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We Are Not Living In A Democracy

Written by Cindy A Matthews

“We are not living in a democracy, my friends,” says California DNC Sanders delegate Ava Kennedy. “And this is why we are in the midst of a political revolution.”

Ava did not come to this conclusion lightly. Her experiences with the Democratic Party while helping the Bernie Sanders campaign in Nevada demonstrated this fact all too well. Her story: “I went to Reno, Nevada, in February to canvass for Bernie. As suggested by the Bernie campaign, I went to a training session by the (Democratic) Party to learn the Party rules and was present at a precinct caucus as an observer. There, on the precinct level, I saw the same behavior that we saw at the state convention.”

Ava witnessed a miscounted caucus result. When the Bernie precinct captains realized the caucus count was wrong, they went to ask for a recount from the precinct chair. However, the precinct chair (a Clinton supporter) quickly adjourned the meeting and told everyone to leave. “The Hillary delegates left as a group,” Ava noticed. “Most Bernie folks were like a deer in the headlights. What just happened?”

Since Ava attended the caucus only an observer, she wasn’t allowed to speak, but after the meeting was adjourned, the Berners talked to the precinct site leader, also a Clinton supporter. Then they sat down and made a recount. Ava recalls: “Turned out they had stuffed the vote with people that were not present saying they had ‘health emergencies’, but (they) kept getting the story confused about the nature of the health issues. In the end, since all the people were gone, we couldn’t prove that what should have been a 6-6 count was 7-5 in favor of Hillary.”

After her “alarming experience” at the Reno caucus, Ava was inspired to run as a delegate from California to the DNC. “To me, it was shocking that Hillary delegates were behaving this way. I would never do that for Bernie–nor would Bernie or his campaign ever ask me to. There is a major difference in integrity here,” Ava notes.

A Nevada judge ruled later that the Democratic Party as a “private organization” can do whatever it wants to in regard to running the Democratic Nevada caucus. The judge is setting a precedent that says that although Democratic candidates and the DNC itself accept matching federal dollars (taxpayer money), they are still legally allowed to bend the rules to achieve their desired result and may change the rules anytime without a majority vote. Essentially, there is no need for the Democratic Party to act democratically. The party cannot be held accountable for its actions to the unsuspecting public who vote in a Democratic caucus or primary–or even to its own members.

“This ‘private organization’ is deciding our next president,” Ava points out. “Is this what we teach our children? This is why so many have conceded that they have no influence in government, so they have stepped away from political involvement? Glassy-eyed, we have accepted the dominance of the powers that be, calling it a democracy.”

Ava Kennedy and other witnesses to the corruption of the Democratic Party in its running of the 2016 caucuses and primaries are speaking out and becoming active in the political revolution inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders. Americans of all political persuasions are fortunate to have such brave activists working hard to expose the lies and criminal activities of the entrenched establishment parties. Perhaps one day these revolutionaries’ actions will restore the voters’ faith in our political institutions.


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues–The Bernie Blog.


  • Yes, we must work for a revolution–so join and be sure to attend an August 24 livestream event to hear from Bernie about what we’ll be doing next to restore democracy to our “republic”. One thing Squirrel doesn’t mention is that political parties are NOT mentioned in our Constitution and weren’t considered essential. Both Washington and Adams called them “cabals” and despised them–rightfully so, it appears. Ordinary Americans don’t want a “private country club” telling them they can only choose between their elitist, corrupt candidates. We don’t want to vote for criminals. Most Americans are moral, honest and hard-working. We choose the greater good over the lesser of two evils. Luckily, there is still a candidate in the running who lives up to this lofty motto–Jill Stein, Green Party. The Greens will be on most–if not all (several court decisions still pending)–states’ ballots by November and can be written in if necessary. Check them out. There’s no need to give in to the amoral, criminal-loving, country club elitists’ candidates.

  • We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Democracy is direct control of the government by the people. A republic is representative democracy, which is what we have. The parties are both private organizations. All candidates knew the rules going in and should have said something then. When the process has played itself out and you are unhappy by the result, that’s just what happens. Our system gave up Trump and Hillary (I am for voting FOR Hillary, I think she is more qualified than Bernie) but the changes that need to be made need to start at the local level.

    • “We are not a democracy, we are a republic” is one of the oldest excuses put forth by defenders of the corruption which ruins so many of our lives. You can tell me that we are a adfjhdkdfgkjgsedfkjgudic, and NOTHING changes for me: I will still insist that the few living at the expense of the many is wrong, that the needs of the many (AND the few) must be met, and that the voice of the people must not be brushed aside by oligarchs and establishment figures, no matter what they call themselves or what pretexts they use. Words don’t fix problems. Solutions do.

  • The only vote wasted is one not used,,,, (Ask Mickey Mouse He’s a registered Dem In Ohio) Ted Cruz said vote your conscience, I wouldn’t vote for Cruz, But it’s the only advice or idea that I’ve heard From Dems or Reps this cycle,,,, and if you actually have a conscience, The Donald and Queen Hillary shouldn’t be someone you’d thinking of voting for…. Democracy can be messy, But either of them are a disaster for America..

    • Exactly. To add to it: an even more wasted vote is one cast in support of our oppressors. No-one should ever vote for an establishment candidate (or party) again. The better alternatives are out there, and independents are now the largest voter block. We can shove these criminals aside if we merely vote our conscience (and litigate election fraud).

      • Yes, this is the year–this is THE presidential election to strike a blow for freedom of choice. Independent voters hold all the cards–candidates need to come to us and convince us they are worthy of our vote. We have choices and most aren’t plugged in solely to the mainstream media. They know there are other parties and other candidates out there. We’re in a good position to elect people we can actually trust and get legislation passed to kill the evils of Citizens United and voter suppression and election fraud.

  • I and many of Bernie Sanders supporters will be voting in the general election in Nov. Not for Clinton, but against Trump. This is not the political revolution we had hoped for !!!

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Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.