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Surprise! Trump is a Popular President

Trump Thumbs Up
Written by Fred Lucas

A majority of Americans really like their president.

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has been besieged with bad headlines about delivering a dark and radical inaugural address, about pettiness over his crowd size, over silly tweets and most recently over a botched “Muslim ban”—among other things.

So, a guy with low poll ratings coming into office must have numbers in the gutter by now. Right? Such a presumption is about as accurate as the conventional wisdom on election day.

A Rasmussen poll released Thursday finds that Trump has a 53 percent approval rating. That’s actually sort of low for a new president, but before his inauguration, he had a mere 40 percent approval rating. His disapproval rating is 47 percent, showing the nation is still sharply divided.

Much of that has to do with the perception of the economy, which half of Americans believe will be stronger a year from now. Just one-third had that prediction about the economy in a poll last October. Also, 50 percent is the highest since 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office.

Trump stepped back from what was going to be a Muslim ban to put a temporary freeze on immigration from seven majority Muslim war-torn countries. Although this has clearly been controversial among politicians, other world leaders, media and hit a snag in court, 52 percent of the public backs the policy.

Having been an entertainer and a guy who knows how to manipulate the media—despite his portrayal of being at war with journalists—Trump knows the power of images and perception.

On his first day in office, he took executive action on scaling back Obamacare, directing federal agencies to provide whatever relief it can to citizens and companies until the unpopular law can be repealed. A few days later, he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to get busy on the border wall—the signature issue of his campaign.

When he wasn’t signing executive orders, he was doing appearance with small business, big business, and union leaders, projecting that he is taking command to put the economic ship back on course. Most Republican presidents wouldn’t meet with union leaders, but the unions, in particular, were happy that Trump ditched the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with 11 other countries, signed onto by Obama, though never ratified by Congress.

The tweets at movie stars, digs at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice ratings and constantly reminding folks about how big his November win was haven’t necessarily gone a long way in improving his gravitas, but, he certainly ended January looking presidential.

His East Room nomination of Neil Gorsuch was quite dignified. The only thing Trumpian about it was that it had to be in prime time. Importantly, he kept a campaign promise by tapping an originalist to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Ultimately, Trump, not an orthodox Republican, seems to be mostly doing what most Americans want. This will, at some point, lead to butting heads with conservatives in Congress. For now, at least, the Democrats’ blatant obstructionism seems to be helping the new president.

The Rasmussen poll found 56 percent want Congress to cooperate with Trump, though only 44 percent believe the Senate should confirm all of Trump’s nominees.

Still, it’s not a bad first two weeks, all things considered. While it seems that the partisan divide is growing, more Americans seem to support the president.


Fred Lucas is a columnist for Political Storm and the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal. He is the author of “Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections” (Stairway Press, 2016).

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  • The calling Trump racist, bigot, and ineligible for the job is getting old. As for the job of running the government he is probably the most qualified. It is a business pure and simple. Obama never ran anything and that’s why the nation is in the shape it’s in. You can’t keep giving things away without a way to pay for it

  • For: LetItGo-I chose Trump over Hillary for many reasons, the first being I just could not bring myself to voting for someone who is so devoid of a moral compass as to lie straight faced to the parents and loved ones of the four Americans killed in Benghazi, then was so INCOMPETENT that she couldn’t or wouldn’t pay any attention to security codes or where she stored them. Either she had such a phobia for her own privacy,or thought NOTHING of the nation’s, security, but either way, jo one like that should be anywhere NEAR the White House. Finally, she went from being sensible on abortion, to supporting it anywhere, anytime,and for any reason–shameful!!

  • As a small business owner, am looking forward to a business friendly WH. As a former Democrat, I am deeply saddened by the alt left, race-baiting, vicious “New Left.” Elizabeth Warren and her ilk, quite frankly, scare me. By the way, when my grandparents came to America in the early 1900’s, they were processed on the island first. Rather Trump- aflawed but patriotic man- than the likes of the Clintons. Proud to be a New Republican.

  • You can’t really trust polls. There is too much acrimony and bias. He’s doing what he said he would and as long as that continues he’ll get support. The press really doesn’t matter as they have made themselves irrelavent

      • That’s a thought, as liberals have NOT been thinking for themselves for quite awhile. Whenever a black man does, he is called an “Uncle Tom”, and many unprintable names, so for you to accuse Trump supporters of not thinking for ourselves is a little like “the pot calling the kettle black”.

      • If you follow your own advice “thinking for yourself” you may find you are happier. I have still to this day not found one and I mean not one person that can educate me on why anyone on earth would be a democrat. Still can’t find anyone that can explain why they voted for Obama. Just my two cents. If you would like to explain I await a real and well thought out response from you. Bet I can’t get a direct or straight educated answer. Hmmm. Let’s see your response. Tik Tok.

