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Is This “The End” of the DNC?

Bernie Sanders
Written by Cindy A Matthews

“I’ve been a Democrat for over forty years–but no more,” begins an all too common response to an online polling question posed to progressives about what party (if any) respondents identify with.

“Turning down Keith Ellison as DNC chair proves they don’t want to change their corporate ways, so it’s goodbye and good riddance from me.” Another commentator stated, “Either the Democrats reform into a progressive party or they will be en route to the dustbin of history. Hello Whigs.”

These voters are not alone in their disdain of the modern Democratic Party. Other respondents gave similar answers, some not quite so polite in their phrasing. A deep sense of betrayal is a common theme. “The Dems ceased to be the party of FDR and the working class as soon as he was cold in the grave,” is another often-repeated riposte, as is, “They became ‘Republican-lite’ in the ’90s and have never gone back, so neither will I.”

Many union supporters expressed the opinion that they no longer find a warm welcome in Democratic Party circles, if they’re not willing to write checks to the DNC for large amounts. They feel they’ve received very little consideration for all the time, money, and effort they’ve given to the party over the years. In spite of their support for a party which is supposedly “pro-union,” their jobs have been outsourced overseas. They’ve witnessed two Democratic presidents support NAFTA, the TPP, and other trade agreements which favor CEOs’ golden parachutes over workers’ wages and keeping jobs in the United States.

Issues which affect struggling Americans and their families are seen to have taken a backseat to giving perks to corporations by the DNC. Sanders surrogate, former State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio, has stated that the Democratic Party is no longer the “party of everyday people.” “The Pharma 13”–thirteen Democratic senators who voted against Bernie Sanders’ bill to lower prescription drug prices the first time it was introduced– is given as an example of how out of touch the Democratic Party is with what is important to ordinary Americans. “How are we supposed to believe the Dems are for the ‘little guy’ if all they do is throw big fundraisers with corporate lobbyists and give paid speeches to Wall Street banksters?” remarks one observant progressive. “Some even approve of Trump’s outrageous cabinet appointees.”

More and more, ordinary voters do not see themselves mirrored in the Democratic Party, particularly its leadership. Former DNC chairs Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s and Donna Brazile’s actions to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders in favor of their chosen candidate Hillary Clinton (as revealed in Wikileaks’ postings of DNC emails) left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Responses when asked to why they don’t support the Democratic Party express anger over how justice was not served when the DNC chose not to punish Schultz or Brazile for their unethical behaviors.

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, as the new DNC chair, is seen as the perfect puppet for the party’s “corporate wing.” Bernie Sanders recommended progressive Congressman Keith Ellison for the chairman’s position and, then, President Obama (a supporter of the TPP) tapped Perez on the shoulder and asked him to run against Ellison. Almost immediately after taking the chairmanship, Perez overturned the “Obama rule” of not accepting large donations by lobbyists. “If Perez even knows what it means to be ‘progressive,’ then I have some swampland in New Mexico to sell you,” sums up one respondent’s sentiment.

Will the latest attempt to change the DNC from the inside to a more progressive party catch on? Similar to the “Berniecrats,” who ran for office in November 2016, the “Justice Democrats” are progressive challengers running to take back seats at all levels of government. The real question many progressives have is whether these candidates will be allowed to go unchallenged by “corporate Dems.”

“The money and the organization go with the person who kisses up the most to leadership. They’ll leave the progressive candidate out to dry,” is the common consensus of how well Justice Democrats will do when faced with corporate Dem challengers. Some note that “progressives who want to run for office should join the Green Party because there they will be welcomed with open arms.”

Unless Bernie Sanders or others start a new third party which appeals to progressive voters, then joining the Green Party could be the best route for these progressive candidates. The Democratic Party seems to have lost its way–and many of its supporters–and its recent actions give no indication they desire to be the party of “FDR and the working class” ever again. The hashtags #DemExit and #GreenEnter are trending for a very good reason. Progressives, who see the end of the Democratic Party, are jumping ship and setting sail with a party going their way, the Greens.


