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The Democrats 60’s Nostalgia Trip Is Getting Old

Written by Jon Saltzman


The thing I hate about Donald Trump, speaking as an opinion writer, is that the minute you think you know what the conversation is about, he changes it – sometimes for the better, but most often for the worse because of his clumsy communication style. Sometimes he’s right but he comes across wrong.


Case in point: a couple of days ago I began researching an article to follow up on the piece I wrote last week on the House Republican’s health care bill and the next thing I know, Trump fires FBI Director Comey and all hell breaks loose on that issue.


And by “all hell” I mean, Democrats and the Liberal Media calling for his impeachment and breathlessly comparing the Comey firing to the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” during Nixon’s Watergate scandal.




First, to paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s memorable reply to V.P. candidate Dan Quayle in their 1988 election debate after Quayle likened his experience in public office to President Kennedy’s prior experience: I know Watergate, I was there for Watergate, it was a real cover-up, an obstruction of justice and people really lied and went to jail. This is no Watergate.


For those who have forgotten, here’s Bentsen in action:



“Russiangate” is not real. It’s not a product of the fetid minds of desperate Democrats trying to gain some kind of foothold in governance in their dark days of exile.


Watergate truly felt like a tragedy with every breaking story. The Democrats were right; and their Republican colleagues joined them in an effort to ferret out the truth. By comparison, this whole Russian thing is …well… Dan Quayle.


Here’s the thing, the FBI Director who is an appointee, he was NOT elected; Comey was NOT allowed to do the things he did with the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation publically. He’s not supposed to act on behalf of the Justice Department. He’s a cop who recommends action by the Attorney General’s office based on evidence that is not revealed to the public by him. It’s not up to him to be the prosecutor, judge or jury.


Appointees in government, who serve at the pleasure of the President and they are not supposed to wield power over the entire system of justice or the Executive Branch. No, we have a prosecutor to do that called the Attorney General. In this case, he overstepped his many boundaries and seemed to believe he could do or say anything that he wanted. The Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, wrote to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and outlined a bi-partisan case against Comey.


That’s not to say that firing the FBI Director is to be taken lightly, it’s not. However, the President, love him or loathe him, is fully within his rights to do so. Period.


But wait, what about the on-going investigation of the Trump Team’s role in helping with Russian meddling in the election? If I believed anything being said by the Democrats at the moment, then I sure would care about the Comey firing. But I really don’t.


You see, since the first day that Trump was elected until now, the Democrats and the Left in general, have not stopped braying and whinging about the unfairness of it all. And rather than take responsibility for their losses as a party, the Democrats and their Greek chorus press toadies have blamed Clinton’s loss on the Russians and James Comey’s actions. Every action of Trump has been put under a microscope that no human could survive. They have refused to do anything except obstruct Trump’s agenda.


And you know what? All of the constant complaining and charges and hyperbole and resistance is at a level where I just don’t believe them anymore. I’m willing to bet that most people in “fly-over country” don’t believe them either. It all sounds a little too rehearsed and hysterical.


“Resist,” they shout as if like they want to replay their youthful life in the turbulent Sixties. I was there. It wasn’t so great. America was almost torn asunder.


It’s all a “much of a muchness” as the English say. It all sounds the same and it’s all being done to destroy a presidency that just began – legally and fairly. All of this craziness and “inside game” Washington stuff is killing our country and it is time to bring the temperature down because there are more important things to talk about – like healthcare.


You remember health care, don’t you?


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Obamacare is collapsing. Yesterday, Aetna pulled out of all Obamacare exchanges for goodness sake. Healthcare status quo is not an option. Don’t like the Republican solution so far? Me neither. So go to work Dems and propose an alternative.


In 2018 and 2020 the Dems get another shot. In the meantime, how about a little more governance Dems and less Sixties tactics? Put away your signs and megaphones. There’s work to be done.


 Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm


  • Funny, a lot of this stuff I have been writing for months. Even John Feehery’s article on Comey reads suspiciously like mine (calling Democrats and media “foolish”, pondering the replacement). It’s nice to know that Bleach is 6 months ahead of the curve.

  • Good article. I was writing a 3 part series on college education costs. Now the Comey firing has caused me to drop that to examine the Functions of an Executive. I want to see what Chester I. Barnard would have to say about Donald Trump’s decisions. It is in process.

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