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Restoration of the Republican Party Begins With An Enemies List

Newt Gingrich
Written by Kris Hammond

The Republican Party can reclaim its dignity in the wake of the Donald Trump presidential nomination only if it purges the sickness within.

One potential solution is the creation of an enemies list.

 The enemies list should not be cluttered with the names of rank-and-file Republicans who voted for Trump out of fear or hatred of Hillary Clinton. It should not necessarily include the cowardly Republican members of Congress who supported Trump (or who even, in some cases, endorsed Trump, then unendorsed him, then re-endorsed him). Instead, the list should feature high-profile Republicans and conservatives influential with the low-information voters who summarily shun the mass media, fact-checkers, and logic, but rely on sources they trust.

 The touchstone for addition to the list should be willful acts of deceit, defined as “The action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.” Perhaps addition to the list should also require that an aggravating factor be present, such as bigotry or the aggressiveness with which one pushes deceit. Republican men and women who practice aggravated deceit must be identified, excoriated, and marginalized.

 As an example, consider a recent episode involving former Speaker of the House and Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich and radio talk show host Mark Levin. The saga began on Tuesday, when Gingrich appeared on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s news program, The Kelly File.

 The Gingrich interview began cordially, but went downhill (around the 3:50 mark) during a discussion of Trump’s standing in the polls. Kelly recalled that Clinton’s campaign appeared to be in trouble around September 11, but then a series of Trump mistakes and revelations sent his poll numbers reeling. Kelly cited Trump’s “rough first debate,” the fact he “took the bait on [Alicia] Machado,” “the Access Hollywood tape came out” depicting Trump bragging about groping women, and, finally, ten women came forward alleging that Trump had groped them. In response, Gingrich angrily asserted that a Clinton speech should have received equal billing in the press with the sexual assault allegations: “Hillary Clinton had a secret speech in Brazil to a bank that pays her 225,000 [dollars], saying her dream is an open border where 600 million people could come to America.”

 Stop the tape. At this moment in the interview, Gingrich is angry because the media did not trumpet his deceitful mischaracterization of a Clinton speech. Based on a single sentence in a stolen e-mail released by Wikileaks in which potentially-controversial Clinton speech excerpts are discussed, Gingrich claims that Clinton’s dream is for the United States to have open immigration borders. A commonsense reading of the stolen e-mail demonstrates that this assertion is, at best, a grotesque interpretation of incomplete information. In an e-mail flagging potentially controversial statements, the headline introducing the “open borders” quote is as follows: “Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets.” Had Clinton been referring to immigration, that would have been far more controversial than open borders trade policy. Clearly, Clinton was likely not referring to immigration in her speech.

 Back to the Kelly interview. Immediately after complaining that his distorted interpretation of a Clinton speech did not receive as much coverage as the ten women who alleged that Trump sexually assaulted them, Gingrich poured gas on the fire: “I mean, you want to go back through the tapes of your show recently, you are fascinated with sex, and you don’t care about public policy.” Understand what Gingrich is saying: he is equating sexual assault allegations with “sex” and is implying that Kelly is obsessed with sex because she reports on the sexual assault allegations. Here Gingrich is both conflating two very different concepts in order to obscure the truth and launching an ad hominem attack on Kelly.

 Kelly defended herself, saying: “You know what, Mr. Speaker, I’m not fascinated by sex. But I am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we’re getting in the Oval Office.” Gingrich, attempting to discount Kelly’s genuine concern for the protection of women, implied that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and dared Kelly to say the words “Bill Clinton, sexual predator.”

 Stop the tape. Three women publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct: Juanita Broaddrick (rape), Kathleen Willey (groping), and Paula Jones (indecent exposure). None of these women’s allegations against Clinton have ever been proven in court. Upwards of ten women—three times as many women as have accused Clinton—have come forward to accuse Trump of groping and other inappropriate physical conduct. Many of these women have corroborative evidence and Trump bragged about such conduct in the Access Hollywood tape. By Gingrich’s own evidentiary standard, Trump is a much bigger sexual predator than Bill Clinton, but Trump is the one on the ballot. Gingrich does not care about truth; his intention here is to run interference for Trump.

