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Our Champion

Our Champion

By Cindy A. Matthews

It’s not the style it’s the substance. It’s the sincerity of his message. It’s the warm, empowering feeling of hope you feel whenever you hear Bernie Sanders speak. You sense his compassion for others whenever you listen to him. It makes no difference if you hear him in person at a “yuge” rally or streaming online from an alternative media source (since mainstream media has ignored him). All that matters is the message is directed at you, an ordinary American voter, and not at some billionaire corporate lobbyist or super PAC contributor.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a super PAC, or want a super PAC. He has been funded since day one of his run for office by us, ordinary Americans. His average campaign donation? Bernie brags at his rallies is “27 bucks!” We all laugh and applaud. The fact that he’s raised so much from so many through small donations demonstrates the affection millions of ordinary people have for Bernie. (His supporters gave him $43 million last month alone.) We like him so much, we call him by his first name. Bernie is cool with being called Bernie.

The Millennials think he’s cool. They design T-shirts with his face and slogans and tattoo their bodies with his icon. This amazes me since the Millennials have been put through the grinder by the Baby Boomers’ selfishness and carelessness. Our kids inherit a polluted, climate-changed planet, and they’re desperate for the hope that Bernie’s “A Future to Believe In” platform provides. It’s not just about the excitement of the rally and the thousands cheering on Bernie in large university arenas that provides hope; it’s the man himself.  Young and old connect with Bernie because he gives us the truth, straightup and unvarnished, and then he tells us how together we’ll make changes for the better and revive democracy in our great nation.

“Not Me Us” is one of Bernie’s trending hashtags online. It sums up his philosophy well. Together we are strong and caring. Together we can save our world. Together we can work to build a brighter future for all Americans and not just the handful who’ve been dipping their hands in the cookie jar and hoarding all the cookies for too long. Together we have hope.

Our champion doesn’t come riding in on a white stallion or even in a white luxury sedan – he comes to talk to us in person, and humbly asks for our support. We welcome him to our backyard barbecues with smiles and a cold beer. Folks who donate an average of $27 to a candidate can’t afford $353,400 tickets to fancy soirees with champagne and caviar and movie stars. We know we can’t afford to elect candidates who only want fame, power and more money for themselves, either. Fortunately, we have Bernie Sanders, a public servant who has served working Americans well through his long and distinguished career.

Bernie Sanders: A champion to believe in and a future to believe in. Somewhere up there you know FDR would be proud.

Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.


  • This article sums up what I felt when Bernie announced his candidacy in May. There was something very special about him. Since then, I never lost sight of him.

    • I agree with you, Stef. Once you hear Bernie speak and really, really listen to his words and hear the caring tone and passion in his voice, you are instantly on his side. You can’t wait to bring about the “political revolution” and return democracy to our shores!

  • Thank you, a very positive and factual account. It’s refreshing to read on a day when the Corporate media has shifted into high gear to try and influence the Wisconsin primary.

    • You’re welcome, Robin. It is sad that a handful of very wealthy corporate media owners are doing their best to keep the American electorate from finding out about Bernie Sanders’ message of “A Future to Believe In”. It seems these billionaires want to divide us up into warring factions so we won’t notice that they’re taking America’s wealth and squirreling it away in off shore tax havens. Will they even report on the “Panama Papers” ? You do wonder. But it’s high time we clean up our government and end these “trade agreements” that are nothing but fronts for shell companies so the 1% can avoid paying taxes.

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Cindy A Matthews

Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.