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None of the above!

I find myself in the unexpected position of not supporting any of the potential candidates to be President. I have read all manner of articles and seen the debates, and I have absolutely no idea who would make the best – no, who would make a reasonably decent President! I don’t think any of them, Republican or Democrat have the gravitas to be Commander in Chief. It scares me to death at the thought of this much power being in the hands of any of the candidates. 

What happened to the USA this year?

Hillary has committed crimes; Bernie wants to make America into a Socialist country; Trump has no capacity for subtlety or reason; Cruz is shady and a bit creepy; and Kasich is so far behind, I don’t think he’s even relevant.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow in New York, and then we all can panic properly!

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  • I must politely disagree. Bernie Sanders wants to make America into a social democratic country like Germany or Denmark. If you believe those countries to be “Socialist”, you are falling for (and sadly repeating) the propaganda from our oligarchs. I came to the None of the Above stance myself years ago, but this year is different. Frustration and despair has at last energized the American People enough to give someone like Sanders a chance so he could then give us a chance once elected.

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