 The following day, on his radio show, Levin attacked Kelly, saying “Megyn Kelly pretends to represent women. I want you all to listen to her 2010 interview on the Howard Stern show . . .  where she is giggling and laughing and talking about sex.” As with Gingrich, Levin equated potentially-criminal sexual assault allegations against Trump with “sex” and suggested that Kelly cannot legitimately report on the Trump sexual assault allegations because she talked about sex on the Howard Stern show six years ago. This conflation/ad hominem tactic is an attempt to obscure the truth and mislead listeners. The intent is to deceive, not enlighten.

Levin then accused Kelly of improperly raising the sexual assault allegations fourteen days before the election despite the fact that they had already been thoroughly reported. However, the allegations were raised by Kelly (along with other non-sexual assault allegation events) in the context of explaining Trump’s current poll numbers. It was just another day on the Mark Levin Show.

 A silver lining to the Trump nomination is that it has revealed the character of the individuals who dare to defend him vigorously. Gingrich and Levin cannot be trusted. They are not honorable men.  Let their names be added to an enemies list that should bear the names of many more.


Currently the principal of Everest Law Firm in Alexandria, Virginia, Kris Hammond has served as an attorney for a district court judge, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the U.S. Department of Justice in its Civil Rights Division. He has run for office twice and was an elected delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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  • Find it very interesting when the leftists say that those who believe in less government interference in their lives are Nazis. The Nazi is the master behind the demonicrat party as George Soros puppets both Obama and Clinton. Yes, Soros loved living under the Nazis as his family made lots of money selling the Jews to the Nazis. Soros is the real face behind the con the left has been selling. The big mistake was putting an admitted criminal into the running for president. Hillary admitted she used an unsecured private server for classified and Top Secret documents. Although she denied any were classified most people aren’t stupid enough to believe her lies. Anyone else who does that gets prosecuted except for Hillary because she was going to keep Obama’s bad decisions. Most people are smart enough to understand that you don’t put a criminal liar into the highest office in the land. The liar who has been telling lies for years thinks that he’s conned everyone into believing his lies so they should believe her also. Truth will always be truth. It doesn’t matter how they try to present the lies as truth because many are smart enough to see the lie. Bringing in lots of refugees who don’t want to follow our laws isn’t a solution for anything but chaos. We are deeply in debt as a country. We must get outof debt and help our own before we can help others. Voting for a liar as president won’t give you truth. There was a time when a citizen of our nation would step forward to serve, then go back to private business. A professional politician is a new invention for those who can’t run a business. Yes, they go into politics to get rich as they can’t make money in an honest way – in business. Many people are sick of the con artists who try to get rich off of politics. Some don’t care and will gladly vote for a liar who has committed crimes. Most people want the corruption in our national government cleaned up instead of adding more liars and criminals to the mess. I’ve heard some say that it was okay for her to do what she did because she said she was sorry. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t give you impunity for the crimes you commit, especially after taking an oath of office. Only “useful idiots” don’t expect their representatives to follow our laws. The media has been more truthful in the past. The media needs to be more interested in the truth. Lately they put their spin on the story instead of giving us the facts. We need real journalists who only want to report the truth instead of repeating someone’s agenda. No enemy lists are needed. Those who know the truth can step forward to serve in our country for we the people. Liars and con artists are not needed in our country. We the people don’t need or want liars or criminals in government. The media should be properly vetting these people. Obviously the media has lost it’s true calling as they are more interested in providing entertainment instead of TRUTH.

    • I agree with a lot of what you are saying about exposing and encouraging the truth; one thing I disagree with is you questioning the intelligence of all politicians, saying they are politicians because they are incapable of being business people. I think that’s far from true. I think many people enter politics with aspirations to make our country a better place, but our corrupt political system forces them to stray from their initial ideals. Take congressmen for example- because they only serve two-year terms, they are forced to spend much of their term campaigning for reelection rather than focusing on making a difference. I don’t think that we should be criticizing our government on an individual basis, rather we should reevaluate the entire system.

  • As one who believes that Trump is a shallow, no nothing, con man, I must admit how I am enjoying the rapid pace at which he is reversing the “commitments” he made during the campaign. Unfortunately, his meaningless and reactionary pronouncements are the very reason so many voted for him.

