Donald Trump’s Relationship With Russia

Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia has dominated the headlines this week. From top national security advisor, General Flynn, resignation on Monday due to his communication with Russian officials, to more and more documents being leaked to senior Trump campaign advisers with Russia during the 2016 election campaign, accusations are being flown left and right. What do you think? Is this all “fake news” conspiracy theories like Donald Trump has said in his tweets, or is there something more to this? Share your thoughts.


  • The importance of Trump’s team or Trump himself colluding with the Russians is self-evident in many ways and dangerous. The real question becomes this if the colluding is proven and factual. How much are Trump and his team being controlled by Russia and if they are, for what vital reasons and purposes? If it is all true that Roger Stone, and others associated and colluded with the Russians what did they gain by doing so? And what impact will all of it have on American Elections in the future and in other countries in the world also?
    I did not vote for Donald Trump, nor do I believe in him or his team, currently in office. I believe criminal charges should be brought against all who had contact with Russians and if it leads u to the White House and Trump so be it, then he must go also. In the end ladies and gents this is what I say, Impeach Trump and you will have to take Pence and Ryan out too for all three are now joined at the hip and in the power structure of the Trump administration! Impeach Trump, impeach Pence and Ryan along the way and start over I say with fresh intelligent people, not people of the childish and ignorant ways of Trump.
    Just so you all know, I am not politically motivated here in saying all I am, but I am a Disabled American Veteran who served in three branches over 16 years, and I am one hell of a patriotic b*****d! Go America, Buy American, Be American, Build American and believe in America, for without America, the world itself can crumble and fall, we are the World’s protectors, and it stabilizers too!
    William M. McCurrach

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, but I also don’t much care.
      It’s about priorities. The corporate mass media refuse to properly present and discuss our biggest problems since they are bound to protect and edify their corporate masters (which includes the investment banks and Wall Street Dealers, btw, who brought us the Great Recession and are working hard on bringing us the next). A lot of people still let themselves be brainwashed by the mass media’s in part false and in part merely distracting narratives. Those people lose themselves in hysteria about things like Russian influence on our “elections” (which are largely just a dog and pony show nowadays, anyway) or Obama spying on Trump, even as the last remnants of our democracy, our Bill of Rights, and living wage conditions in our economy are being removed right under our noses.
      So, for some of us who have woken up from our msm hypnosis, it’s a bit like that: My house is burning down. The firefighters, paid off by a real estate developer who wants my lot, are spraying gasoline instead of water on the house, and a local reporter is getting in my face trying to convince me that my real problem is that the developer’s son has been spying on my son’s Facebook page.

    • I mean, what I find much worse in the area of electronic spying and hacking is that the DNC used a voter database in order to commit massive voter suppression against likely or known Bernie Sanders voters, de-registering them, flipping their registration, and so forth, in a lot of states, apparently.

      On the Republican side, using the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck” program to disenfranchise millions of non-white voters isn’t pretty, either.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. Too bad for you there isn’t any evidence and it’s all completely made up by a sham of a news organization in Breitbart.

  • Irony is most Trump supporters are now being called Russian Spies and racists. The constant crying bullying and self serving side stories to distract the American people from truth continues to seep out of the left. The left are exactly who has created the division in America specifically under the corrupt direction from Clinton and Obama, where I believe both are working within a shadow government to undermine Mr. Trump and his cabinet. Of course Russian Ambassadors meet with American Senators and Politicians. Flynn knows Putin from his many years in the Military, Tillerson the same, he has been dealing with Russia for years with Exxon Mobil. Think it through people the real issue is how America is being taken advantage of – By the UN. The USA should leave the UN asap as we do not stand a chance since Russia and China have veto power. Russia has done no favors for America not in any election or for any reason. On the contrary Ive seen proof that America under the direction of Bush & Obama have tampered in foreign elections in Europe and South America. Frankly we have just finished paying Russia off with our largest uranium mine in a bad for America deal made by Hillary Clinton. Not sure what the big deal is – Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer have also met with the same Russian Ambassadors- thats a fact.

