I’ll have Freedom of Speech please.



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I have been patiently making my way through the (literally) hundreds of articles, radio talk shows, news broadcasts etc. which have been produced following Trump’s victory, waiting for something to click as to why this is SUCH a major event! 

Elections have been won and lost over the decades by Democrats and by Republicans, probably in equal-ish measure, but never before has there been such outcry as to the result. I am still dumbfounded that people have taken to the streets to express their fear and resentment of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

People on the Left have lost the plot, and in doing so, have themselves become the thing they profess to hate. They have become the ones wanting to prevent freedom of speech and democracy. They have been calling Trump a Nazi, and accusing him of promoting hatred and divisiveness, it is actually the liberals who are dividing the Nation, and promoting hatred towards anyone who dares to think differently to them. The behavior towards Trump and his supporters makes me think of a communist regime where people are telling you not to be a certain way, or think certain things, or vote for certain people.

Why do liberals think that only their viewpoints are correct, and that any other views are wrong and stupid?

For example, liberals are labeling people as racist if they support the controlling of illegal immigration. Sam Steven’s article on Political Storm today points out that one of Obama’s accomplishments of his time in office is that he deported more illegal immigrants than any other president before him.

Why doesn’t that make Obama a racist? Why is it only racist if Republicans want to deport illegals? I really don’t understand this. 

Liberals fail to see the irony of many of their viewpoints. For example, their overwhelming support for the LGBT community, while simultaneously showing unquestioning support of Islam – a faith which puts women and homosexuals at about the same level as livestock! How can this attitude equate to liberal thinking? It’s so utterly opposite to anything liberal that it’s laughable.

There seems to be no middle ground for listening to another side of the argument. I’m sure your parents taught you that there are always two sides to every story…. this is also the case in politics, and in every other situation facing us in everyday life. I hereby challenge the liberal left to start listening, and maybe…. just maybe, they might learn something.