The Obama Legacy

In your view, what are the positive and negatives of the eight years of the Obama Administration. What will be Mr. Obama’s legacy?


  • Rescuing th eeconomy?? He stole trillions from your great great great grandchildren. You too have lots of money if you borrowed a whole bunch. The problem is, you have to pay it back. Your great great great grand childred are going to name plagues after you.

  • Even though the economy still shows lackluster growth President Obama will be remembered for rescuing the economy. HIs turn toward Asia, especially the attention he paid toward China will in the long run be considered more significant for the U.S. than his policies on ISIS and although there was no terrorist attack and no “War on Terror” the security gained will be weighed against the his expansion of presidential powers and a surveillance, drone operating state. He faced formidable challenges when he came in, but he’s no Tom Brady and there is little to show for his fourth quarter.

  • Obama Legacy:
    – Squandered Opportunities;
    – Lack of Leadership;
    – Unwilling to Negotiate;
    – Larger Ego than his Talents Demonstrated;
    – One of the Worst Presidents in US History.

  • President Obama pulled us back from the brink of disaster and made us respected around the world again. He provided health insurance for 20 million Americans, some of whom had pre-existing conditions and wouldn’t have been able to get insurance otherwise. He made the world safer by slowing the progression of global warming with the Paris Accords. Plus many more accomplishment including the decimation of Al Qeda, and the death of Osama bin Laden. Thank you President Obama!

    • Obama stole money from your great great grandchildren, Trillions of dollars. When your generation finally has to pay, they will dig you up, grind your bones up and put them in a septic tank. They will name the latest disease after you.

    • This is a great link, I especially appreciate that sources are provided for all the data. Some of the facts in this article are pretty well known but I wasn’t aware of the scope of the decrease in income taxes during Obama’s presidency. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Obama’s legacy is that he increased the national debt by more than all the previous US administrations combined, 230 years worth. Debt is Obama’s only enduring achievement.

      After a recession, normally the economy grows faster than normal. The deeper the recession, the higher the post recession growth. For Obama’s entire 8 years, GDP growth has been pathetic, less than 2% average. If you net out government deficit spending, it was never even positive, not even one year.

      Economic growth produces jobs. Obama though punishing business was a good idea. Lack of growth means lack of jobs, so he was really only punishing the American worker. Obama is the reason Trump got elected.

  • Gotta give Mr. Obama credit- he was, during his eight years, the best gun salesman in American history.
    On the negative side of the ledger, there are tens of millions of working white folks like myself who have had a gutful of being told we are everything that is wrong with this country.

    • Exactly. I am fed up with the folks who continually cast blame for every wrong in this country on the working, white people. Everyone is a victim of something a working, white man did. Sick of the victim culture in our society. Apparently I am not alone.

      If people don’t like that Trump got elected, blame Obama… he created the need for Trump.

      • The feeling of being marginalized, demonized, and blamed exists in all ethnic and otherwise singled out groups, and with good reason. The thing to recognize is that the ruling class stirs this fire to divide us working people. We need to stop letting ourselves be duped and divided this way. Only in unity can we oust the establishment and reshape the critical elements of our country (like its economy) in a way that works well for all of us, not just the oligarchs at the top.

  • In 2009, the deficit was 10% of GDP. Now, it’s around 2%. Those who say he bloated the government need to change their news sources. Government hiring slowed on his watch. He helped to bring the country out of the worst economic crises since the depression. No help from the GOP. The stimulus, which some republicans said they would support but did not, saved a number of construction companies from going under. Remember the auto industry? It’s still here, thanks to the current President. The Obama years showed showed the utter lack of class and decency of his critics. Yet, he never got down in the gutter with them. He was an example as a family man.
    ISIS was decimated under his watch. Those who said he was doing nothing about ISIS need to change their news sources. They should also know that since he doesn’t tell FOX News or anyone else what he is going to do about ISIS, it doesn’t mean he’s doing nothing. He took Iran out of the nuclear business. More people have access to health insurance that ever before. The ACA has begun the paradaigm shift of considering health insurance a right rather than a privilege.