      • The Press is irrelevant, because they are having little effect with their campaign to destroy President Trump, that why they are irrelevant. Start thinking for yourself not what the media tells you to think.

  • Election is over!
    Get a life!
    My mom always said ‘If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!’
    We have a lot of problems in idle protesters . Shape up,
    Step up and see the good!

    • Grab them by REMOVED!!! This guy is the dumbest thing since the last republican president. Drained the swamp and then put those that created the stink in power to make decisions …

      • Actually, the dumbest President was Obama (no experience and it showed, never let his college records/grades be made public, hmmm-wonder why?)and let’s not forget about “dumb and dumber”- Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, the former doesn’t realize that it is now President Trump and not Bush, and the latter can’t tell the difference between North Korea and Crimea. What a pair of jerks! So I wouldn’t be commenting on anyone from the other party being dumb if I were you (especially when they are loaded with ammunition aimed right back at the democrats).

  • America’s head is “bloodied but unbowed”!!!! Lead on Trump! America’s patriots who truly appreciate and cherish and understand this wonderful republic called the USA – we support you !!!!! We pray for you!!!! You have given us hope and renewal and an excitement for what we can be and do and hope for!
    George and Eric Soros should hang their heads in shame for what they are doing-paying protestors and renting buses.
    Treason!!!!! Treason against USA, the country that paved their way to indescribable riches- yet on they march still trying to destroy us. Who is mighty enough and wise enough to stop them?

  • The last President was running a popularity contest. This one appears to be about getting things done. Those that voted for him are pretty happy. Those that didn’t are not. No surprise there.

    • Getting things done what ever happen to draining the swamp…. Same thieves are now on the inside.. If you call that getting it done… That explains it all ignorance is running wild over the fly-over states … Glad I live in region were racism and biggotry is not tolerated

      • And where might that region be? The only place I know of is Utopia and guess what? There is no such place on earth. Look at what White supporters of President Trump are going thru–being beat up, called names, etc. or what about Black Trump supporters, they are called even more file names and shunned by other minorities who can not seem to leave the plantation of the liberals. Then there are the Christians who are being persecuted for their faith, so again, I ask you, “where pray tell is this NOT tolerated”?

      • Sorry, but I disagree with your comment. I judge INDIVIDUALS for what they have done, I don’t label business folks BAD just because they are successful. It is Not a crime to work hard and become rich, the crime is in brainwashing those who will neither get an education, work hard (they’d much rather protect or take drugs), or take any personal responsibility , into believing the lie that businesses, corporations, the rich are evil. Some may be, but the majority are like you and me – decent, flawed but hard working. So no, I will give these business folks a chance to see what they can do for the economy. Heaven knows, it can’t be worse than it was for the past ten years.

      • President Trump is not a politician nor does he care about being politically correct. He has kept his word and is quite consistent with his campaign promises. However, those who don’t support him are constantly looking for petty things to magnify. He is the president and there’s no doubt that he truly loves America. He isn’t even taking a salary which the media barely mentions! Would you rather he smile and tell you what you want to hear because it doesn’t offend??? The man is raw, uncensored, and real! He really has a “yuge” heart. But it’s impossible to make everyone happy. I’m not a political person, never have been. But I’m so drawn in by this president and his family. I can see how the media is so bias and subjective. This has made me look at him more closely. I’ll let you in on a little secret- Mr. President has many silent supporters whose voices will be heard loud and clear comes 2020 because he has the courage to speak his mind and the guts to follow
        it through with action!

  • I seem to recall all the polls declaring Hillary the President and Trump far behind. Gee REMOVED, can you remember that?? Perhaps you REMOVED believe in these polls, but I never did. I’m smarter than that.

    • So with that logic, why believe the Rasmussen poll? It’s just another poll, right? Just because it reinforces what YOU want to believe, does not make it correct either.

      • But hold on, it was YOU and those who believe the polling they want to believe, that brought up the polls that CLAIM Trump is the most Unpopular. I was merely pointing out that polling is often WRONG, because people with AGENDAS are behind these polls,and they tend to get skewed. I never have nor ever will, put all my stock in polls. What told me Trump had a very good chance at winning was when everyone I talked with was disgusted at Hillary and the democrats who excused her behavior, that and the “DEPLORABLE”comment cemented it. How can anyone expect to bring followers in with insults? Trump, whatever his faults, Never attacked democratic followers (in fact as I recall, he even said to the minorities, “what have you got to lose, after all, what has Obama done for you except flap his gums”? ). What indeed??

