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What happens now?

As a registered member of the community you have the ability to contribute to Political Storm in several ways, each of which is explained below.

 Comment, Converse & Debate

Get involved and have your say.

When viewing any article, scroll to the bottom and write a comment. Tell us if you agree or disagree – either one is all we hope for.

Why not give that a try.

 Create a Blog Article

At Political Storm you can really get your voice out there. You can write and publish your very own opinion right here on the site – short or long piece it’s up to you. Other members will be able to vote and comment, agree or disagree, enjoy a conversation on your blog.

To get started, simply click the [ New ] article button in the top navigation above, or if you are on a mobile device or iPhone, click the [ ] icon.

 Share Content with Storm Chaser

Lastly, if you come across a great article on another site that you just have to share with everyone here, you can use the Storm Chaser tool for that (see below).


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to the Storm?

Introducing STORM CHASER

A fast and easy way to share news and articles and get content into the political storm, so other readers can find it and comment too. For example, using Storm Chaser you can:

  • Share a headline and excerpt from a blog or political news site
  • Share a tweet from Twitter

Storm Chaser even captures information on the source website and provides attribution.

You will be shown a preview first – edit at this point, then publish.

Storm Chaser from your Desktop

Drag the Storm Chaser bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar of your browser (sometimes called the favorites bar)

When you are on a blog or news site and you want to share the content on Political Storm, click Storm Chaser and the preview editor will open.

Add your own comments and context.

Either save as a draft if you want to edit later, or click publish to make it live now.

Storm Chaser

How can I display a photo as my User avatar

When browsing different web sites, you may notice that many users have a picture next to their name. These pictures are called “avatars”. Political Storm uses a specific type of avatar called “Gravatars” short for Globally Recognized Avatars. Unlike standard avatars, Gravatars follow you around the web and automatically appear when you post a comment on a site that supports Gravatars.

To create a Gravatar visit and register using the same email address that you used on Political Storm.  As part of the process you will upload a photo and connect it to your Gravatar account and, after a short delay, your Gravatar will display on Political Storm.


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