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Falling Down The Media Rabbit Hole

Written by Jon Saltzman


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is on full parade this week as the chattering class, the media continues its pattern of trolling Trump’s every waking move. First, the endless speculation about his firing of James Comey, next the controversial release of classified info to the Russian Ambassador about Isis, and finally (and this is my favorite) a story about how at Whitehouse dinners, the President gets served more ice cream than his guests!


It is increasingly hard to take the media seriously as they drag us down into the craziness of their rabbit hole. Every news story concerns an examination of Trump’s motives and ends with the word “impeachment.” Try this experiment: keep changing channels between Fox, CNN and MSNBC and watch how all the stories on Trump are handled.


Even Fox News, generally a reliable check against TDS isn’t safe, right Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace? In fairness, I do enjoy Tucker Carlson’s incredulous looks as he stares down each extreme Left guest, pleading with them to show some objectivity.


On the other networks, we’re still talking about alleged collusion by the Trump Team with Russian interference during the U.S. elections last fall and how Trump fired James Comey and how that is “worse than Watergate.” Right Carl Bernstein?


With that in mind, take a look at an article that I found referenced in a PJ Media piece today. It was by John Solomon and it appears in an interesting publication called Circa. Solomon lists 23 stories portrayed by the media as factually correct, but actually untrue. The article is called “What a breathless media got wrong about Trump, Comey and Russia this week” and it’s worth a read and I wish I’d written it first; it will confirm your worst suspicions about media bias and “fake news.”


No it’s okay really, click on it and read it – I’ll wait.


Okay, welcome back. It’s all about people in the media hating Trump so much that they are willing to run stories without checking facts. They just want to inflict maximum punishment on Trump and his policies. It’s not business – it’s personal.

And it’s dangerous for America and Americans.


Look, how else do you explain stories on CNN about how Trump was served more ice cream than his guests at the Whitehouse or that Trump gave away classified secrets to the Russian Ambassador about an upcoming ISIS attack?


Leaving “icecreamgate“ alone for a minute, why shouldn’t the U.S. share intelligenece about a shared enemy with another country? Does anyone remember that ISIS took down a Russian Metrojet airliner leaving Egypt in 2016?


Meanwhile, The NSA Director, H.L. McMaster, who was actually at the meeting with the Russian ambassador has denied that a security breach happened at all. I counted 15 stories on a Google search where it is opined that he’s lying. It seems that TDS is so far gone that people would rather choose to believe the usual anonymous sources of the Washington Post than McMaster!


The best column was one by Fred Kaplan in Slate, who laments that McMaster’s reputation for honesty is now ruined because he must be lying. After all the Whitehouse asked The Washington Post and The New York Times not to release the information that was disclosed. And they must care about national security more than the Whitehouse.


Look, here’s the thing with Donald Trump. He’s NOT a politician and the elites in Washington and their press toadies cringe at every mistake and not so polished habits, like impulsive tweeting and at the painfully amateurish and disorganized Whitehouse communication strategy.


No he most certainly is not a politician. The Republican and Democrat establishment are cringing too. The Democrats are particularly enjoying the show and now have a platform to say anything, even to do a complete about face on the Comey firing with impunity from their media buddies.


But as I said in a column I wrote last week, this will backfire on the Washington Elites and the Democrats, because there’s much work to be done to shore up or replace Obamacare and tax reform and North Korea is trying to start World War III.


Americans are already weary of the scandal a day media coverage of Trump. I am finding it virtually impossible to watch news programming – and it’s my life. But we can always look forward to the “Summer of Resistance” just proclaimed by the Democrats.


The only thing I’m certain of is that those who bet against Trump always seem to lose.


Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm


  • Ray,
    The NYT and Washington have yet to document a Trump security breach. The President, any President, negotiating with other nations will discuss highly classified information. That is inherent in the position. That is not even close to a security breach. Keeping classified data on your own insecure personal computer is a per se security breach. If Hilary was in the Army instead of her nest at the State Department,
    her breaches of AR380-5 would have put her in jail.

  • I partially agree with you, Jon! your point is the inevitable consequence of what I said yesterday about Rachel Maddow …. liberal media needs to act responsibility otherwise it will undermine all news about the Trump administration. Your “ice cream” example is a great one. It is stupid and unnecessary news. It fuels the idea of “fake news” across every single piece of news, and that’s not right. I think the news about the meeting with Russia’s ambassador, Comey’s memo, etc. are backed by real sources and should be taken seriously. This is what I disagree in your article, the fact that you seem to put in the same bucket “ice-cream” news with the leaks and Comey’s memo.

    • Great article. I am afraid this nonsense is not going to stop. The same people who were willing to overlook Hillary’s blatant disregard for national security during her ego trip as Secretary of State want to prosecute Donald for imagined breaches.

      • Professor Launie … let’s not call Trump’s breaches “imaginary”. I get that liberal media hasn’t been reporting objectively … but undermining the veracity of the NYT or the Washington Post articles is not right. If it came out from MSNBC, Vice, The Hill, etc. but these two …

        I am making an effort to step out of my bubble and read news from both sides, and to understand the background of each publication to assess wether they are true or now. I honestly think you guys should do the same, the NYT article is true, so is the Washington Post report. Now, is it enough the impeach him, that’s a whole different question.

        • Sorry Ray, but the Washington Post article (the one by Jaffe and Miller) is unverifiable. It quoted anonymous sources. Have you ever seen the film Shattered Glass? I recommend you brush up on what happened to The New Republic when they started quoting anonymous sources.

          • I haven’t watched that movie, but I will! I can take your point on the WP article. Will see what happens. I hope you can get my overall point about media in general. Not everything that comes out of NYT and other reputable liberal media is false, just because it criticizes Trump. We cannot use the term “fake news” for everything …

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