    • Even If he has a 53% approval rating, he would still be the most unpopular new Prez in history but his real rating is 40% according to ALL other polls.,You can’t defend the indefensible!

    • Perhaps that’s your opinion, not mine or many others. He’s no hypocrite who says one thing but does another (liberals preach tolerance, but can’t seem to exercise it themselves), they put political correctness above everything, including safety, yet whine about why these Muslim freaks aren’t caught before hand when innocent people get shot or blown up in night clubs. When the govt. is NOT allowed common sense vetting and yes, temporary banning so that we can check these people out (and their parents’ history) BEFORE allowing them to enter and live here, these killings will indeed happen, and continue to.

      • He lied, has not drained the swamp but has installed billionaires and insiders as far as the eye can see, people who directly stand to benefit from running certain agencies are running them, YOU are paying for the wall not Mexico, but keep being distracted by non existent muslim problems. REMOVED.

        • Perhaps if I explain these facts to you, you will comprehend -first, the wall was something the majority of us who supported Trump, while nice, wasn’t necessary as long as he pounded the other side about putting BORDER SECURITY FIRST–something democrats and yes even some spineless republicans NEVER THOUGHT TO DO. They wanted to REWARD lawbreakers/criminals (and yes, illegals who thumb their noses at our process for coming in to OUR country, qualify as CRIMINALS. So for the “payment” aspect, we are certainly fair-minded individuals who see nothing wrong with the U.S. paying for half the cost,of the wall, fence or whatever. And we feel this way because it DOES take two entities to allow the immigration mess to get this far out of hand. (Personally, if I had my way, anyone who scaled the fence would be thrown right back and Mexico would be put on notice that if they do NOT join us in keeping their people in line, ALL funding will be cut! Trump is much nicer than I would be. 2nd–as for “draining the swamp”, perhaps YOU heard something the rest of us did not, as we heard him say “NO lobbyists will ever hold that much power again, over politicians (and Trump has made good on that particular promise as well). Can the swamp be more perfectly drained? Sure, but what he has done with bringing outsiders in (business people, and no these people are NOT the villains you liberals seem to think they are), is having people with a new perspective than the “how do we stay in political power” career politicians.

      • More people have died by white extremist in our country then Muslims. Read up on black Wall Street, Timothy Mcvae… KKK… So before checking Muslim why not check white supremacist groups that have been killing brown folks for years

        • Perhaps you need another lesson in comprehension. This is NOT about what white folks may or may not have done in the past (and may I politely remind you that McVeigh, the KKK, etc. are in the PAST, hence we can not re-litigate or change the PAST. What the terrorists MUSLIMS are doing is in the PRESENT, THE NOW, CURRENTLY. We CAN and MUST do something about them!! Can you not differentiate between the PAST and the PRESENT?

        • A few more historical facts (antiTrump) -did U know that the KKK was founded by democrats?, did U know that it was the Republicans who were anti-Slavery and agreed with the Abolitionists? Did U know that Republicans passed the anti-Slavery laws and that just about Every democratic politician was FOR continuing slavery? Some food for thought. It pays to research before U start clamoring against whites and republicans.

          • Did you know that democrats paased civil rights laws in the 60s and that republicans opposed them? That was the great political flip flop, when the party of liberalism (GOP) became the party of conservatism, while the Democrsts embraced civil rights and freedom.

            • Applying your own nomenclature for extremism is doesn’t change the facts –it was the extremism of democrats that allowed the KKK to be turned into one of the worst nightmares for blacks and other minorities, as it was their “extremism” that led to the disgusting nature of human bondage. I do NOT subscribe to the notion that conservatism is evil or bad, anymore than I subscribe to the idea that “liberalism” is. But when either is taken too far (hence, extremism) therein lies the problem. It’s the SAME problem when people blame GOD or FAITH, instead of those few extremists who USE their faith or GOD for their OWN prejudices, shortcomings, hatred.

  • I like what President Trump is doing. Quite frankly, I wasn’t so certain how he would govern, but surprise he is indeed a man of his word. We need a President who cares for this country and its residents (something the previous President didn’t do as he was too busy sucking up to Muslim terrorists). I hope that President Trump continues to speak out and get tough with not only terrorist, but sanctuary city leaders, democratic whiners and anyone else who either can not or will not stand up for the country they claim to love.

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Fred Lucas is a veteran political reporter and White House correspondent.

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Before coming to Washington, Fred was an award-winning state capitol reporter in Kentucky and Connecticut. He has been a guest on several political talk shows and is the author of two books, most recently “Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections” (Stairway Press, 2016).

He earned a Masters at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a BA at Western Kentucky University. He lives with his wife Basia and dog Jake in Northern Virginia.