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Written by Jon Danzig

Many Brexiters and anti-EU commentators predicted that far-right candidate, Norbert Hofer, would win the Austrian presidential election. They were wrong. They predicted that far-right candidate, Geert Wilders, would win in the Dutch general election. They were wrong. They predicted that far-right candidate, Le Pen, would win the French presidential election today. They were wrong.
Brexit campaigners have predicted that the EU is about to collapse. We don’t think so. The EU27 are united; no EU government, apart from the UK, is planning to leave the EU, or even to offer a referendum on leaving the EU. The EU27 are unanimously united in their strategy and resolve on the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

It would suit the Brexit agenda for the EU to collapse. But that would not be in anyone’s interests. In any event, their ‘project fear’ about the EU is simply to help them to justify their Brexit message. The EU is the world’s biggest, richest trading bloc, and the world’s biggest exporter and importer. There are problems in the EU, nobody can deny that, but we believe the EU will survive, and thrive.

We cannot be so certain about Britain’s future outside the EU. We are shunning our trade and friendship with our closest neighbours, on our continent, with whom we rely on for 50% of our trade. How can that be a good thing?

Many Brexiters have called us traitors for continuing to campaign for Britain’s membership of the EU. On the contrary. We are patriots, and believe it’s our duty to speak up when we can see perils ahead for our country. Brexit represents a catastrophic danger for Britain, likely to make our country poorer and less influential.

In just 32 days Britain will have its own election, called three years earlier than legally stipulated, because of a weak and insecure government and Prime Minister.

On 8 June we have an opportunity to reject the hard Brexit Theresa May is planning for us, and possibly to reject Brexit altogether. It is likely to be our last opportunity to have a vote on the future of Brexit.

Jon Danzig, Reasons2Remain

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