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Peaceful Transition of Pundits, Punks and Puppets

Twice in the past four years I’ve run into NY Times Opinion Columnist David Brooks.  Pretty sure his parents live near by as I tend to see him around the holidays here in suburban Philadelphia.  Each time I saw him, I said “Hi” and introduced myself by name.  Then I would attempt to engage him in the subjects of the day.  But David appeared both times like a Deer in the head lights…like a member of Congress who is looking around for their protection detail….i.e. “how did you get in this elevator?”

In the Capitol office building I would say, “sorry…but like you, I’m a taxpayer and I pay for this elevator.”  But at a playground in Radnor Township, or the Giant grocery store in St. Davids, I’m pretty sure I can breath the air without explaining myself.  But before I go on, perhaps you need a primer on pundit David Brooks.  So here is a quote post election from Nov. 11th filing of David Brooks:

“If your social circles are like mine, you spent Tuesday night swapping miserable texts. Not all, but many of my friends and family members were outraged, stunned, disgusted and devastated. This is victory for white supremacy, people wrote, for misogyny, nativism and authoritarianism. Fascism is descending.

I was on PBS trying to make sense of what was happening while trying to text various people off the ledge. At one point I was opining about the results while a disbelieving text flashed across my phone: “Change It! Change It! CHAAAANGE IT!”

Those emotional reactions were a fitting first-night response to the greatest political shock of our lifetimes. Still, this is probably not the best mentality for the coming era.”

Based on NY Times standard, David is a Center-Right voice.  Based on Trump standards, he is left leaning pundit, incapable of lateral thought.  So it is Thanksgiving and I see him at the eggs in the Dairy Department.  And it went like this,

“David.  I’m Robert.  We met a few years ago at Fennimore Cooper Park.  How are you?”

“Oh, hi.  I’m good.”

“So what are your thoughts on the election.  Surprise?  Shock?”


“Well I didn’t think the polls were right.”


“After all, you can’t poll people who are working two and three jobs.”

“No, I guess not.”

And he scurries off out of fear he might find himself in a conversation with someone who is not one of his New York City friends/fools.

So…the pundits are lost in their shock and their guesses.  Now, let’s move on to a well spoken… celebrity punk…Ed Norton.

A thoughtful actor, Ed Norton’s latest release “Collateral Beauty” is receiving great reviews.  Ed uses the election process and results to sell his movie!  Let us examine his logic:

NORTON:If you hated this election cycle, you’ll love Collateral Beauty.  There are so many dimensions to the whole experience this year.  It’s going to take time.  And it’s still unfolding- that’s what’s so crazy.  We’re in this very, very, very strange, new period right now.  It’s like a veil has been dropped.  Sometimes I feel like the Republican Party was an 18 wheeler, but the tractor-trailer came off the cab.  You have this corporate plutocracy driving all this working-class rage, and managing to corral it for a while and hoodwink it, bamboozle it.  Then it’s like the tractor trailer came off the cab and went careening down  the highway on its own.”

Interviewer:  “It’s a positive movie about embracing that death is a fact of life.”

NORTON:  “Exactly.  Well, thanks to Trump, we’re all probably going to die within the next two years.”

Now Ed.  Off all the Presidents that have served this country, there would be ONE GUY with the most to lose in a shooting war.  Unlike Roosevelt or Kennedy or Bush money or real estate inherited from previous generations, Donald Trump has accumulated his wealth during his own life time.  Thus Donald would be the last guy to want to see a war that would wipe out his real estate, his wealth and his legacy.  But that would demand Ed Norton contemplate Donald Trump as a person…not a liberal fantasy, offered up by puppets, pundits and other punks.  Speaking of puppets, let’s turn our attention to Chuck Schumer.

This week Congress gavels back into session and Schumer has rallied his liberal friends to conduct a well funded and well organized opposition to Donald Trump.  We know the Democrats in Congress are puppets because they are so successful in parroting each other.  I mean…have you EVER heard adults fall in line with their brand new talking points?  They all say the same thing, in the same way, for the same reporters, who write the same story.  The Democrats really look like they are part of some military junta who must say what they are told to say…or they will be taken out back and shot.


There are plenty of people in the GOP who can, will and want to reach across the aisle to build a consensus to move the country forward.  Or…look for the few who both parties struggle with, i.e. Cruz and Paul.  Either way, who is the Dem who steps up and says to the DNC Party Punks…”ENOUGH!”

I don’t see them.  Hope they step up.  We have work to do.

Let’s get to it.


  • Great article ROR! I really felt like I was there in that quick conversation with Brooks! Like you, I’m getting really tired of the whole Liberal/Pundit Trump derangement syndrome. This whole liberal denial of the validity of Trump’s election is really dangerous for the country. Protest, disagree-sure. But this is getting crazy.

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