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Enough of Russia

Anyone else sick and tired of hearing Russia this and Russia that? In 2008 did America pout when Obama was elected? What good does this continued Russian debate do about what they did or didn’t do? How will we ever know? Someone could have grabbed code from GIT and write the virus themselves, in the good ole USA. But lets blame Russia for all our problems as they are, after all, responsible for it.

Here is a top-10 list of what I’m blaming Russia for:

  1. Severe cold weather
  2. Hurricane Matthew
  3. Low supplies of Bourbon (plenty of Vodka though)
  4. Megan Kelly leaving Fox News
  5. The increasing price of oil
  6.  The unAffordable Care Act
  7. Dominating the news for rigging the election
  8. Hillary Clinton
  9. All the murders in Chicago in 2016
  10. Endless career opportunities working in the NSA & the CIA


It’s time to move on, but like everything else with the media; they dance to their own music.

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