We remain unconvinced by Brexit



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‘Leave’ campaigners keep telling ‘Remainers’ that we lost; forget it; suck-up and move-on. But wouldn’t that be so convenient for the Leave campaign?

Just as they have their biggest challenge of all: to prove to the nation that Brexit will work.

So far, nobody, absolutely nobody, knows what Brexit means or entails. None of us have a clue. The only plan Vote Leave had was just that: to leave. They didn’t know what would, should or could happen next. They had no blueprint for Brexit.

We were warned by David Cameron (remember him?) that Brexit would be a ‘leap into the dark’. All of us are still in the dark.

Maybe we can understand why the ‘Leavers’ keep telling us ‘Remainers’ to go away, shut up and stop complaining. It’s because ‘Leave’ campaigners know that they got away with selling the nation a box labelled ‘Brexit’ – but now they are struggling to explain exactly what’s inside that box.

Where’s the instruction manual for Brexit? Where’s the guarantee? And who do we go to for a refund if Brexit doesn’t work?

Of course Remain campaigners shouldn’t give up. Quite the opposite.

We need to scrutinise and hold to account the product claims and promises by the Leave campaign. They still have to prove to us that Britain and Britons will be better-off if by abandoning our 43-year relationship with the European Community, which in the main has been good for Britain.

If the Leave campaigners and politicians can’t explain Brexit, why should we accept it?

And if they do eventually give us their detailed Brexit plan, and we have second-thoughts, we should have a legitimate and democratic opportunity to say:

‘No! We didn’t realise that’s what you meant and we don’t want it after all. We want our country back – the one we had before 23 June 2016’

So here’s a message for the Leave campaigners. We know what membership of the EU is like, good and bad.

But we have no idea what Brexit means, good or bad.

Now, you have to prove Brexit, to all of us. Not just half the nation. But all of the nation, and all the nations of the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland that don’t want Brexit.

And all the cities and towns of the nation, including London, Cambridge, Norwich, Brighton and others that don’t want Brexit.

Tell us clearly, and comprehensively, what Brexit really means.

And if you are seriously convinced by Brexit, then have the courage and conviction to present your comprehensive Brexit plans to the nation so we can vote on them.

Isn’t that fair?

Do you really think we should buy your box called ‘Brexit’ without knowing what’s inside before we shake hands on the deal?

You need to prove to us that the box, along with your promises, aren’t empty.

In the meantime, we remain unconvinced by Brexit. And until such time as the ‘Leavers’ can prove their plans, we will continue to shine a light on the Reasons2Remain in the EU.


Jon Danzig is an award winning medical and investigative journalist, formerly at the BBC. He specializes in writing about health, human rights and the European Union. More at: www.jondanzig.com

Graphic by Jon Danzig