The Truth about Trump’s Infrastructure Miracle



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Remember Trump promising to rebuild our country’s infrastructure without making taxpayers pay for it? Some people apparently still believe this fairy tale of a free lunch for taxpayers, and he seems to be keen on making it look as if it will come true.

The trick? Don’t pay for the repairs directly.

Instead, let the contractors collect tolls and fees (and let them do so even long after the work has been paid for). That’s not “tax” money that we will be paying then, right?

Selling publicly-owned bridges, roads, parking spaces, stadiums, water works, and so forth to kleptocrat cronies for pennies on the dollar, so that we – the people – from then on have to pay for the use of things we originally paid to build (and, in the past, could thereafter use for free), has been a flourishing business model in latter day crony capitalist politics for quite some time. Trump wouldn’t be the first president to engage in this process. It will hardly surprise me if this should turn out to be the reason for his bothering to buy (sorry, have himself elected to) the office in the first place instead of spending his entire life golfing, as his mother’s gold-plated womb would have allowed him to do.

Trump’s plan, which – according to a quick Internet search I made – seems to center around first giving tax breaks to companies who rebuild infrastructure and then letting them make money from it, reminds me a little of that time when – if I had stayed with a particular job – I would have earned 10% LESS the next year, because the employer had shifted its benefits contributions onto the employees’ shoulders, taking the contributions out of their paychecks. So, the employer could claim not to have reduced wages by 10%, despite reducing the paychecks by 10%, because the salary had, technically, stayed the same. Only the paycheck deductions had been jacked up. It’s going to be the same, if Trump pays for the overdue rebuilding of our infrastructure by lowering taxes on contractors (resulting in unpaid taxes we working folks then have to make up for somehow) and then having us pay fees for the contractors’ extended profits on top of it. It’s simply taxation by another name.

Taxes are what you pay, not what they are called. And they’re worse when we pay not only once for a road, but keep paying tolls on it long after it has been paid for in full. It’s pure profit-making for Trump’s plutocrat friends at the taxpayers’ expense. It’s what “small government” by privatization has always meant. It’s also one of the reasons our lives have become unaffordable for so many of us.

This fire sale of our public assets has been going on since Ronald Reagan started wholesale privatization. It’s not just Trump’s little baby. It’s part of our plutocracy (the 1%) buying up our entire country and turning us into their serfs.

This is why we need to either take over one or both wings of the Establishment Party (known to us as the GOP and “Democratic” Party) or else replace them and push them aside. Keep your eyes peeled for these efforts and their early victories (I have written about them before and will publish an update on them soon). If at all possible, participate in our second American Revolution to celebrate more victories and make them stick! The time to clean house has come. We shall no longer be duped and take the pillage of our country and our lives lying down, being ignorant of our officials’ dark deeds and meekly marching to the slaughterhouse of the ballot boxes like little sheep, there to rubber-stamp establishment-picked, crooked politicians. Our eyes have begun to open and we have begun to organize. Beware, plutocrats! You have gone too far. We are waking up and we are not sheep!