslim vote far outweighs the relatively tiny Jewish vote in this country.

I know a lot of Muslim people, and this warped view of the Politicians is exactly that! No Muslim person I know would want any racism to be directed towards any members of our community.  I do not believe the Muslim vote will not be gained by this type of behavior. Racism of any kind is not acceptable, and the Labour MPs who hold such views and then insincerely apologise, should have no place in British politics.


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