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Trump the Target

Donald Trump has offended the liberal press more than anyone before him. Donald’s unforgiveable transgression in their eyes is that he won the last election. He won by a comfortable margin in the electoral college.
When you look at the electoral map showing the districts and states he won, the map is red all across the country. In the process he dealt the liberal press two hammer blows they will never forgive.  First, he  left their female candidate, the queen of all that was good and pure in their minds, far down the track. Second, he showed their polls and predictions were just a bag of wind. He made them look incompetent and inept.
Ever since his election, even before his inauguration, Donald Trump has been the target of an endless barrage of false stories and lies.  His every action is dissected and analyzed by a bewildering army of liberal experts. Donald has not helped matters by fighting back with a blizzard of twitters.
I am not a liberal expert but I do know this and that about decision making. I am in awe at the effectiveness of Donald’s style.  Much of the world of decision making is a two person zero sum game. It is the decision maker against the adversary. The optimum situation for a decision maker is for the adversary to be unable to predict their next move. Donald’s style is to create a fog of war denser than anything I have ever seen. I often feel sorry for his adversaries as they stumble around, thrusting their spears at windmills that simply are not there. The liberal press just does not get it and I doubt they ever will.
I have been accused by long time friends of making an excellent living by being underestimated. I have been in adversarial situations in the high stakes game of major litigation since 1978. When I stumble into the room for a deposition in a case with millions of dollars on the table the battle is joined. If the opposing attorney falls for my act, I will eat his lunch. The very good attorneys do their research and ignore my charade and the contest is fought on a level playing field. But there are the others. I fondly remember the busy female defense attorney for an auto insurer who evidently was too busy to even read my vita. I had been hired by another insurance company in a defense costs       dispute with several million dollars on the table. She started my deposition by stating that she was hardly going to bother to question me since it was obvious to her that I knew nothing about auto insurance since I was a life insurance expert. I immediately realized she had only scanned the first page of my vita and seized on two items. First, I was a Professor at a California State University and therefore could be dismissed since I was not from Harvard or Stanford,  and second that my doctoral dissertation was on life insurance. It was actually a public finance dissertation on life insurance company income taxes, a difficult topic.
The insurance company that had hired me had read my entire nine page vita and noted that I worked for two years as an auto insurance underwriter while getting my bachelor’s degree at night and that I had co-authored three major books on property liability underwriting. I really had fun with that depo. Another time, the insurance company I was working for had a six million dollar policy which the other insurance companies in the case desperately needed. It had been a nasty afternoon with five attorneys screaming at me and pulling every dirty trick in the book. I am reminded of that afternoon watching the liberal press go after Donald. They take his words out of context. They lie about his actions like accusing him of disclosing classified information to the Russians when H.R, McMaster his national security advisor, who was at the meeting, observed no breach. One dirty trick used by the opposing attorneys that afternoon and the liberal press daily, is to distort your statements. In litigation the trick goes like this. The opposing attorney quickly says, as if trying to be helpful, “Then is it your testimony Professor that the moon is made of green cheese?” ignoring the fact that the prior six hours of my testimony never mentioned the moon.  Part of the game in this type of depo is to wear the witness down physically and then smash him. The high point of the day for me came when one attorney followed a particularly mean segment involving a lot of angry words and motions, by softly saying,  ”Professor,  you could end all this by just agreeing with us. “ My response? “ Why should I want to end this? I am having fun. “ They decided if I was having fun, they were not and it ended twenty minutes later.
So I hate to inform the liberal press, but Donald is having fun. He fired Comey because he could not work well with him and appointed officers work at the pleasure of the President. Attorney General Sessions heartily concurred.  He is building good relationships with Russia, and China and Israel despite an avalanche of negative stories, many created out of whole cloth by the liberal press. Donald Trump is looking for good results, not good stories in the Washington Post.
Professor Joe Launie is a Professor Emeritus of Risk Management at California State University,
Northridge. His latest book is “The Road to the Ox Carts”, where he warns that continued abuse of the middle class by government may lead to an insurrection.

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Professor Joe Launie

Professor Joe Launie

In 1951, at the age of 18 I enlisted in an all volunteer military intelligence organization. My Korean war experience differed from most. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Northeastern University on the GI Bill. I obtained a Masters Degree in Economics, at University of Nevada, Reno and my PhD in Financial Economics at UCLA. I retired from CSUN in 2000 as a Full Professor after a 35 year career. I have been a litigation consultant since 1978 and have been a consultant to the California Legislature, Public Utilities Department, and Attorney General's Office. I was principal investigator on a study of Punitive Damages done for the Texas Public Policy Foundation headed by George W. Bush. i have more than 75 publications. My latest book is entitled, "The Road to the Ox Carts".