  • President Obama pulled us back from the brink of economic disaster without the help of a republican congress. He also saved the American auto industry, which also made money for the American people. He passed the Affordable Care Act, which provided insurance to 20 million people who were previously uninsured. It also closed the donut hole for seniors, which can be devastating for seniors on a fixed income, made it possible for individuals with pre-existing conditions to get insurance and made it illegal for insurers to charge women more than men for health insurance.

    He made us safer by ordering Osama bin Laden killed and decimating al Qaeda. He has endured lies, innuendos and falsehoods leveled at him and his family for the past eight years with dignity and grace (a lot more grace than I could have shown). His administration has been scandal free for eight years. Something that has not been accomplished for 30 years.

    • Scandal free? Really? Only if you’ve been living in a hot tub at the north pole for 8 years. The media will have a lot to do with writing his legacy, and it will be oh so so so rosy.

  • His largest accomplishments. (1) Bloated the government payroll and those dependent on the government for services and entitlements; (2) increasing the racial tensions in this country, further widening existing gaps and not being the great unifier; and (3) exploding our national debt. My kids can’t thank him enough for all this extra burden; and (4) the creation and expansion of ISIS. The world can’t thank him enough for such great foreign policy

  • I think what we consider Obama’s legacy will change over time. Right now we are still technically in his presidency so we are looking at this in the present tense. I believe that in a few years, or in many years, when history looks at Obama’s presidency the things that will be viewed as his legacy are the lands that he’s designated as national monuments, which I consider a positive, and his use of drones to kill. The drone use may have been inevitable because no matter who was president the technology would have advanced but the way Obama has used drones may be remembered as a departure from previous norms about the use of deadly force. Also, I think we have to acknowledge that for all the many, many problems with the Affordable Care Act it will always be our first attempt at universal health coverage and even the Republicans now acknowledge that it needs to be replaced rather than just eliminated. So Obama may be remembered as the president that gave America socialized medicine.

  • Obama’s legacy. Debt, racial division, laughing stock of the world, reduced credit rating, reduced world power, inspired attacks on police, turned america into a cesspool for all the sewer rats from the middle east that you get to pay for ($20,000 per individual just to bring them here), destruction of morals, gross theft of money from the US, putting enemies of our country in top places of government, allowing wretched people like the Clintons to continue to pray on the american government.

  • To me, Obama’s legacy (combined with Shillary’s fraudulent campaign), is that it is now crystal clear that the “Democratic” Party has ceased to be the party of the people. His campaign promises of “hope” and “change” were all hollow. Both the GOP and the D-Party are now exposed as servants of the oligarchy who deceive us with a good-cop/bad-cop routine in order to have us fight each other instead of our cruel and horribly destructive oligarchy which ruins our lives, democracy, country, and planet. —- For those who still comfortably keep their head sticking in the sand on the “conservative” a.k.a. “right” a.k.a. “republican” side, Trump will hopefully soon pull the wool from their eyes when he and his new cabinet of Wall Street gangsters start looting our country no holds barred.

  • The Obama legacy for me is that his Party actually managed to LOSE the election to Donald J Trump!!!

    Oh, and that he left the country’s Police Forces in the sh*t.

  • The Obama Admin began with real promise and yes, hope that we were now “post racial.” It’s ended with bitter racial divisiveness. He had the chance to make us far better on this issue but chose to point out everyone’s flaws and pit people against one another. The other legacy he leaves is good intentions with bad economic consequences like Obamacare. The Obama Administration, through it’s over regulation and the ACA, kept one foot on the economy’s brakes for 8 years.

  • Disappointment. Not as much for his policies, as most of them will face the chopping block under a Republican president and Congress. More for what his election in 2008 offered–a post-racial America, greater unity, greater hope. He was divisive and condescending and shared President G.W. Bush’s utter inability to cast a vision and rally Americans to his side.

    He will be remembered as more likable than he actually was, thanks to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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