Donald Trump’s First One Hundred Days

What should Donald Trump’s agenda be during his first one hundred days?



    Read my Blog Folks, see what I think of Trump and his Administration, and his abilities! if you ask me, he is the most ignorant, idiotic President in American’s history and his abilities to negotiate anything suck. But as the person who sent me an invite to this site and this Political Storm will learn as will you all I speak my mind and think others should hear me, you can agree or disagree, but you will not shut me up !!

  • You have to chill. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. It’s like a new boss. They spend the first few months showing everyone who’s boss. No different than in real life. I guarantee if you give him a chance, you WILL BE PLEASANTLY surprised.

      • I literally never said anything about Obama and disagreed with many of his executive actions as well. However, we only have 1 President now so it’s useless for you to continually employ ridiculous whataboutism logic.

        How can anyone ever have a real conversation with a Trump supporter when every time you criticize him they immediately come back with “Well what about this Democrat who isn’t in public office anymore”. That a classic red herring.

        The world is not a binary, you can be critical of both Obama and Trump. If you were one of the people who criticized Obama for his “excessive” executive actions, then you owe it to yourself to be critical of Trump’s too.

        Not to mention the fact that Trump’s executive actions so far have been fundamentally unconstitutional. He’s banning religious-majorities from “certain countries”, countries which all so happen to be muslim majority countries. This is a direct affront to the religious liberties that the right so vehemently defends (especially the President of the Senate).

        • I disagree on several levels:
          -We’ve spent eight years dealing with a leftist demagogue playing identity politics. He ignored a tradition of two centuries of consensus government. We realized, finally, that this is the only game in town, and that it is important to win. So demagoguery and identity politics are what we will have.
          -I have heard more about “The Constitution” since the election than I’ve heard in years. The view pushed by the progressives these past decades is that this document is the product of racist white men of the eighteenth century, and as such is not applicable to our present circumstances. I’m okay with that.
          -Whatever happens, if Clinton had been elected we would hardly have seen the rule of law and consensus government restored. We would have been ground under her heel, to the extent she was able to do so. “Unconstitutional” Executive orders would have been a big part of that.
          -Our choice, in November, was indeed binary.

          • Identity politics is what happens when we fall for it. Once trapped in it, we let ourselves be convinced in our respective echo chambers and msm pulpits of such utter nonsense as that Obama was or is a leftist. He’s anything but. He’s a corporatist through and through. In essence, in his actions, he was G.W. Bush 2.0, just keeping much more low-key and without sporting that sneering smirk, so lots of people still like him not having noticed what he was actually doing.
            The Republican politicians stopped long ago pretending to be the party of the people — or working people (them being the vast majority of the people, hence pretty much the same thing). Instead, Republican politicians relied on certain groups for votes and the resulting election result credibility when they were rigging elections. These groups are social conservatives and the religious extremist fringe. Around 1990, the “Democratic” politicians fully adopted the Republican practice of working for big bribes but continued to present themselves as the party of the people with an emphasis on the socially progressive and religiously moderate. They branded their version of this corruption “neoliberalsim” which substantially doesn’t differ from “neoconservatism.” This has finally begun to dawn on the constituency they left behind; and so the ironic twist right now is that suddenly the Republican Party has a president who styles himself as a man for the people. Trump saw an opportunity to fill the vacuum with the gake image he created forhimself, and got the presidency in a jiffy — the key to the mint for yet more corporate sweetheart deals.
            For those among us whose blinders have finally come off, the pretense of the “Democratic” party has stopped working. We now see both major parties for what they are: shills for the robber billionaires, doing their every bidding, which ranges from deregulations and tax-&-customs breaks allowing them to move our jobs overseas to sweetheart deals turning our government into their (the robber billionaires’) cash cow, funneling a large percentage of our taxes into their pockets — all this while these corporate-bought politicians in both gangs (both “parties,” that is) pretend to us that we still have a democracy. We need to stop lapping up their false narratives of which our identity politics is a big part.

            • I disagree- identity politics is what happens when ONE side decides that is the path to perpetual power. The left went that route, and wrote the rest of us off. Now we know the game, and will play to win.
              Whatever you want to call Obama, he wanted to:
              -keep the borders open.
              -give amnesty to however many Mexicans decide to move north.
              -import further millions of people who do not share our cultural values.
              -collect the guns.
              In short, his view was that the problem with America is that it is filled with Americans. Clinton would have been a more vicious continuation of the same.

