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Trump Is Winning

J Paris
Written by J Paris

100 days. 100 spectacular days. The mainstream media has gone down the drain, and the Democratic Party has been an embarrassment. We are just getting started. President Trump is just warming up. There is still a long way to go, and already many of the masses are collectively losing their minds. There’s liberal freakouts, college violence, an all-out media war between emerging independent news sources and old guard corporate mega outlets. You think we’ve hit fever pitch yet? Dream on. It’s only going to get more chaotic until someone blinks. That someone isn’t going to be President Trump.



At the 100 day mark, his Presidency is already a success. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, his Supreme Court nominee was confirmed, and his MOAB strike against ISIS was a success. There’s still a long way to go regarding his recently unveiled tax plan, The Wall, and the developing situation in North Korea. He’s been met with obstruction by the 9th Circuit of Appeals (this happens frequently, their rulings tend to get struck down) as well as Democrats and Republicans. This stuff is par for the course though, as former President Obama was also met with resistance, which is why he issued a record number of Executive Orders. If history has taught us anything though, it is that most of the campaign promises will eventually come to fruition, most likely midway through the second term (like Obama’s “Obamacare”).




It’s almost not worth mentioning the hysterics that partisan anti-Trumpers engage in these days. They have made intelligently discussing politics impossible by deferring to the Russian conspiracy theory, whining about not showing his taxes, or just tiresomely prattling on about some perceived character flaw, such as racist, xenophobic, incompetent, sexist, blah blah blah. Then there’s Hitler. If Trump is Hitler, than Obama is a Muslim Terrorist. It’s basically saying the same thing, just from a different political view. I tend to think that this shallow coverage will eventually bottom out. 100 days in and I don’t see how anyone these days can read Washington Post, Huffington Post, Slate, Mother Jones, or Vox and not want to kill themselves. Has their collective inane rantings NOT reached saturation point yet? It all basically reads the same. It’s all very bland, too directed at some perceived moral outrage. I guess only morons still read that stuff and don’t question it. Tell me again about their election predictions? Yeah….




I’ve mentioned before that I believe the Democratic Party needs to follow the lead of the Republicans and start calling the mainstream media “fake news” while they still have the opportunity. 100 days into Trump’s Presidency, you can already sense that there is a palpable weariness amongst anti-Trumpers. Being completely bamboozled by the media over the course of the election has left many of them utterly politically jaded. After 100 days of Russian conspiracy nonsense, the media fighting the “fake news” label, and Democrats continuing to look out of touch and taking a beating, people are tuning out the media and the Democrats simultaneously, or at least taking a much-needed break from the maelstrom that is the current political climate. These are the people that will be scooped by the Republicans leading up to the midterms and Trump’s (likely) re-election. This is why the Democrats need to abandon the media A.S.A.F.P. The deeper we go into Trump’s Presidency, the more ridiculous the anti-Trump coverage becomes. Like Bernie Sanders, the media is a cancer that is killing the Democratic Party. Calling the media “fake news” would be miracle chemotherapy, and would instantly generate serious interest back in the Democrats, as well as finally take the focus off President Trump.



100 days in, and foolish Democrats have not yet realized that President Trump is about to usher us into an era of economic prosperity. Judging by the economic cycles of the 20th century, it appears that the United States is due to enjoy roughly a decade of economic prosperity, likely kicking off in the next year or so (every 30-35 years, a 10 year boom). Like many Trump supporters, this is why I voted for him. He has extraordinary experience in business, and I believe America electing Trump to the Presidency is going to be paying off very soon with him at the helm of an economic situation that is due for significant growth. All that other stuff is just colored bubbles.



I’m sorry, were you still stuck on that Orange Hitler crap? If you get your news from John Oliver, Voxington Post, or tv, then it’s not surprise the Democrats are in such sorry shape. It is YOU and YOUR STUPIDITY that is the problem, not the Democrats.


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