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Fighting the Self-Serving Politics of Corruption and Fear

Written by Cindy A Matthews

Like many other Americans, I’m not by nature a “political person.” Before this past year, I’d say I voted regularly and served on juries, but the “game” of party politics didn’t interest me. (And, honestly, it still doesn’t.) People elected to public office are supposed to serve the public’s best interests, in my humble opinion. It’s that simple. Anything else is superfluous and unnecessary and potentially self-serving. If you can’t convince me while running for office that you are serious about helping your fellow man, then I can’t be bothered to support you.

This presidential election cycle, voters like me, who are practical-minded and well-informed on the issues, are bound to be disappointed by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The so-called two “major” parties of the U.S.A. have made no attempt to be all-inclusive or even willing to serve the people’s best interests. They seem to exist to serve only the one-percent’s interests. Voters have been offered two corporate puppets, neither of whom are seen as being honest or trustworthy, according to the mainstream polling concerns. The vast majority of Americans’ expectations to see honest, trustworthy representation in government have been flushed down the drain by the Democratic and Republican Parties’ intent only on winning their little “game,” no matter what the cost, financially or morally.

Thank goodness there are alternatives to these two self-serving political machines.

Some will say, “No, there are only two choices–Candidate Corruption or Candidate Fear,” but they’re wrong. They’re also wrong to think that by somehow voting for Candidate A you prevent Candidate B from winning. A mathematician can prove this to be a false assumption. This so-called “bifurcation fallacy” also ignores the fact that there are other candidates running for the White House, and their candidacies are every bit as legitimate as the corporate-owned and operated establishment parties’ candidates. Truth be told, voters aren’t forced to pick “the lesser of two evils” to preserve the greater good when there are third-party candidates in the race.

From what we heard on the streets of Philadelphia this past week, many progressives who were leaning toward Bernie Sanders are seriously considering throwing their support behind Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. Many stated they have already donated to her war chest and are sporting the Greens’ distinctive sun-filled logo on their t-shirts, hats, and signage, too. It’s a positive message of hope, putting the needs of the many above the greed of the few, a message of tackling the tough environmental issues of climate change, polluted air and water, and transitioning to clean green energy, as well as setting up single-payer universal health care for all Americans and stopping endless wars for profit. Dr. Stein has offered Bernie Sanders a place on the Green ticket and many are holding their breath to see if he’ll accept and blend his brand of progressivism with theirs. The Green Party National Convention will meet in Houston August 4 to 7, so we have only a few days to wait to see what will transpire.

To misquote Dickens, “It is the worst of times and it is the best of times” this presidential election cycle. The worst candidates belong to the Democratic and Republican parties. They are selling themselves on xenophobic, racist fear, in Mr.Trump’s case, and by condoning corruption (the State Department email server scandal and vote-rigging by her own party) on Mrs. Clinton’s part. Neither of these candidates give Americans much hope or instill much pride or confidence that they’ll serve their fellow citizens more than they’ll stuff their pockets with corporate cash, now do they?

But the best is yet to come when voters consider the alternatives, such as Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders, and vote for them–even if we have to write in their names on our ballots. Americans can take pride in the fact that they don’t have give in to bullying and scare tactics by the Democrats and Republicans. We the people can hold our heads high and vote our values and our consciences. We can make a lasting statement that we want our country and our world to survive and become a better place to live for our children and grandchildren.

We the people are strong enough to fight the game of fear and corruption politics. We can choose the greater good and tell the two “evils” to go home.

Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog. http://bernie2016.blogspot.com


  • Climate Change, Alliances and an end to capitalism.

    Here we go. It’s time for a change. A real change. For all life on earth. Climate Change is going to consume,us. War and hatred are going to consume us. The never ending war for resources is going to consume us. Unless we act yesterday.

    I’ve had enough of it. Up to my eyeballs with it. I want something different. I’ve worked all my life for peace and freedom. I finally get to self actualization and it all seems pointless. The Buddhists search for nirvana, inner and outer peace, pure peace and enlightenment. It’s their quest. Their holy grail. I get there only to find that everything that I have worked for, everything that I’ve done to bring people together, to improve lives, to protect nature was worthless.

    After 50 years of integration Britain decides to BREXIT. Silly people.

