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Live Ballot: A Voter’s Guide

Millennials on iPhones
Written by Mary Anna Mancuso

In less than 25 days, Americans will head to the polls and vote for candidates to represent them either in the White House, Congress or at a local level, and in this year’s election, many people are feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused as to what to expect when it comes to their ballots. Cue Democracy Live, the nation’s leading cloud-balloting technology firm in the United States. Democracy Live has created an app called LiveBallotLiveBallot is a social-balloting technology that offers registered voters a digital replica of the ballot they will see at the polls, along with candidate bios, contact information, and links to recent news articles about them. Allowing voters to see their ballot before heading to the polls encourages a more-informed electorate, which has the ability to translate into a higher voter turnout.

For a cell phone-driven electorate, who are obsessed with apps, social media, and being tethered to their iPhones (read: millennials), LiveBallot solves the problem of “who am I voting for and what do they stand for?” Aside from providing a candidate line up, the user has the ability to research each candidate, and learn about special interest groups and whom they have endorsed. LiveBallot also has information on ballot initiatives and, for states such as California and Florida, being able to learn more about amendments ahead of Election Day is sure to be invaluable for voters. 

As Americans have come to realize in this cycle, content is king and technology is the vehicle, which voters use to find more information. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google, voters are furiously hunting for information, as they try to make sense of the 2016 election cycle. Apps like LiveBallot make it easier for millennials to learn about candidates and key issues. Since millennials make up a large portion of the electorate, knowing where candidates stand on various issues is extremely important in this cycle, especially since their policies will affect Americans for the next 20-30 years. 

While LiveBallot wants to target all voters, millennials have quickly become early adopters. The millennial generation came of age in a technology-driven world and is currently using LiveBallot to stay informed in the most unbiased way possible. Electing a new president has never been more confusing and, for voters, who have been inundated with information about candidates and their platforms, LiveBallot brings a calm to the storm of the 2016 election, by silencing the echo chamber of tweets, emails, and snaps that have flooded iPhone notifications since last year. 

It is important to note that the election of 2016 will be remembered not only as an outlier, but also as one where candidates and their campaigns were driven by technology and, as a result, exhausted voters long before Election Day had arrived. On the bright side, the ability to swipe left on pesky notifications of 3am tweets and open an app that houses everything ever needed to know about this election is truly priceless. God bless technology and the people at Democracy Live for taking the guesswork out of voting and allowing voters to take a break from trying to keep up with the 24-hour election cycle.


Mary Anna Mancuso, Political Strategist and Founder of PoliticalHype.com. She is a regular contributor to Political Storm.


  • I also think this is great so voters are more informed on local candidates as well, since the media has been paying attention to the presidential candidates almost exclusively. Bravo LiveBallot!

  • I think the idea of a LiveBallot really represents how technology should be used, as a device for change and innovation. Hopefully, this idea sparks more twentysomethings to vote and stay engaged in the election. I think this could cause younger voters to actually understand who they are voting for instead of just falling into whoever there friends or family may be supporting.

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Mary Anna Mancuso

Mary Anna Mancuso is the founder of Politicalhype.com, a conservative blog focusing on Florida and National politics from a Millennial perspective.

Mancuso most recently, worked on Lindsey Graham’s presidential campaign as a social media strategist. During the 2014 election cycle, Mancuso was the Digital Director for Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s reelection campaign. In 2012, Mancuso served as Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Connie Mack’s U.S. Senate campaign in Florida; where she was in charge of the campaign’s social media efforts. As a result of her efforts in the social media space Mancuso was named one of Florida’s up and coming conservatives by the top political blog in Florida, “The Shark Tank.” Mancuso has a strong background in communications and social media. She has worked at the New York Bureau of Fox News and NBC-Universal. In 2009 Mancuso worked as the Deputy Communications Director for the Republican party of Virginia where she launched their digital platform for the state party.