  • why is it that the Democrats, and also a number of other establishment politicians (including some Republicans), are hyping this threat? Is it because the facts support it? Or is it the need for us to have an enemy? I think the press will hype anything right now that will make the public react.

      • These false flag political stagings are so damaging to us that I was moved to write a whole post about this:
        So, no, I don’t think any Russian involvement — whether real or not — is a big deal compared to the massive domestic election theft practices, our oligarchy’s ownership of our politicians, and the squeezing of working people by the top 1-10%. As long as we have money ruling our politics we will be sold down the river and it matters much less where the thugs who take away our sacred right to self-governance live or come from. Why do I (and so few others, apparently) even have to explain that to anybody (so many anybodies apparently)?

        • Dirk Droll… REMOVED Why are so many of Trumps cronies saying they never had any conversations with the Russian Ambassador, only to come back and say they had when they get caught. Too many coincidence’s for me to believe anything they say. Trump’s a crook, always has been and always will be. He lies about everything. He is an attention seeking narcissistic ass. I really worry about what’s happening to this country more than ever before.

          • > “I really worry about what’s happening to this country more than ever before.”
            Good. Then, maybe, one day you will wake up to reality. (That’s the good thing about Trump: the nightmare to wake up America, at least on the “liberal” side.)

    • I believe that the Trump regime is in cahoots with our enemy Russia — if it were not true why are they not revealing the TRUTH!? why all this hiding and so much praise for Putin from Trump? He praise him more than our own ex president and even insinuated that the US is morally evil as Russia — meaning we condone the Russian annexation of Ukraine and encroachment in Croatia and the killings of those against Putin? We may not be a saint but we certainly still have higher moral grounds!
      Trump is beholden to Russian oligarchs who bought his properties in Florida — why is not upfront with his TAX returns. Anyone who hides his tax returns is a crook!!!

      • Where have you been since the iron curtain fell? “Our enemy Russia!” Will you please stop drinking the Kool-Aid? Russia (or, more accurately, the Soviet Union) used to be sold to us as our enemy by our plutocrats back when it looked it’s mere existence might prompt a revolution for economic justice in our own country. Hence “our enemy.” But that was long ago. Russia is just another private-capitalist country like ours now. One of many. No need to elevate it to “our enemy” status. —- The point you are missing, and I am growing tired of repeating, is that we, the people, are subjugated and terrorized by plutocrats — our TRUE enemies. It doesn’t matter where they have their castles.

  • It’s not a hot topic for me. Look at how America has changed since the seventies, and it is clear that our oligarchs aren’t our friends, whether they live in Russia, Saudi Arabia, or the Hamptons, or are global jet setters as so many of them are. The particular graft gang known as the military-industrial complex benefits directly from the hyped-up conflict with Russia, and it serves as a convenient distraction from the shenanigans of our political con artists and vile plutocrats doing their dark deeds right here under our noses, but those are not our root problems. When we dig deeper down to the roots, we find massive electioneering, our politicians getting bought up by armies of lobbyists working for the oligarchs, and the rest of us having no say. Hence our jobs go overseas or down extinction lane through technological displacement while the oligarchs keep all the production savings as profits and roll us into the poverty ditch. Priorities, people! Priorities! We need to democratize our country, both the political and the economic sphere, or this squeeze will never end.

    • So a president potentially colluding with one of our biggest adversaries (who would love to see our country fall apart) in order to get elected doesn’t matter to you?

      • Biggest adversary, who are you kidding? Where do you get the idea that Russia is your or my “biggest adversary”? How does any Russian benefit from cutting our social security, denying us health care, or outsourcing our jobs to China? Do you think, Russians watch news of our rising poverty and celebrate and give each other rewards for it? Come on, now. Did you actually read past my first sentence?

