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The Swamp Strikes Back (with apologies to Star Wars)

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Written by Jon Saltzman

Am I the only one that thinks the world’s gone mad – or at least the United States?

I am so tired of the politics of destruction and the state of our government that I could scream. Does anyone else feel this way?

Listen, we have a real problem in America right now. You know how I know?

Ok. Here goes…

In the past week, Political Storm Washington correspondent, Nicholas Ballasy interviewed Rosie O’Donnell in a driving rainstorm as she led a protest before President Trump’s speech before Congress. If you haven’t seen it, do it now- I’ll wait…

So, it went viral (good news for us) and was picked up by Drudge and some other sites – mostly on the Right. At Political Storm, we don’t have a “dog in the fight.” We just produce fresh voices and unfiltered opinion from both the Left and the Right.

If you read the comments of readers, they are mostly negative about Rosie and some are downright nasty.

In the interview with Nick, Rosie contends that Trump’s involvement with Russia during the presidential election will take him down and that he will be impeached.

The people on the Right believe it demonstrates how unhinged she and the Left are. The comments the interview received gleefully reflected this.  Because I am tuned into a Left vs. Right dialogue (it’s what we do), I listened hard to what she said.

And do you know what? If you are on the Left right now, it sounded cogent and passionate and rational – not crazy at all. In fact, she posted it on her Twitter account.

And that, my fellow Americans, is the sorry state of our nation and the ideological divide we face.  NOW, I’m worried. Really worried.

Not because I think that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded or had (horrors!) contact with the Russian ambassador or that said contact and collusion led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat…it didn’t.

No, I’m deeply troubled because honest, caring, well-intentioned Americans actually believe this stuff and are willing to derail a president and his policies that (arguably) 50% of the country’s voters endorsed and voted for.  In my whole adult life I’ve never seen such a deliberate attempt to topple our government.

I believe that we are witnessing a kind of Leftist coup, and I said so in a piece I wrote on February 8. These forces have been aided and abetted by the mainstream media and enabled by The Swamp Itself with its oh-so-self-righteous and well-planned “leaks…”

I, along with many Americans, felt that the president, with all his “twitterish” flaws and his thin skin and his inability to speak off the cuff effectively without putting himself in a corner and then lashing out, at least, would lead the charge to drain the swamp and stop feeding the pigs at the trough that we fund in Washington.

The lobbyists and folks in Congress who are making a couple hundred thousand a year and yet retire as millionaires…

But the swamp, has a certain agreed upon way of doing business in Washington (which clearly Trump and his naïve ideologues don’t understand) and they have made their stand.

This past weekend, I watched  Democratic Party legislators, – a party which has been rejected by the people at the state and local level and has been diminished to levels of representation not seen since the Civil War (150 years ago, folks) – act as if Trump and his appointees have committed treason because they met with Russians or the Russian ambassador! Yet many of these people, McCaskill, Pelosi, Schumer and others have done the same thing.

How dare Trump’s band of outsiders think that they could push through the agenda the president was  elected to carry out! The mainstream media and even Fox News is complicit in this rejection of these “Deplorables.” Recently, they’ve been joined by Republicans with one moistened finger in the air.

Listen, the real story is not about the Russians or their alleged interference in the Presidential election. It is about the Swamp wanting to maintain Washington’s status quo. Too much fame and fortune in the Beltway is hanging in the balance.

“The Swamp” doesn’t want to be drained and it’s fighting back.  Hell, it’s fighting for it’s life. It seems like the only one who really understands this and may be fighting back just as hard is Donald Trump.


Jon Saltzman is the Senior Editor and Publisher of Political Storm.


  • I just don’t understand how 2 of the closest member to Trump in his administration can lie about meeting with the Russians and that doesn’t bother you. I agree, there’s no problem in Sessions meeting with Kislyak, but there is a massive problem in his decision to lie about it. If these meetings are so benign, why lie? Also, how is it hard to understand why people on the left are so angry? He’s consistently attacked everyone who doesn’t completely agree with him, been as divisive as possible, made no effort to find a middle ground, offended and insulted millions. Of course people on the left are going to jump onto the Russia-corruption bandwagon.
    It’s the same situation with the media. Why is the media biased against trump? Obviously it’s because he threatens them, insults them, excludes the outlets he doesn’t like. Why does he do this? Because they don’t willfully print his lies and deceptions without pointing out the litany of lies and falsehoods that fly in the face of facts, statistics, logic, and rationality. Why wouldn’t they be biased against them? Why is any of this surprising to anyone?

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