  • Every blame in the book has been exploited in comments. Two that have not even
    been noticed are the NO TERM LIMITS IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE. The only
    government posts without term limits and members. Our government has been run
    by the same men for lifetimes aided by John McCain and Dick Durbin who created
    an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, the indefinite suspension of Habeus Corpus and the ability to detain American citizens without charge or trial anywhere in the world. We are now a police state and our country is now considered a new part of the battlefield.

  • Trump supporters spouting hate from sea to shining sea.

    Just read their comments above. I’m sorry but grammar, spelling and syntax matter as does study, research and the ability to make judgement based on careful assimilation of various points of view. You low information voters listen to alt right shock jocks and parrot what you hear and you call it knowledge.

    I’m personally not worried about this posse of fringe whack jobs playing white house like giddy stooge brothers. We’re a country of laws and these dark, dank Bannon kiss asses will get those asses kicked the hell out of the People’s House sooner than later. Enjoy the cartoon while it lasts, folks. Adults and wise men and women do not behave like these Trumpsters running in their spinning wheels trying to get The Donald’s notice. Yes, he will do us harm. But we will eventually restore this nation to that beacon on the hill whose light has faded to black and the world not only has noticed, they’re astonished that 25% of voting Americans voted for a soulless sociopath. The master salesman is already advising foreign dignitaries to stay in Trump’s new Post Office Hotel. His newest enterprise where rooms need to rent for $700 and up just to break even. Rates continue to drop and are now going for $420. Trump Tower in Toronto went bankrupt early this month and is $300,000,000 in debt. Canadians cannot wait until the highest bidder at the foreclosure sale rips down the Trump name of shame.

    Trump and crew will throw crumbs to those minions who raised their closed fisted arms when their Furhrer walked onto the stage. He knew ignorance was his sword and he played these people like the fools they are. Got news for the people he referred to as “the dumbed down Republicans” in his Vanity Fair interview prior to running for President. He admitted he would not win if he ran as a Democrat but Republicans can be played like fools and under that banner he believed he could actually win. Enjoy the victory party while it lasts and when it hits you that you’ve been screwed, Trump and Family will have raked in billions in play for pay before the feds lead them all to the clinker. You’ve been duped, dopes. I will not go up when you folks dip into Trump Toilets. You see it as weakness when the left plays nice as you throw turds our way. Watch out, too many dips in those toilets will turn you all brown!

  • The anti-Trump forces never learn. Just keep pouring it on and you will be diminished even further. Is there something less than zero credibility? Keep striving for it!

    • Considering that Trump has a truthfulness ranking of 4% by Politifact, it is Trump who has practically 0 credibilty. Trump will be played by Putin and the GOP. Retirees who voted for Trump will be in for a very rude awakening when Ryan’s Agenda for America gets rammed through Congress, with Trump’s approval.

  • Oh, I love the writer’s style. He makes an excellent point. But, needs to follow his own rule.

    Trump is not the “bigger” predator. First, he has NEVER been accused of rape by other women. And, secondly, Clinton has way MORE than three accusers. (Wow …just wow) Not to mention it is alleged that Bill Clinton took trips on some billionaire’s plane for sex or sexual misconduct with MINORS. That also makes him (possibly) a pedophile.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right sure. But, on that ONE point Gingrich got it right. And, so did Kelly.

    • Me too, honest people. MR. Hammond was only afraid that Trump would Trump Hillary and so he did. These democrats who are crying in their beer are doing it because they know now we will put in conservative judges that will judge for a long time. Mr. Hammond is an attorney who in my opinion is not a nice man. Also I do not think Joan Rivers was wrong, especially when OBama himself referred to Michelle as Michael until I found photo of MIchelle as a football player. Yes, Joan was right Michelle ‘s real name is Michael,right Mr. OBamma? Just because democrats cannot accept our new president, then why did they not vote. They can cry all they want to now because there will be a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS ALSO, SO STOPTHOSE TEARS AND GROW UP.

      • @Sadie – To answer your question of “why did they not vote” – they did! Hillary Clinton may have not won the electoral college, but she did win the popular vote. Perhaps some Clinton supporters did not vote because they were under the illusion that she would win by a landslide, but nonetheless, she did win the popular vote.

    • “First, he has NEVER been accused of rape by other women.”

      Mr. Trump’s former wife accused him of raping her. I believe that there is also a statutory rape accusation being litigated in civil court.