    The hard right, the conservatives, the fascists, the capitalists and the neo nazis have won. Well this little victory anyway. Fascism is alive in Europe, once again, from Yugoslavia to Le Penn.

    The Russians hate Islam and created a war to occupy Afghanistan. The British and USA took over. All got their arses kicked. Was it worth it? All that it has unleashed? 30 years of Russian occupation, 20 years or more of US/UK occupation and now still no end in sight. What was the point? War just creates antagonism, hatred, polarization and extremism.

    Then we had the end of the Soviet Union. The break up of the old states. Yugoslavia disintegrated. Thank you Thatcher, thank you Reagan – not. This was followed by the shock doctrine, the loss of Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, poverty and hardship in Russia and then Putin. We are now living with that legacy.

    Thanks Germany for wading in and recognizing Bosnia Herzegovina – not. It was too soon. This was followed by the emergence of extreme politics which then led the Serbians to fascism. Instead of the Jews it was the turn of Muslims. Thanks -not.

    There was more polarization, hatred, division and then deaths. Hundreds of thousands killed. Mass killings, mass graves in Europe once again. Srebreniza was a horror. A city under siege and 40,000 people killed, men, women and children. Then the camps emerged. We saw the pictures of the barbed wire and the emaciated bodies. The final solution was next.

    Fortunately, eventually, a little too late for Srebreniza. The USA/UK and allies intervened. I am a peacenik but not a pacifist. Sometimes, just sometimes, war is necessary. This in my view was a just war, a necessary war. The very last just war. I would like to see an end to war. All war. The demilitarisation of armies, navies, airforces and police forces. I want to see missiles, bombs, bullets, guns, swords turned into ploughshares. However, we don’t live in that world just yet. But we could, if we wanted. As Gil Scott Heron said “If all the people that say they believe in peace, believed in peace, we’d have peace.” Now is the time for peace. No war with China. No war with Russia. No war in Turkey. Too many people have died already in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,and Syria. Don’t let Turkey be next.

    I’m a socialist, an eco socialist but if we have to trade to keep the peace. Then let’s trade. If that’s what people really want. But let’s trade on equal terms. Trade to improve peoples lives around the world. Let’s use it to end hunger and poverty, for peace and humanity.

    Economic globalization based on US, Chicago School of Economics, or neo-liberalism , the revolutionary capitalism and hegemony of Reagan and Thatcher has divided the world.
    What they started as revolutionary capitalists and anti communists has split our world. People have more things, at least in the West, and the rest of the world has lost. Nature has lost. The planet has lost.

    Now we are in a new phase. The fascist phase. From Zhirinovsky in Russia, Kaider in Austria, Jean Marie le Penn in France.

    In UK, BREXIT, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Ian Duncan Smith, Kate Hoe, Nigel Farage, UKIP, EDL, BNP, NF, and the others such as White Wolves and Combat 18. All this led to the death of Jo Cox MP, a defender of Human Rights and Refugees across the globe. We are in a new phase.

    We have Marine le Penn and the National Front in France. Austerity promoted by Christine Legarde and the IMF in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

    There is a genocide against Islam in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

    The disregard of Burundi. The US police force and black people. Trump and now Theresa May in UK.

    The hatred within the British Conservative Party, Hungary and other Eastern European states for refugees fleeing war. The disregard for Human Rights and UN Conventions on Refugees. The deaths of thousands fleeing war, famine and poverty in the Middle East and Africa., drowned in the Mediterranean. The attempted prevention of legal travel from one European country to another.

    So where are we now?

    The world needs something different. We all need something different. The planet needs something different. We only have one planet and it’s resources are finite. We are destroying it for ourselves and for future generations that is if Climate Change doesn’t destroy us first.

    So what do we do?

    We have a climate crisis. It’s here and it’s now. It’s not future generations that will tackle climate change. It’s not our generation. It’s the past generation. We failed. Me too. I’m sorry. I tried. I tried really hard but failed. So what can we do now. The least we can do is look after each other, care for each other and love each other until it all unfolds.

