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With Trump Snub, Romney Cast Off into Political Wilderness

Mitt Romney
Written by Sam Stevens

Donald Trump’s political rise within the GOP was unprecedented, but, so, too, was the equally-remarkable fall from grace suffered by the party’s former standard-bearer, Mitt Romney.

That the latter’s unceremonious fall came at the hands of the former goes to show that politics is not for the faint of heart.

As we all know by now, Donald Trump has approached the filling of his Cabinet positions as if the process is an Apprentice-esque stage production, with Cabinet contenders streaming in and out of Trump Tower past the gathered media, as Trump’s tweets reveal his staff preferences. No cabinet position was more publicly and theatrically discussed than the position of secretary of state. Rudy Giuliani and Gen. David Petraeus were among the prominent interviewees for the job, but it was Trump’s supposed serious consideration of Mitt Romney that raised the most eyebrows inside and outside Trump’s orbit.

Mitt Romney is, of course, the anti-Trump and during the campaign season he served as a symbolic head of the “Never Trump” movement. At the height of the Republican primary race, Romney delivered a highly-publicized speech that lambasted Trump in a manner that is uncommon in intraparty politics, especially among two individuals not running against one another. Romney called Trump a “phony,” “a fraud,” and a “con man,” while raising questions about his morality and his inflated business success.

Suffice it to say that the feeling was mutual on the Trump side during the campaign. During the campaign, Trump called Romney a “fool” who “totally blew the election,” in addition to a long list of other insults.

Romney, the quintessential establishment Republican, who twice ran unsuccessfully for the presidency, was loathed by Trump and his inner circle. He represented everything they were not. A moderate, a RINO, and, most importantly, a loser. Just weeks ago, when Romney’s name was near the top of Trump’s desired secretary of state list, Kellyanne Conway – a top Trump advisor – trashed Romney publicly and implied that his campaign comments against Trump more than disqualified him for a Cabinet post.  

So, given all this, why then did Trump so publicly entertain the idea of granting Romney the top position in his Cabinet? Well, a prevailing theory is that Romney was never under serious consideration, at all, and Trump was simply using the opportunity to humiliate publicly a political rival and further thumb his nose at the establishment. Trump ally, Roger Stone, gave credence to this theory in a recent interview, with InfoWars’ Alex Jones, in which Stone claimed that Trump interviewed Romney “in order to torture him.”

While all that may be true, Romney himself may be the one who actually got the last laugh. It’s been reported by multiple media outlets that Trump just wanted one thing out of Romney during his public courtship of the secretary of state position – an apology. Romney evidently refused to grovel in such a manner, a fact made all the more humorous when you consider that Romney once penned a book titled, No Apology.

No matter what the eventual ends were to justify the respective parties’ means, the political calculus from Romney’s end is, indeed, curious. By appearing so publicly desperate to become a part of the Trump administration – and ultimately being denied – Romney, in effect, neutered himself politically. He is now in a position where he can’t criticize the incoming administration and be taken seriously, since he once sought to become a part of said administration.

By taking such a strong stance against Trump in the campaign, Romney set himself up politically to be a principled conservative voice who would be a check on any perceived overreaches from a Trump administration. Instead, as he has done for much of his political life, Romney made the wrong political calculation and proved himself to be the misguided political opportunist that we’ve long known him to be.


Sam was raised in our nation’s capitol and, for as long as he can remember, has always been an avid political junkie. In a former life, he worked as a staffer to a U.S. Senator. He now works as an economic development consultant in Atlanta, but moonlights as a freelance political writer as a way to scratch his political “itch.” He is a regular contributor to Political Storm.


  • He should be thrown out of the party he’s a traitor never liked him or McCain but voted for them. Pay very close attention to the defectors for they are the true enemy’s of the country. Republicans and democrats they Let debt and policy go out of control and they were fine with it. Gravy trains over if there not there to help than quit. Mitt could not help himself had to try to hurt the party but the people won’t let it stand. So many did not like Romney I think in the end his lack of support galvanized my support and many others against the republican establishment. Romney words mean nothing to me and just sounded like a weak whinass.

  • Romney had the look to be president but in the end just like all the other politicians say and do anything to remain in power and in his case wasn’t even smart enough to do that

  • Good, after he stood up on the national stage, said that people should not support Trump, I am glad Trump did this, they should do the same with all the Never Trump Crowd, the GOP who jumped ship and voted for Clinton instead.

  • Romney is/was a disgrace. I respect Macain for his military service and sacrifice for his country but both he and Romney are Democrats. The only reason they pretend to be Republicans is they knew they had no chance to run as Democrats in their home states and win anything. Both are politically hard core liberals. I, for one, am glad to see that both of them are politically dead.

  • We have seen what it takes to battle against corrupt DEM political party and left wing media machine. Trump was the ONLY candidate who had the strength stamina to overcome what they thew at him. Plus he had to fight GOP establishment. Hard to imagine any other person with the fortitude to do this herculean job any better than Trump.

  • This article is pure conjecture that most people assumed was what happened. I believe both Trump and Romney were sincere in their interaction with each other when they met twice. This is another example that you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Shame on you for your unkind remarks regarding Mitt Romney. I have met few men that have the consistency of love for fellow-beings. He has a great family and is extremely conscientious in caring for his beloved wife. He is a good Christian and a man I respect. He has proven himself in service to his constituents and his fellow religious believers, as well as his family. He is someone I would be grateful to have as a friend. He is the kind of person I would invite in my humble home at any time. Please be more kind in your speaking about him.

