Rule Britannia?



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The UK is poised on the edge of a monumental decision for its future in the world. On June 23rd, the UK will have a national vote to decide whether we stay in the European Union, or leave it and become independent. Pretty important huh? It cannot be overstated, how significant this decision is, but the Politicians in the UK are once again fulfilling their own agendas ahead of the needs of the people. The same story over and over again, in America as well as in England.

 The Politicians are using this referendum as a platform for their own views and for promoting their own profiles in the media. What the people actually want are unbiased answers to fundamental questions such as: 

  1. the potential impact for the economy,
  2. what happens to people from the EU already living and working in the UK
  3. how long will it take to set up new trade agreements

Instead of enabling us to come to an informed decision whether to remain in the EU, our leaders have resorted to scare mongering of the highest order – even President Obama has joined in the diatribe. On his visit to the UK in early May, he told the British public we would be “at the back of the queue” for a trade agreement if we left the EU!

Threats of World War III, economic meltdown, housing price disasters, huge unemployment increases and the end of the world as we know it have been blasted across the newspapers and television shows. I do not believe them!

I obviously cannot tell you exactly what will happen if the UK vote to leave, but I can tell you there are a lot of people in the UK who are fed up with uncontrolled immigration from other EU countries, they are fed up with pointless red-tape legal interference from Brussels bureaucrats, they are also fed up with being told that Britain isn’t good enough to stand on its own.

I will vote to leave. I believe the UK has a strong enough buying power and economy to withstand a short period of post-leave adjustment, and I believe the UK will be better off in charge of its own destiny again.