  • Kris. Interesting that your article leads with the most foreboding photo of Newt that you could find. Then, begins with, ” Restoration of the Republican Party Begins With An Enemies List”. Nice! Gives the appearance that it is something that Newt, et al, are actually going to plan. No bias here, eh?! This is what the country means when they say true journalism is DEAD!! You are so obviously in the tank with what this country has just defeated.

    • “Kris. Interesting that your article leads with the most foreboding photo of Newt that you could find.”

      FYI, the writers here don’t choose the photos, or at least I don’t.

      “No bias here, eh?! ”

      This is supposed to be an opinion/analysis piece, correct? Should opinion be more clearly identified on this website?

    • You need to get out more often. CARE about our country? These guys are pathetic dredges that remind me of the guys in the movies who crawl out of the woodwork to become minions to the Anti-christ. Funny how a bunch of CHRISTIANS did this deed. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!? REMOVED

  • Look what is happening to our Great Country, The Media is running us around in circles to create better ratings for their own gain, And the public is falling for it. Look people, The media cannot even get the weather right. If you are all looking to the media to solve our issues, Shame on us all for being that stupid. We all have a brain we know right from wrong, Think back! We are the Government every politician is elected, We have the power to fire anyone and everyone in the Senate, Congress, Governors, Presidents, They all want to keep us stupid Look at school systems, They are all broke, Kids need to supply their own learning utensils, Who did this to us? We did for falling for all this Crap, Wise up Trump is the right person at the right time. Let us be a Proud Country again, Let us be Proud Americans again. Our Forefathers may be able to take a breath again

    • You mean the” forefathers” who had slaves and did what they want with these slaves thus having children with them ?Were they allowed to dishonor women who didn’t even have the right to vote and the slaves weren’t allowed to learn how to read or write?And when The Donald….as he so liked to be called…..talks about Make America Great Again……which American from the past is he “making great again”?
      Let’s not forget that this was the land of the Native Americans…..and where are they now?Will Trump help them or are his minions going to come first ?

      • There have been times in America where we have been cruel and discriminatory. But I do not think this is the America Trump speaks of when he says “Make America Great Again”. The nineties and early 2000s were a time when America was flourishing, especially economically. The “American Dream” was still alive. I think this is the state Trump is referring to.

  • its time to get our country back we been sold out by the ones who should of been working for us and not put our money in them they all sold us out for years and running our country to the ground I say we all should fire them all for doing this to us think god Hillary did not winn

  • Nixon and Hitler were fond of enemies lists. I find it fascinating how it’s the Clinton supporters who most resemble the Nazis. They worship a criminal and have no problem justifying their own criminal acts in support of a demagogue.

    • Speaking of people who closely resemble the Nazi are you right-wing, red-neck repub. When the WWI was over, the German people longed for a savior (just like the repub longed for a savior), they wanted job’s, (just like you repubs) even though the current job % is about 4.6, best in 9 yrs, the German people the reason there were no job’s was because the Jew’s have them, (like trump say’s about immigrant’s), no sir, it’s you republican’s, who are closer to the skinhead’s and American Nazi’s, after all it was they who backed, trump, remember, selective thinking right.

  • Kris Hammond, sir you are one of those pretend REMOVED Republicans… You do NOT help FIX problems, you are part of the problem… you are a liberal pretending to be conservative like so many other republicans. NO doubt you also hate the tea party.

  • Obama is muslim and wants to make America Islam. Justice department with double standard, some colors can riot without jail, some politicians can lie and break the law without jail, the muslim religious people have a pass others do not get…DOUBLE STANDARD HYPOCRITES, they paid Hillary to do it, Hillary paid the rioters, Obama wanted to bring 100,000 muslems here UNvetted, but WHY should they come here??? anyway, google how they are taking over Europe, both Muslims and others HATE America… and stupid americans think everything is going to be OK doing things like the democrats want to do to please the world….. stupid, won’t work, and you are giving your nation away to the enemy and on top of that paying them to do it…… THINK PEOPLE, We the people of ….