  • Romney IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a RINO loser….
    and he totally represents ALL that is wrong with the GOP,, who lost, no,, CAST away their Conservative voter base because they proved that they are no different than the liberals

  • The RINOs told romney to shut up and set down after 1st debate with the REMOVED puppet. RINO romney did as told and threw the election. He and all the other RINOs should get out of town!

  • It’s easy to criticize; people in a high profile atmosphere are subject to be judged after the fact, smart intelligent people will make mistakes; we don’t easily forgive until it happens that us, but God forgives, I believe the man I voted for will be a great President, I will pray for him , that he may seek God’s wisdom and has a forgiving heart, most great men have made mistakes, that’s how you become who you are, you will be remembered and honored by your actions; God bless all and God bless America..

    • And I’m sure that Trump took all you said into consideration, but be that as it may, Romney lost a great deal of respect. And the person here who said that only Trump had the intestinal fortitude to buck up under the ongoing, vile and vicious attacks, bobbing and weaving for more than a year, every verbal bullet and arrow aimed at him. Most with his power and presence would have said “who needs this?” but he did what he did for the American people and I commend him. God heard prayer and knew this country needed a warrior-and he ordained this election and Trump to bring us back from the brink of full blown disaster. I thank him. God bless President Trump and God bless our wonderful USA.

  • It was abundantly clear that Romney committed political suicide by shooting off his big mouth and trashing Trump. My theory was he thoughtby being the anti-trump and making that same assumption held by so many that Trump had zero shot at winning, that in 2020 he could once again make his presidential run and this time emerge the winner. Had he stuck to his firm stance if despising Trump that may very well have played out that way. By accepting the interview with trump for SOS and being rejected he has now portrayed himself a hapless clown loser that no one will take seriously. Back to your political suicide corner, Mitt baby.

  • Another press article trying to create a gunfight so there can be a winner and a loser. Both men can work and have worked with persons that disagree with them.

  • Much to do about nothing. President Trump is a forgiving person and NOT like petty, vindictive Obama. Mittens was one of a few interviewed and it just didn’t work out. It;s nothing more than that. I do believe that Mittens has a new respect for President Trump and maybe that was the point after all.

  • Mitt. You were done years ago€just go if you play games with trump….proves he made he right decision..NOT to have you. His cabinet…so that makes TRUMP. Win the last laugh…stop making a fool of yourself..and go away Have a little respect for yourself dude

    • “a dog turns back to its own vomit” Romney can learn that from the Christian Bible, however and again the press made the a big deal about his visits far more than from the others, so if the press would have used a balance ( how decent THAT would be ) the readers would not be confused. amv

  • Romney is a hypocrite because he sure didn’t mind taking large donations from Mr. Trump during his unsuccessful run for president against Obama, nor did he mind letting Trump set up fundraising events for him. He smiled, shook Mr. Trump’s hand, talked about what a great man he is, etc… Then when Trump was running for office, Mitt Romney basically stabbed him in the back when he turned against Trump and basically trashed him every chance he got! It’s a shame he is such a hypocrite but there is no denying that he is. I find it quite humorous that he actually thought he’d be seriously considered for a position in Trump’s cabinet after treating his so-called “friend” in such a shabby, disloyal manner! It makes me wonder if Romney took a bribe from the Democrats or perhaps received a payoff from the Clinton Foundation! Farewell Mitt Romney – We have enough dishonest, self serving people in D.C – We sure don’t need to add you to the list!

    • Romney’s only fatal flaw as a candidate is that he is honest. He says what he thinks. The 47% comment was honest and true by the way. The comments about Russia were honest and turned out to be prophetic but at the time they hurt him. He was honest about his faith and that hurt him. He was honest about his feelings on abortion, though they changed over time and that hurt him too. Even when he first refused to release his tax returns, it was not because he had not paid any taxes, it was because he did not want the world to know just how much he gives to charity, which as it turns out is a lot. Even that hurt him. Mostly because another politician bold face lied about his tax returns from the senate floor and the liar won out. It’s a sad day when the worst thing a politician can be is honest, but that is the case. And it is because of people like you that we keep getting the corrupt politicians that we do.

      • Not quite, his only fault is that lost the 2012 election election. That he had it in his hands. The he was AWOL that last week and lost it. He could and should have gone to help out. Trump and Obama handled the east coast storm really well, Clinton did not. Mitt gave us 4 more years of Obama and that will never be lost on the voters. He is done in Presidential politics, the new VP will Mike Pence is the future. I voted for Mitt in 2012, just do not see him rebounding from all this.

  • If Gov. Romney wanted another chance at being the Republican nominee, he should have declared his candidacy and entered all of the primaries and State caucus events like the other 16 Republicans. What turned most people off was Romney’s attempt to get the nomination without the knock-down, drag-out battles that the primaries and caucus events extract from all the candidates. It’s possible that Gov. Romney knew he would not be successful in that endeavor, and thus tried to hijack the nomination when it was clear that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee. Only time and history will clarify that possibility.

    • ummm, what the hell are you talking about. He never tried to run. People begged him to run. There were petitions to get him to enter the race but he never did. I’m a fan of Romney and follow him closely. If for even a second he had hinted at entering the race at any time, I would have been all over it.

    • What a waste of talent, just had strong mind set going in and didn’t adjust to what was going on in America. Listen to wrong people, now and before. Needs get whole new set of friends.

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Sam was raised in our nation's capitol, and for as long as he can remember has always been an avid political junkie. In a former life, he worked as a staffer to a U.S. Senator. He now works as an economic development consultant in Atlanta, but moonlights as a freelance political writer as a way to scratch his political "itch."