    I suppose that there might be a possibility of saving all life on earth by staying below 2*C. I just don’t see it. The current prediction is for a 6*C rise in global mean temperature by the end of the century. 2*C is important because above it all life on earth will cease. We are currently around 1.3”C above pre industrial levels. The population of the earth is around 7.5 billion. The UN predicts a peak in population of around 11 billion because above this figure there just physically isn’t room for people or for the agriculture that would be required. It’s estimated that the sustainable population for the planet to cope and regenerate is 2 billion. Some people think that there are too many people in the world. I don’t subscribe to this idea. There are just people and we need to love and care for each other and deal with it. We need to be responsible and have less children. Eat less meat and more fruit and vegetables, maybe eat a little less too. If we can be responsible, consume less and keep below 2*C. There’s a chance of survival.

    Some people believe in hope. They hope we can tackle Climate Change, tackle population rise, tackle consumerism and tackle greed and capitalism. However, I have a view on hope:

    Hope is when people feel powerless. They have a seemingly insurmountable problem or problems and they hope that it will all come good. They believe that some magic solution will come from somewhere and solve it for them.

    I don’t think magic exists and hope is an illusion. Reality exists. It’s what we do that makes things happen. It’s what we do that makes change, real change. The change that needs to happen. You can only do it for yourself, for your friends or for your family or together for the world we want to see.

    The ability to think, dream and imagine is essential. The skills to theorise are necessary. But only actions change things. Human beings working together for the change they want to see. However, action without thought is pointless. Theorising without action worthless. Think-theorise-act-reflect-think-act again-reflect/learn-theorise again. PRAXIS. For me it’s the only meaningful change. We haven’t got much time. Turkey is on the brink. Trump and Clinton will go to the polls in November, France will have a presidential election soon, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the world need our help. Come meet me, let’s enjoy each other and theorise and act together. Just say hello, hola, bonjour, merjaba, ni hao whatever works for you.

    Let’s act for peace, humanity, human rights, nature and love. Let’s save the planet together.

    Capitalism has had it day. It’s failed. It’s brought austerity. It’s brought wars, division and hatred. Let’s ditch it.

    Let’s build some alliances. Social Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Greens, caring people from anywhere, all of us. Let’s work it out and let’s sort it. For peace, humanity and the planet.

    To me humanity and nature are all. We all have a life. We all a point. Tigers, bears, monkeys, kakapos, lemurs, eagles, wrens, bats, sharks, tuna – all. Even mosquitoes. I’m actually not really sure what their point is but they must have one. They are annoying and parasitic. They spread disease such as malaria and dengue fever. There’s a new one now, the zica virus. To me mosquitoes are the capitalists of the natural world. I don’t see their point but they exist.

    It’s a bit like Ebola. It’s been around for a long while. I don’t know where it came from but it’s nasty. We managed to eradicate smallpox and polio. Maybe Ebola, HIV, and racism are next. Then who knows. Maybe long, happy, healthy lives.

    We can deal with disease so maybe we can deal with capitalism, fascism, the neo nazis, racism, division and hatred.

    To the left. If you believe in peace please stop polarizing. Stop hating. Stop trying to destroy. Stop being negative. Freedom and peace are positive things. Believe in them. Live them. Enjoy them. They’re infectious. They’re like love – the way we love our families, our friends, it’s unconditional ans spreads like wildfire. Engage positively, peacefully, show your affection for life. reflect upon it, theorise it, engage with it then act with it.

    To the old school Marxist/Leninist, Trotskyites, Maoists. Your time is over. Marxism, Socialism, life has moved on. It is ever changing, we are ever changing. Life has changed over the last 100 years. The world has changed and the planet has changed. Work with it please don’t try and control it and us.

    For those that believe in a Bolshevik style revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat. Don’t do it. Trust us, trust yourselves. Don’t replace one ideological control with another. It isn’t going to work.

    I don’t believe in leaders, supermen or superwomen who think for me. I can think for myself, I can do by myself and I can organise with others equally thank you. My leaders are there because they have organisational experience and relationships with people built over years. For this I can trust them to do what we want and what they say they will do. Not because they look pretty, have nice hair and wear a nice dress or suit.

    I vote for Corbyn, McDonald, Cat Smith and the whole team because I trust them. I work with socialists, communists and greens. I want to work with PODEMOS, maybe Syriza, Bernie Sanders, US Greens, Al Gore, even Merkel. I want to assist the Turkish liberals and left if I can. All with humanity with a view to harmonious cooperation based on mutual trust.

