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It is Rape!


It is no strange topic to the news and Jamaican society in recent times. One of the most talked about topic is that of molestation, assault, and rape. Not many talk about it, and it makes others cringe. It makes me disheartened and sick to my stomach when I hear about all the alleged rape cases. One would ask, “how is it that everybody start raping all of a sudden?” That’s not really it, it has been happening a long time ago, it is happening, but persons are just talking and knowing about it. It is like an epidemic; every week, another person victimized by rape! Most uncomfortable!

Now, you see, what I have a problem with is the definition of rape. I am not certain if the Jamaican rape law is similar to other countries, but all I know is, there needs to be a change. The Jamaican law defines rape, under the Sexual Offences Act, as “penetration of the vagina of one person by the penis of another person”. Say what now? When I check the dictionary on my phone, the definition of rape is from the early 14th Century, which is defined as “the taking of someone by force, seizure and plunder”. Another definition states that it is “the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will.” So you mean to tell me, according to the laws of Jamaica, if it doesn’t involve a penis or vagina, it is not rape? Absurd! That is utter rubbish! A known West Indian writer even says that if a man thrusts his penis into a girl’s mouth without her consent or a man penetrates a girl’s vagina by another object, it is not rape. If I laugh! This really cannot be serious! It is also said that a boy cannot be raped. Tell me now, what do you mean boys cannot be raped? Oh sorry, it is buggery. My bad. Persons who commit these offences usually get a lesser sentence than if they were to rape a girl. Anal penetration is also not considered as rape! Big surprise! This is so funny to the point where it is not funny at all. If a man decides to force a bottle into a girl’s or woman’s vagina, it is not rape? Ha! The stupidity!

Rape is rape! I strongly believe that the Jamaican law needs to be altered, amended, something! When a woman is raped, oops, sexually assaulted, she is left feeling stripped, scarred and filthy; all of her dignity is taken away from her. What do you tell her then? It was just a little sex. It was just an assault attack. It wasn’t rape. It wasn’t rape? It is rape! Whatever it is, whether persons want to accept it or not, RAPE is RAPE!2e14d66f22ebcf87da_vvm6bnk26


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A 2nd year Criminal Justice major at the Northern Caribbean University, hoping to become a Criminal Investigator in the near future.