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FIREGATE! Putin Fires Trump in G20 Meeting, Drops Hot Story

Written by Robin Morris


Putin TellsTrump, “You’re Fired!

Komprimat in Meeting form Reason for Trump’s Fear of Putin.

A Bonfire of smoking guns.

Put Them Out!

by Blue Morris 4/11/2017


The NY Times story on the May 2016 meeting at Trump Tower IS the smoking gun. The search has ended. Put it in a plastic bag and seal off the area.

Jared Kushner needs to LOSE HIS SECURITY CLEARANCE RIGHT NOW. He can solve all those world problems from somewhere that blackmailed Globalist Cucks don’t reside. Somewhere far from the White House. When we get this crew out, that will be the unblackening. They have stained our history and played with our freedom. At least one angry meeting in the Oval can now be imagined…Trump, blathering on about his worries, perhaps being asked by Bannon or Miller or Priebus why he cant man up against Putin. They are not globalists, there might prefer him to hew a path that avoids a lot of rubbing shoulders with world powers, they have their own sick agenda to roll out. Authoritarianism. Now they find out that Trump’s kids and Manafort are compromised bigly. And because they know and are not telling the FBI, they are now implicated after the fact. One can imagine Bannon yelling Lalala I cant hear you, as Trump describes the fatal meeting that set them up for blackmail.  I could be wrong about all this. But that would explain why Bannon didn’t lose to Kushner, he had dirt on him too now, and why Bannon told someone that Kushner would soon have too many Russia related problems, so he was no threat. Or Bannon got this from say Roger Stone, or “Guccifer2, of that fabled fat guy on his bed…he really exists, very talented, probably didn’t do this one, but he’s got hella movies..

Ron Goldstone sat at his desk- his rock star wasn’t selling, and he needed a new attraction…He thought how he met Trump at the Miss Universe pageant. How Trump and his rock star’s dad were pals- maybe he could arrange to do some agent work for those people and see if there was anything he could get going. He dictated a letter to Donald Trump, Jr, who he found in his rolodex. He called his lawyer friend and said, hey, whats some komprimat on Donald Trump worth? Lady: You have? Goldstone. Just an idea. Would you do a meeting with Trump’s son in NY? Sure she says, if price is right. Whats up? Ima get them to come by saying we got dirt on Clinton” “Do we” says Layer lady. Maybe. But we want to make deal. Trump makes deals. Why not give Uncle Vlad present, Trump kids in a box- komprimat? Hmmmmmm she says.

They sat in a room in Trump Tower in NYdiscussing how they might scratch one another’s backs. Was there a deal in the works? Could a big deal be struck in Trump Tower without the approval of the boss? Hmmm. You decide.


Russian Lawyer Lady…” if we just repealed this Magnitsky Act, later on, when we are President, taking off these silly sanctions that were raised for human rights violations, and the ones maybe for Ukraine Invasion, we give you also dirt on Hilary. And of course there is oil to drill. Big Dirt.

”Oh  I love it, “said Don Jr, “Let;s do it. Whats this Magillicuddy Act? Speak loudly please, said Russian lawyer lady . I think i …got a bug in my ear and it affects my hearing…haha and FBI always bug you, right?” Don Jr, smirking and yawning, looked over at Jared . Jared was impassive. He seemed to be thinking deeply. He asked, “Say are there any more of those crispy caviar things?”

Manafort was also quiet. He had to be there. They had plenty komprimat on him already. After that day, the boys, having caught their dad up on their Globalist coup, which could reshape the alliances of the planet (were they sniffing coke or something? I mean…this is heady stuff when youv’e only been in politics for  a few months.) Anyhow…from this this day forward, lil Donny, big Paul, and Jared the Boy Wonder are BLACKMAILED. They may have even known it then. Jared fled the room , according to Don Jr, said he was only there a few minutes. Maybe a last ditch try at keeping that security clearance. Like a lot of things Putin, that meeting was poison. Anyone there, or who heard about it and didn’t tell, could be caught up in the web.. Too late. And no one, none of them called the FBI. Because this was going to sink their campaign.. And to think Jared has a possibly bigger problem. He goes around like his pop in law used to, looking for ANYONE to bail him out- his 500million dollar fortune wiped put by one unfortunate roll of the dice. Not fair. Trump feels sorry for him,. But mostly Don Senior fears Putin. Because even though the Peepee tape and other things could be dropped, if they exist,  in the back of his head under all that stuff is the knowledge of the smoking gun. That dumbass meeting they took where Putin set him up.

