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The Media is the Check, to the Check and Balance System! Do your Job!

Written by William McCurrach

Good Morning World and Americans,

I wish to state a fact we all know, Yes, President Donald J. Trump, does have the right to fire FBI Director Comey, that has never been the question since he did so. The real question is, why did he fire him, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, please!

Trump did not fire Comey for the reasons he stated, he did fire Comey because of the following things:

1) Comey refused to bend or kneel to King Trump and state his Loyalty!

2) Comey would not stop the Russia/ Trump Collusion Investigation or promise not to go after Trump and his cast of characters who worked on his team to get him elected.

3) Trump wants the investigation stopped period and his trail of the firings he has done prove that alone.

4) Trump painted Comey as an incompetent, show boat and glory hound, Comey was none of those, he even said he wanted no publicity or involvement with the news. The truth is Trump doesn’t like anyone who says no to his loyalty pledge or who does not kiss his ass, and he hates anyone who is smarter than him period. Trump has mental problems and should be evaluated by professional Doctors for mental illness. Ten to one says he will never allow himself to be examined or evaluated by Medical Professionals in Mental HealthCare.

5) Trump and his White House Staff have been avoiding questions and refusing to give honest answers from day one and far before he was elected. The fact of the matter is folks, Trump has a belief, he is King Trump and he may do and say as he pleases and he sure as hell hates it when people tell him no. If Congress does nothing to Stop Trump than America will fall in prestige and honor and more in the world. It is sad, and disgusting in my personal opinion, that such a man got elected or could have ever been elected to the Presidency.

6) I will tell you the world this, remember Richard Nixon, remember his denials, remember his lies. remember his impeachment! Now look at Trump’s actions, his lies and prepare for his Impeachment and removal too, if he hangs on to finish his four years, it will be very surprising to me. He lies like no one before his to the American people and gets away with it because too many media people are afraid of him and how he will attack back. I have no media position to lose folks or any job to lose and any so-called dignity or reputation as the media does, so I can speak and tell you, Trump should not be allowed to destroy, Health Care, for all, Health Care for women, he should not be allowed to hire people he knows to build his famous wall between Mexico and America. He should not be allowed to lie to Americans period. He should be stopped from destroying Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare too.!

Are Americans blind or just lost and in what I call a La De Da DA state? Do you really believe just because Trump could build towers and buildings he can run a country, I don’t. He has done nothing so far and it will stay the same until he leaves office. We will only get Executive Orders out of this man, he has no idea how to write a bill or law and how to get it through the House and Senate so he can sign it, into law, so Executive Orders is it folks.

January 20th, 2017, will go down in history as the beginning of the end of America and we are starting to fall, just as so many great empires before us. We are currently following the same patterns of, the Aztec. The Incas, The American Indians, and The Romans and even The Nazi regime, in the past. Self-destruction by foolishness, stupidity and ignorance and no one stopping the leader who is leading the blind and deaf, to the end of all!

If Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the election folks, would you have let her fire the one investigating her and said nothing? Would you have allowed her to kill women’s rights to abortion and health care they needed? Would you have allowed her to stop investigations into herself and get away with it all? Would you have allowed her and her staff and people to collude and talk to the Russians and help her beat Trump to win the Presidency? Hell no, you wouldn’t, so don’t allow Trump to get away with it and continue his walk through his four years on t he Presidency and do as he pleases, rein in the President, and make him answer all the questions and get the truth. If the media doesn’t go after the truth in every case, then it is failing to do the job it was intended to do. We are a country based on checks and balances as I have heard so many politicians and media people say and one of those checks to balance it all, is the media itself, do your job Media, dig, find the truth dig until Trump is out of office and impeached!

William. M. McCurrach

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William McCurrach

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