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James Comey Returns to Washington

Written by William McCurrach

June 8th, 2017, James Comey comes to Congress and it’s Investigation Panels to present his case for what happened to him when President Trump fired him, what led to his firing, what was said and not said, and who is telling the truth James Comey or President Trump? Yet make no mistake folks, you will be looking at political drama, but when you watch this, make sure you realize that Congress is controlled by one party right now The Republicans, and you can bet your ass, the Republicans, will be out to protect their party and their President. These hearing will be colored by bias and by politics in every way, will James Comey get to state the facts as he knows them without being intimidated by the Republicans with times and reputations in Congress? What will really come of these hearings and is it really rigged by the Republican Party in such a way, that they will allow Comey to have his say, yet they know nothing will they do to President Trump because they don’t want to take Trump down and will do anything they can to protect him? Is James Comey telling the truth and if he is, is Trump as naive and inexperienced, as he sounds, or did he really try to obstruct justice in the Michael Flynn case?  If Trump did ask Comey to drop the case and take it easy on Flynn, how far did he go and did he overstep his power and position or use his position as President to control or scare, or intimidate and obstruct justice?

This day will be watched by the world on Television, and it is the biggest stage in the world, for all to see, all countries will be watching to see if the Republicans will go to what lengths to keep Trump in office and avoid any charges being brought against him. Europe will watch folks, Africa, Japan, China, Russia, and all the Mid-East nations, all observing how Congress, the Republicans, and The Democrats handle a President who oversteps his bounds and does an American President have a right to pressure or to try to persuade a Director of The F.B.I , or any other Justice Department Organization? What right did Trump have to fire the F.B.I Director, on what basis and was it legal, and if it was, don’t you tink at least a little bit, it is strange for a President to fire the man investigating him? I know I do, some of it may be boring to hear, but what you are about to see on television and in front or the world is the argument of one man versus another and the powers of the Presidency versus the rights of the people. So I would watch carefully, for if what Comey is professing and saying if true will point us to a corrupt President, once more in American History and it will take many of us back to The Nixon Era! Sadly, America made mistakes in choosing a President and now we must face the consequences of it, and go thru the process necessary process to clear rit up. Let’s see what happens folks, who is right, or wrong or breaking the law or lying, lets see if America elected a President of character or one without it!

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