Then at G20; in that inexplicably sealed room, Putin made his final demand . This was the balloon payment that big Don could not come up with. Whatever was said in that meeting, we will never know. Unless perhaps Tillerson mumbles it on his deathbed like Dutch Schultz, never to be believed… Perhaps the final deadline was reached. That would explain why over 2 hours passed and there was little spoken of that could be retold by either party.

Putin: This is it, Donald, your Excellency. Pay up. You are going down anyway my friend. Help me help you. I don’t want to drop story on fabled meeting with lawyer and your sons, and they are very nice looking boys by the way, I like them. But please your highness, haha just kiddin, you have no power, no political capital left . Your money cant save you now. We tried to help, to make the world better for our kind of people, but you talk, you tweet, you gave away the store. Poor Trump. If you went to KGB school you would not be such a fool.. We drop story. Its over. And thank you, thank you for a very productive meeting.

Trump and his Secretary of State got up and left. This isn’t fake news, by the way. Its an imaginative reconstruction of what is likely to have been said on the elephant in the room. Not, “Did you hack our elections,Vladimir?” But “We need more time, you know, on the “Weekend Research Project,” the one we set up at that meeting. We can’t just drop any sanctions right now, there’s all this pressure!” Lavrov: But you told us pressure was off, you were going to take charge, you fired Mr Comey so lower the pressure, right? Haha. He was nut job, right? I have good memory Trump. I remember all my meetings . How Bout you? Tillerson: Ah jus wanna say that we should move along- just forget whatever this meeting was and be friends. You remember Vlad, Im your pal! A friend of the Russian People! Cmon les drink a shot an forget all this pressure talk. Im getting a ulcer dammit. Trump: Shut up Rex yer fired. He’s a nut job too, you guys. Don’t trust him! Suddenly, the door opens, its… Melanie, OK Donnie? You OK Is thirty six minutes! Trump :Not now sweetie. Were fine. Call Gary Tell him its happening. Melanie frowns and dips out.

Now, a little later , the promised story, the one that really will not ever become FAKE NEWS, the really BIGTIME story, is that the blackmail has been delivered. Published. Perhaps, for Trump, the pressure will go down now. Not likely.

There has been has been a lot of talk of “boiling frogs” lately, a better metaphor is that you can cook a lobster that way- put him in cold salted water, then the water gets hotter, he falls asleep and never returns except as dinner.  In this case, the water got kinda hot kinda fast after whatever day it was that Trump’s team realized they were all laboring under a vast cloud, not only of suspicion, but of threatened blackmail, stories that could kill their careers and haunt them always, that would put them as sad and dishonored figures in the history books.This crew that broke every rule should step aside and the Repubs should do a quick impeachment, Pence goes too- he knew far too much and lied about it…Paul Ryan is one of my least favorite people on earth, but he’s safe on a baseball diamond when Im around.  Because we need someone right NOW, Anyone, hell I’ll do it- just anyone good with some experience who is not soaked in Magnitsky’s blood. Put her, or him,  in the White House. Think how ironic it is that this fellow challenged the legitimacy of our duly elected president again and again. And is himself our first FAKE PRESIDENT. And strengthen our borders against the real threat. Those who would break our laws and finally enslave us. Thats whats important right now. Its all thats important in America today. Make America Great Again. Remove the Authorized Use of Military Force from Trump immediately. Use article 25 or impeach, but send the treacherous bandits on their way and do it now. Because we look WEAK, and CONFUSED, and STUPID right now. If this story doesn’t end Trump, they have plenty more. Imelda Marcos couldn’t drop this many shoes. Just think…50 years back, Watergate… Now, this- way worse way more threatening- this was not a RED SCARE- this was a near takeover from within. Believe it or not.

They almost got us…Trump will go down for multiple financial crimes. His sons may not be so lucky. They are traitors, the people in that room. And thats what has had him so scared.

Let me say something James Baldwin once wrote, from an old ahem negro spiritual…And I think it applies;

‘God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign, Ain’t no Water, Its the FireNext Time!

I take this as a sort of poetic, if not actual, prophecy…That this is indeed the fire that all the smoke was leading to. One only hopes better men, and women, than Trump and his lot may still keep a larger fire from ripping the sky. Because he surely knew about this all along. He is still under threat of further blackmail. And he has the Nuclear Codes. Interesting news cycle, to say the least.

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