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Sleep on Sir Abrahams


The great Peter Abrahams is dead! This was the news that rocked the Jamaican populous on January 18,2017. What, Peter Henry Abrahams? The literary icon, the broadcaster, the journalist? Is dead? It must have been because he was all of 97. Yes! That’s it, it was just “his time”. The police had no reason to suspect foul play, but they had not ruled out the fact that there was something strange about it. After the autopsy was completed, it was confirmed that he was in fact murdered. Murdered! What could this man do to get this heinous act? Blood was found at the scene, but it was suspected that he had probably fallen from his wheelchair. Can you imagine? He was even in a wheelchair! What possible motive could anyone have to kill this man? Abrahams lived alone, and he was always victimized by frequent robbery, but I wouldn’t imagine that they would eventually kill him. Weeks after his murder, investigators and law enforcement officers are saying that they have arrested and charged a man in connection to the murder. One would think that perhaps a young chap would be held accountable, however, it is in fact a 61 year old who has been nabbed. 61! This is an elderly man too, a senior citizen. Why would this man, Norman Tomlinson, want to kill Peter Abrahams?
Let’s face the fact, Peter Abrahams was just as good as dead anyway. He was confined to his home… In a wheelchair. He could not move! It makes me want to think about what Sir Abrahams could have possibly been involved in to warrant a death like that. The Jamaica Observer says that the autopsy revealed that Abrahams died from a blunt force and trauma to the head, neck and chest. That’s is a brutal and gruesome murder, not just a “little kill”, much force and effort was put in to ensure this man was dead. I would really like to hear what Mr. Norman Tomlinson has to say for himself, as there must be a very justifiable reason as to what really transpired.
Peter Abrahams has left behind a great legacy, and it is just so unfortunate that he died an “untimely” death, especially in that matter. Whatever good he had done, I hope that remains alive, and that persons will continue to emulate his work.
Sleep on Sir Abrahams! You will be missed!


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