  • It’s time for PRESIDENT TRUMP to “FIRE” the political dead wood and drain the swamp of all the lying alligators, crooks, cheats, communists…. and make America GREAT again…. YES, make America GREAT again, … bring back JOBS and manufacturing and quit selling out America to Islamic nations and communists…. RIGHT, get the liberals out of power…. SAVE America… build that wall against enemies, criminals, and those that do NOT respect our constitution…. YES, make AMerica GREAT again….

  • Kris Hammond, I think you are absolutely correct. You also need to add Giuliani to the list. However the problems with the republican party don’t stop there. Unfortunately most of the republican party is not very educated and poorly informed (two different things). There are also deep nationalistic, racist, and religiously extremist veins running through the party. You can’t solve this by banning a few idiots at the top. You would have to disown half the party. Unfortunately that won’t happen.

    • Talk about the Pot calling the kettle black. The leaders in the Democratic party are the most immoral, hateful, and intolerant of any ones views that don’t match there’s by a thousand folds over the common folk. i.e Such as endorsing the murder of unborn babies being the worst. Not to go with all the immoral behaver they call freedom of expression. They all will answer to God someday.

  • You are also misrepresents the truth when you say that nine of the allegations against Bill were proven in a court. The rest of the story is because he settled out of court. To most that’s an admission of guilt not needing proof in a court. So, you are disingenuous if not deceitful. The bigger issue for Newt would be to ask what Bill has to do with it? “They do it too” is no excuse! Now that Trump’s accusers of the most egregious behaviors have all been debunked what say you? Still, he betrayed his attitude toward women as objects of self gratification in the interview and in other things he has said and done. He is a sleaze. GOP R&F know this and don’t care! I propose we reclaim the moral high ground by explaining why character matters and promoting leaders in the party of integrity and electing people of strong moral character.

  • You are a horrible judge of character and I’m really surprised to read your article above. You are no better than the tit for tat banter above. If TRUMP WINS , and I believe he will, we will sweep house with those of you who are not patriots, not true to the Constitution and to this Great Nation UNDER GOD! How dare you as an attorney ignore the evilness of the Clintons sexual, death, and satanism scandals admitted by their own books and emails and attack TRUMP when not one single lady has been proven abused. I’m tired of the media spinning his words, He said, “They LET ME do anything” He didn’t say he abused anyone, he said the (stupid) women let him …… That’s their fault!! And women in groves have spoken out about his respect of women. And I’m sure that’s women who respect themselves. And if you think that his locker room talk is bad, you obviously aren’t married or are an old maid. Get real lady! You must be an allegator. We will clean the swamp. And put God, truth and morals back in America. I take high offense to your opening statement, “conservatives influential with the low-information voters”. I am very informed and a highly intelligent woman in Corporate America. I think you need to spend some time studying what you are talking about.

    • If you actually belive your comment, and you are part of Corporate America, which seems to consider the American population as their cash cow, and really an intelligent, informed woman, why not actually document your claims of” Clintons sexual, death, and satanism scandals admitted by their own books and emails” with some cites of where you found that information.
      Look at what you just claimed, “they allowed him to do it”. “Him” being a billionare who sues anyone simply because he can. REMOVED He claims to be a “Christian” yet his entire busness precatices refutes all Christian values. He is looking at two rape charges in civil court, as well as fraud and Racketeering.
      How about his choices of advisors? Bannon? Trump will unite America with Bannon advising him? Trump is in this for himself, no other reason. Even his kids have hopped on the bandwagon with their hawking $10,000 bracelets worn on an interview. You even took offense at “conservatives influential with the low information voters” Even Trump bragged about how he loved low information voters! Perhaps you need to spend some time to actually learn about what YOU are talking about.

    • All very interesting Trump won and there is rioting in the streets. How un civil. I suppose that we are turning a corner in politics . No more virtue to be exercised by rational decent parties. We now live with rules for radicals dirty tricks misinformation and massive vote buying. I hope happiness prevails ?

    • I agree with you. Voters have more knowledge about the issues and candidates today and we share a common humanity that loves truth and virtue and hates lies and injustice. We don’t need an enemies list to know who to trust.

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He has run for office twice in the District of Columbia, winning his race in 2006 for the office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. On March 12, 2016, D.C. Republicans citywide elected Kris to be one of the 16 Delegates who will represent the District of Columbia at the Republican National Convention July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

In the Spring of 2016, Kris founded Everest Law Firm PLLC, located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.