        • Putin benefits from it. Putin watches the news of our rising poverty and celebrates it. Are you actually so naive? Don’t you understand that everything Putin does is with the aim of undermining the effectiveness of western democracies? Putin’s rhetoric for the past decade ha never been “Russia Is Great”, it’s been “Yeah we might have some issues, but look at all of the issues in these so-called western democracies.” John Oliver highlights some great examples here of Putin turning Russian criticism right around on the US: . Russia is without a doubt our biggest adversary globally. Iran and North Korea may be more hostile, but both pale in comparison to Russia’s military and nuclear threat. China could be our biggest adversary but they’ve been far more friendly and cooperative than Russia.
          Russia just tried to influence our election in order to get the candidate who favors them in office. And it looks like they succeeded. A foreign actor (who benefits from seeing Americans suffer) influencing our election in order to get the guy elected who most benefits him doesn’t bother you? Have you learned nothing from history?
          American oligarchs are certainly not our friends, but Russia and Vladimir Putin want far worse things for the American people, anyone can see this.

          • OK, so, Putin justifies his power over Russians by pointing at OUR inequalities. How exactly does he harm us through this? (especially when our own media consistently shortchange us on this kind of news)
            Sure, Russia, has a more dangerous military (although its equipment is aging terribly) than other nations like China or North Korea. However, it is OUR undemocratic government that is engaging in a military build-up around Russia’s borders, not the other way round. And this drives up the profits of our arms manufacturers who have long been in bed with the Clintons. That’s why Shillary kept and keeps harping about Russia. She and her husband love money and care nothing about you and me. While she was Secretary of State she enabled the big uranium deal (American uranium for Russia) in exchange for another fat bribe. So, before you try to pull one of those Hillary-is-better-than-Trump-because-of-Russia kinds of tricks on us, do some research and be a bit more careful with throwing the word “naive” around. Again, it’s OUR country that has its military stationed in 70% of the world’s nations, for which we pay with half of our tax dollars instead of financing proper healthcare and education and repairing our rotting infrastructure. Again, all this benefits the military-industrial complex and corrupt politicians like the Clintons (and a certain former administration’s infamous “Dick”, in case anybody thinks I am shilling for Republicans here). Meanwhile, we regular folks pay for this war profiteering not only with half our tax dollars but also by becoming targets of foreign terrorism and with long lines at airport security (which nevertheless fails to find 95% of concealed weapons – it’s just another government PR stunt aiming to keep us in line).
            Again, if I am getting mugged, I don’t care the slightest if the mugger is Russian, American, or something else. What matters is that I, and all my fellow citizens, except for a privileged few percent, are getting mugged every day by those in seats of political and economic power in our own country. What matters is that this constant mugging and rigging exhausts all our energy and time dodging each other’s elbows, keeping us from working together on pressing concerns that are NOT self-inflicted. Also, governments have always been working on influencing one another, sometimes even toppling one another. It’s nothing new, and OUR government plays with the best of them there. I find the evidence for really meaningful election tampering by Russia very weak while evidence for the massive election tampering by our OWN establishment is overwhelming. I wonder who benefits by distracting from the latter by tales of the former… Hmm?
            But I’ll play ball, even with one who throws insults around (as long as it keeps within limits)… So, you say that “Russia and Vladimir Putin want far worse things for the American people than American oligarchs”. All right. If you really think so, let us hear some details.

    • I agree with you 100%, however, the root cause also is the electoral college. This
      antiqued system must be replaced. In a true democracy there must be a “recall”
      ability within any true democracy. This is the only true way to defeat 1-10%.

      • Yes. Our antiquated electoral system is highly vulnerable to manipulation such as gerrymandering. It also creates the all-powerful party duopoly from its winner-take-all approach. All of this is highly toxic to democratic self-governance and inclusive representation.

  • We know the Russia Gov’t interfered with the Election to get Donald in the oval office. We now have allegations that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with Russia Intelligence officials. Flynn is Putin’s best American friend (behind Tillerson).

    We’re watching the Trump Administration completely implode in its first month, which really isn’t surprising. Trump’s resignation is just around the corner. What a legacy.

      • Under exaggerated if anything. Since posting, we now have the Attorney General (unprovoked) lying under oath over meeting with the Russian Amb. More light is being shed on Paul Manafort’s relationship with the former Ukrainian Gov’t. Carter Page just ruined his career over the weekend appearing on the news while being woefully unprepared with no defense for his nefarious actions. Kushner met with Kislyak too.

        If there was nothing to hide, why are so many in the administration lying about it?

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