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The Latest Brexit Win!

Number Ten last night announced the appointment of Sir Tim Barrow a day after the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers from the position of EU Ambassador.  It’s a total enigma to me how Sir Ivan kept his position for so long!  He is very pro-EU and has made no secret of his support of it. How could the government have expected someone with those views to negotiate competently on behalf of the UK to get as much from the EU as possible?

Despite the fact that his supporters have hailed his resignation as a disaster for the UK, many others have pointed out that his private opinions should not have been made public, and that his resignation will pave the way for a more thorough approach to leaving the EU.  He is totally establishment minded and loves everything about EU.  This person should not have been allowed to even start the Brexit negotiations!

The UK will have a huge amount of work to do in exiting from the EU, and in negotiating trade deals with it, so I hope Sir Tim will take us forward with strength and resolve, and more than that…. with some good old-fashioned national pride in the UK.  Only this pride and belief in our ability to thrive outside the EU will result in success for our economy.  It is not enough to just pay it lip service.

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