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Rachel Maddow, please stop!

Dear Rachel Maddow,

Please stop sharing conspiracy theories against Donald Trump.


A liberal.

Honestly, it looks like we want to hurt ourselves. Coming up with conspiracy theories against Donald Trump, just like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly did during the eight years of Obama’s administration, is not going to get him impeached or not re-elected in 2020. Remember how much we hated (and still do) Fox News for all these crazy accusations about Obama (he was muslim, birther movement, etc.), so please do not do it against Trump.

Why? Because we don’t need to! During his first 100+ days in the White House, he has been caught in so many lies, made many mistakes and fired significant people that facts speak by themselves. What all these conspiracy theories are doing is fueling the idea of “fake news” for every single piece of news released by very reputable publications like the NYT or Washington Post.

Calling it “fake news” is Donald Trump’s last resort. His approval ratings are at 41%, morale in Congress is at its lowest and the GOP is divided. Nothing is going right for him. Focus on reporting that, NOT in coming up with conspiracy theories that ends up undermining ALL liberal media.


  • The problem with Maddow, aside from having zero credibility after muffing the election, is that her act is too unbalanced. Her whole package stinks. She is too snide and “lezzy”, but lacks overall wit. Someone like Jon Stewart, with more charm, restraint, comedic timing, and composure, is preferable. That being said, Maddow has one of the worst reputations of any pundit. Her Trump taxes nothingburger and abysmal election prognostication has turned off reasonable people. People only tune in so they can cut up her show and make a youtube video showcasing how stupid she is.

  • Rachel Maddow will continue to spew partisan-political BS. She doesn’t get paid $30,000 a day for truth telling. Nobody does. Her promulgation of the Russian Ruse and such isn’t so much aimed at impeaching Trump as at (A) distracting from the “Democratic” Party’s rigging of its primaries and Shillary’s loss to Drumpf.

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