    The happiest time of my life was when I was about 8 years old, on a Sunday with my family. My sister, my mother and my father watching TV, reading books, eating some sweets and parched peas. Just feeling pure love. I have felt it as an adult with my friends in London too.

    In terms of safety, acceptance, love and joy I found that in China and Nicaragua. I want to feel it everywhere I go.

    In terms of nature, it was at sea watching flying fish, turtles, whales, dolphins and sharks in the Caribbean. In the forests in Norway. In rain forest and cloud forest in Central America. Up mountains in the lake District UK.

    What a world we have.

    It took a long time for women to get the vote in UK, thanks suffragettes, it took us a while to build the Labour Party, and a welfare state with full employment, thanks Kier Hardy and the Unions, It took us a long time to end apartheid, thank all of us , it took us a long time to get equality for gay people, thanks everyone, it’s capitalisms turn next, we’ve come this far, not long to go now, don’t loose sight. Be positive. Make the change. Then we can deal with Climate Change.

    The mosquitoes are against us. It’s time to tame them and clean them up. It’s time to organise and work for peace, social justice, equality and love.

    So try and love me because I really want to love you.

    Jaz x

  • Sorry I go on and on about this, all politics are local, You can only view national politics thru the filter of media. And humans are biased.
    There is a reason why old guy’s framed the Constitution as limited Federal gov. And wanted governor’s to mostly rule us. Now we have limited say for the nominations because we gave up local control. You have to move to grassroots to counter the totalitarian government. And that is precisely why Obama is going to quickly federalize the police across the country, it will be done before the next election to make sure only one party survives. Hillary sold this as fixing the problems with police, what it actually does is puts everything and everyone under the thumb of the ruling party. Break the Constitution by legality of making America safe. The National Socialistic Democratic Party has chosen itself and it’s ruler. If you want to continue to have a dream and continue to work towards a better life, Vote to support your community ,the people you let your children play with the people who help watch over your community ,listen and help them do their jobs. If you vote and I strongly urge it. make sure it’s one human one vote. Globalism and Federalism are at war if you want to be free and equal you have to take responsibility, and make damn sure your electoral college understands that they are carrying your consensus not their choice. Hillary intends to ignore the “Will of the People” the fix is in and Obama/ Hillary’s vision is do as I say not as I do.
    The media is on the payroll, I mean you don’t actually believe all that money being piled up in a foundation is for your benefit do you???
    And throw that pc crud out the window if you can’t discuss it like sensible people and work it out, draw straws, step out back, whatever it takes. If Hillary gets in we’ll never see freedom again. And if you didn’t want to hear some grumpy old guys opinions tuff voodoo. Come to my house to shut me up and you’ll figure out mo’on aabe real quick. Gotta love freedom it can be so satisfying to put revenuers in their place. Responsibilities and duties is what makes us Federalist’s. Choose Globalism and don’t worry da goverment here to help. LOL,,,, Themselves…

  • I agree. Democracy was never designed to do its work by rubber-stamping establishment picks. The least we can do is vote our conscience. Even if that vote doesn’t “win” the first time, it can build momentum. The party which now governs Greece in an attempt to rescue it from the mistakes and corruption of the past only had the same voter percentages as our Green Party does now. It’s always better to start making things better than to continue letting them get worse.

      • Yes, people have been mislead by the mainstream media (under the direction of the Dems and Republicans) to think they can’t vote for a third party candidate because they can “never” become a major party, but this is untrue. Both the Dems and the Reps were once “third parties”. Read your history and see that neither Washington nor Adams believed in political parties (or cabals as they called them) and the modern US parties are a conglomeration of other parties. Of course, the best known third party “winner” was Abraham Lincoln, an early Republican, which was a combination of Abolitionists and other parties. So, if you’re being bullied by those who tell you you’ll “waste your vote” by voting third party, tell them that voting your conscience for a third party candidate is your right and is often the smart thing to do. Can you imagine our country surviving the Civil War without Lincoln?

  • Hey any time enemaky actually for some reason it didn’t take my moniker. And Bernie’s a nice guy and all but just to walk away?????
    I’ve been looking at politicians and politics along time,,, Tricky Dick was a babe in the woods compared to the machine the Clinton’s built and if you don’t think they had a plan b for Bernie you’re a babe too. See ya on the road to hell,,, Trucker

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