              • Let’s stop and think. It takes two to fight, and thus identity politics really happens when both or all sides join in it. When the majority of us neutralizes itself this way, the establishment always wins. They are playing us for fools, and we must stop playing along.
                As for Obama, he deported more undocumented immigrants than any president before him, and it was Ronald Reagan who gave them a big amnesty. Both of them, as well as Clinton and the Bushes, worked for the robber billionaires and their multi-national corporations and banks while screwing Americans and immigrants alike. Some more facts: For years now, more Mexicans have been leaving than entering our country, seeing how it is going to the dogs. Another thing to consider: the people who deny us jobs, fair pay, healthcare, and a functioning democracy, aren’t working people who are struggling as much or even more than you and me to survive (poverty-fleeing undocumented immigrants) but the big bosses in business and politics. Letting those thieving lords divert our anger at people even more in trouble than many of us and just as much at the mercy of the oligarchs as us, is allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked and disarmed. The lords are laughing as we vote for THEIR political candidates (on BOTH sides of the party divide) and aggro each other over things like skin color or ethnicity while THEY (the lords) are stealing us all blind and denying us our say.

              • Exactly. Look at what happened at Berkley last night. Leftists stopped a gay man from speaking. If the gay man was a leftist too and some right side people did same thing (which they never would as violence is exclusively a liberal phenomena) then it would be a hate crime.

        • His EOs have not been unconstitutional, you just are conditioned to think that anything you do not like is unconstitutional. I guarantee you have never read the entire constitution. When you do, you will realize his travel EO was completely within the bounds of the law.

  • I think he should continue to call out the words and actions of the media circus, and try and get some level of accountability and integrity back into journalism.

  • Trump should mostly implement the promises he’s made: Corporate tax rates must be cut, Individual taxes should be simplified, Obamacare must be replaced with something viable, trade deals must be renegotiated and “The Wall” should be started and regulations that strangle businesses should be relaxed. I predict that if he accomplishes these things with the help of the Republican Congress, he will be very successful, If he allows his agenda to get bogged down or watered down, he will fail.

  • 1. Address healthcare. Fix/repeal I don’t care just address the problems and unwind the IRS enforcing and fining people for no coverage.

    2. Take on Wall St and address needed reform. When insiders say the system needs more reform, that ought to tell you something.

    3. Start efforts to unite this country. We need to bridge the divides which appear to be getting worse. Be the unifier.

    4. Stop the war with the Press. We all get it and they will not change. They have been exposed.

    5. Stop tweeting and act Presidential. When your own family says tone it down, listen to them.

    You do these, everyone in the country benefits and we are all better off.

    • Those are all great suggestions! Which of these do you think he might actually do? I think there is a chance he’ll try and tackle health care but I have basically zero hope for the rest.

      • Whats funny is that the first thing someone asked Spicer in press conference was like “will you ever lie to us”. Such hostility. They were too busy fawning over Obama’s team to ask substantive questions.

  • Hmm… Can we have three wishes? How about investigating 911 and all living former presidents for crimes of corruption (including the Clinton Foundation)? How about putting powerful controls on the CIA without getting assassinated? How about investigating and fighting all forms of election rigging and theft in the U.S. (including the gerrymandering and the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck” program which helped him become president, plus the theft of the primaries from Bernie Sanders)? Are these still only three wishes, or did I go over the maximum already? How about breaking up the big banks (including Goldman Sachs despite all of Trump’s cabinet appointments which are coming from there)? How about ending the neoslavery of our prison-industrial complex and pardoning all our political prisoners and those whistleblowers who haven’t been caught, yet? How about rallying the American public and, with our support behind him, putting pressure on Congress to implement Medicare for all (the way Obama should have done with his landslide mandate), a wealth tax (which helps to create a fairer society than any form of income tax according to economic computer models), a robot tax, and a guaranteed basic income financed from those taxes, thus solving our existential fears and tribulations? How about pulling our troops out of all those foreign wars for oil and gas? How about a determined switch of our nation to clean, green energies? How about placing import taxes on all cheap-labor-country products (didn’t he actually promise something like that?)? Oh, no! I definitely have exceeded the three wishes one gets from rubbing a magic lamp. Besides, Trump isn’t the genie his voters thought he was. What are the chances for finding a magic lamp that works, anyway? Somewhat better than Trump draining the swamp, I suspect. Anyway, the above are a good start for things a great administration in a less corrupt America could perhaps do. Except for escaping CIA reprisals, I fear. That’s probably way unrealistic, as overcoming the power of the Deep State surely requires more than a magical president. A sober reminder that just voting for presidents doesn’t accomplish much. We need to do a lot more to fix our rigged system.

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