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Love Trumps Hatred

Love Trumps Hatred


In my view, the best phrase Bernie Sanders has coined on the campaign trail so far is this: Love trumps hatred. Bernie is perhaps the only candidate who addresses the issue of compassion. He consistently focuses upon the morality of our political decisions and the consequences they have on our country and others.


Another one of Bernie’s recurring phrases is “I disagree,” and it has more to do with love trumps hatred than you might think at first. It’s in the part of Bernie’s speech where he lists some politicians’ ideas of what family values mean. Bernie doesn’t think it’s a family value to deny adequate health care to any American. He doesn’t think it’s a family value to cut back Social Security benefits for the elderly or disabled. Telling veterans they can’t receive benefits so they become homeless upon their return from war with a mental illness or addiction isn’t a family value. Bernie states firmly “I disagree!” with cutting programs that help hungry and hurting people because to do so is immoral. Immorality isn’t a family value.


The United States is the richest country in the history of the world, and yet we spend trillions on endless warfare while ignoring the hurt our fellow citizens and innocent bystanders may suffer because of it. It’s not like we can’t afford to provide health care, food and housing for our people – we can. We simply choose not to. For example, we allow lobbyists for the military industrial complex to buy off our elected representatives so they in turn can lobby for endless war and corporate tax breaks. Ending childhood hunger isn’t deemed as important as bombs, drones and CEOs’ bonuses.


Bombs and bonuses aren’t family values. They don’t express compassion for our neighbor’s welfare, but hatred. They celebrate the love of making money to line the pockets of a select few. Bernie Sanders points out how it is the choice to put corporations’ profits above the welfare of the public that is immoral, and we have every right to choose the moral option instead. We can choose charity above selfishness.


When love trumps hatred it actually saves money and lives. Building schools and spending money on education prevents lives lost to unemployment and despair, which means fewer lives lost to jails and incarceration. Investing in Americans’ training creates a more competitive workforce, bringing about better trade opportunities. The private prison industry has created heartache for thousands of families while billionaire owners rake in profits. It has created a society where you can be arrested for “driving while black” in order for your state to fill its quota of inmates promised to corporate owners. It has created an atmosphere of distrust and ruined Americans’ sense of community, our sense of family. It has created a destructive us vs. them mentality.


Immoral choices, such as allowing billionaires to profit from the suffering of others, is an example of hatred trumping love. It has to stop. Hatred of our neighbors because they’re a different race or religion isn’t a family value–it’s societal suicide. It isn’t a value most Americans cherish in their leaders, either. We’re fortunate Bernie Sanders is in the race because he sees how we’ve been destroying our communities–our entire country–through immoral choices. Together he says we’ll restore peace and justice for all. With Bernie’s leadership, America stands a chance of becoming the more perfect union it was meant to be.


Because when love trumps hatred we all win.


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.


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Cindy A Matthews

Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.