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues blog:


  • REMOVED I stated the simple truth: the Democrats opted for identity politics, a coalition of blacks, marginalized groups like gays, and illegals, promising amnesty and open borders (and yes, illegals voted in droves). In doing so they distanced themselves from their traditional base of mainly white working voters.
    There is nothing racist about stating the obvious.
    As for guns, every prominent Democrat politician- Obama, Clinton, Biden, Warren, etc., voiced support for the type of mass confiscation of legally owned firearms that occurred in Britain and Australia. The Left WILL take the guns if they can.
    Whatever the Democrats try to do to expropriate corporate America will simply result in the costs being passed on to the rest of us. Expropriation only works when it is exercised against those without power: the middle class, people like myself.
    You “progressives” can wallow in your fantasy of sticking it to the Man, particularly the White Man. Working folks clearly went in another direction last fall.

  • I agree that progressives aren’t particularly welcomed in the DNC right now. The Dems love their corporate paymasters too much. They’re “Republican-lite” so they’re pretty much the same party, right? But going on about “the blacks, the gays, the illegals, etc.” just sounds like you’re a first class racist, rgath. REMOVED I’ve met your type before–you’ll be the first without health care under Trumpcare, too, but you’ll be blaming “the blacks, the gays, the illegals” and anyone else for it instead of placing blame where it rests–on YOU who voted for the orange-faced billionaire Trumpolini.
    You’re your own worse enemy, rgath. REMOVED You’ve been played by the alt-right and the Heritage Foundation. Guess what? Jesus wasn’t “white”, either! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • I’m also working class, and I know there’s no such thing as ‘free stuff’ – but there is such a thing as fair distribution of wealth. I’ve paid enough taxes in my time and I want to see that money used for the betterment of the majority, not the .1%. And since RGQATH has raised his blatantly racist rant about “blacks, gays, illegals, everybody with a grievance,” why REMOVED not? Why REMOVED Not? How many centuries have those minorities been persecuted? Do you seriously imagine those people DON’T have a grievance after all they’ve suffered? Why shouldn’t they and all others who’ve suffered at the hands of Rich Old White Men get a share of the wealth? Including YOU, RGATH.

    And by the way, you right wingers always claimed Obama would “come for your guns.” When did he do that? Did he ever do that? No, so spare us your 2nd Amendment REMOVED! The Founding Fathers made the right to free speech the 1st Amendment the FIRST because they held it to be far more important than owning a gun.

    There is such a thing as fair distribution of wealth. Corporations pay zero taxes – in fact they get subsidies that would make a Roman emperor jealous. Those subsidies come out of OUR TAXES. If capitalism is so freakin’ wonderful why the hell do these parasites need a handout from public money? They squirrel the money away in offshore accounts. According to Bloomberg there’s now $37 TRILLION in offshore accounts as of today. That’s enough to give each and every United States citizen over $100K. Imagine what YOU could do with that money.

    It’s not just Republicans who fawn over the rich, it’s the so-called Democratic party too. We now have the spectacle of President #45 and his cronies with their noses deep in the trough. #45 has gutted services to the elderly, including many military veterans, to give yet more money to the rich REMOVED who are ruining the country and the world. Meals on Wheels costs less money in a YEAR than #45’s weekly jaunt down to Mar a Largo. Let that sink in for a moment.

    I am a Progressive, I’m proud of it, and by God I’ll call them out on this!

  • I’m “working class”. I won’t have anything to do with the Democrats, but not for the reasons stated in the above article.
    -The Democrats have gone all in on identity politics: blacks, gays, illegals, everybody with a grievance. There is no room for working families in that coalition.
    -The Democrats, and the loonies to the Left of them, advocate Free Stuff as the road to power. Those of us who actually work and produce know that Stuff isn’t Free.
    -The Democrats and the loonies to the Left of them, given power, will take my income, my property, my guns, and my freedom to be left in peace to work for my family.

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