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President Le Pen?

Written by Britgirl20

I believe yesterday’s terror attack on French soil will send Marine Le Pen straight to the office of President of France.  This far right candidate should be an outsider in the race, but French people are sick and tired of seeing their beloved country attacked time and time again… and they are frustrated by the seeming lack of action by their government to protect them.  Marine Le Pen does not hold back in telling voters she is the solution.

Marine’s father Jean-Marie who was head of this party for many years, was a total radical far righter, someone who was too scary for a ‘normal’ patriotic French person to vote for – his policies were totally racist and he made no attempt to hide that fact.  In contrast, when his daughter Marine took over from her Father, she made huge publicity of the differences between her Father’s views and hers.  This is really just a smokescreen in my opinion, but it seems as though her message is persuasive to voters.   If you add in the absolute horrors, and the sheer number of terrorist attacks in France, I think Marine has a very high chance of being the next French President.  My belief is that France would be a very unwelcome place for immigrants generally, and particularly for Muslims under President Le Pen.  It is a frightening prospect, but people in Europe are angry and scared of the increasing immigration, and its impact on their daily lives.  Governments in many European countries are appearing to do little to assuage those feelings, and so people are easily enticed by promises of action by candidates like Marine Le Pen.

The rise of support for the far right parties in Europe is not just something Donald Trump has made up!  It’s a fact.  Watch out for the French election results, and keep your fingers crossed for sanity and reason!


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