Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump has been slowly announcing his Cabinet picks since his upset victory in the 2016 US Presidential Election on November 8th. Some of his marquee selections include ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, James “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of Treasury, Wilbur Ross for Secretary of Commerce, and Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor. Critics have pointed out that some of Trump’s selections, like Rex Tillerson, have close ties to Russia and Vladmir Putin, meanwhile others, like Steven Mnuchin, have history with Wall St banks like Goldman Sachs. Trump supporters have applauded many Cabinet and Administration picks like James Mattis and Michael Flynn (tapped to be National Security Advisor) for their no nonsense approach to foreign aggression and terrorism.

We want to know what you think about Trump’s cabinet selections so far. Are you a Trump voter who is happy with his selections, are you upset? Are you a non-Trump voter who is pleasantly surprised by his selections? Not happy with his choices? Well we want to hear from you. You can express your opinion below or comment and engage with others.

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  • All of Trump’s nominees are highly successful in their chosen fields. Few have a political background which, if you want to drain the swamp, is a good idea. You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Changes must be made.

  • Why are we so judgemental when not a single one of these picks has had one day in the office? Do y’all do this with new employees you hire – regardless of their skillsets and experience and before they start criticize them?

  • I may not be happy with all of Trumps picks, but they ‘are’ Trumps to pick. Maybe it is because he can work with them. You don’t hire a sunday school marm to clean out the pig pen. We will see. Whatever they do, it has to be 1000 times better than what a Clinton would do and 10,000 better than what an illegal muslim gay would do.

  • Love it. Bringing in people with little political experience to shake things up a bit. Few career politicians is a good thing. Needs a few ore females and people of color through.

      • Dirk,
        Donald is appointing a cabinet of folks that he can get along with and who he thinks can help him achieve his goals. The may not be all saints but they are not all sinners either. Like most people, they have good points and bad. Give the man a chance. He does not even take office for another month.
        Politics is like equestrian sports. You can focus on the positive and enjoy the beauty of dressage. Or you can focus on the negative and complain that they are leaving horse crap all over the place.

  • Apparently the combined wealth of Trump’s cabinet is more than the combined wealth of a third of American households, that’s 43million households that have less than these 17 individuals.
    The question is, will these people use their new positions of tremendous power to benefit the country including, those 43 million households, or will they be working to amass more wealth for themselves?

    • Yes, Alexis! Great point … they have no clue what it means to live paycheck by paycheck, put their kids through college, save enough to retire with dignity, etc. The American Nightmare than most families are battling is not going anywhere with Trump’s cabinet.

    • Alex, my father was in politics in Massachusetts in the 1930s. He was a Republican. He was campaign manager for Mal Knichols who was a mayor of Boston. Donald Trump would meet my father’s definition of an honest politician; one who was so rich he did not need to steal. I suspect that more money is not high on Donald Trump’s list of goals. I think he has his eye on history. i think he wants to be remembered as one of the best Presidents ever. I think he will swing for the fences. He may strike out from time to time but he could get some good stuff done.

  • Donald Trump is appointing leaders who agree with his view of government. It appears they do not see the world the same as you do. The fact that you see conspiracy and rip offs everywhere you look makes me suspect you are not doing very well under our system. The system is not going to change, I suggest you re-examine your view of government.

    • 1.) Not doing well: Correct. Me and at least half of all Americans. I like to think that if I were one of the lucky ones, I wouldn’t be smugly mocking those who aren’t. I can’t be sure, though, since the lucky winners tend to not see what’s wrong with the system.
      2.) Are you seriously suggesting not to fight evil but learn to love it?

      • Dirk, I apologize. I did not mean to minimize your pain. My senior year in college I ran out of money. I lived for an entire semester on canned Franco American Spagetti and Hostess Snowballs. i know what it is to be hungry. In graduate school, UCLA had a very cold system toward the students. If you were taking a screening exam in a subject area, people would ask who you were writing against. The faculty set the students on each other. I was very successful. My advice to to others there would apply to you. Do not fight the system. Study it, find its weak points and try to beat it. You are probably brighter than many around you. Use that.

        • Apology accepted (although, if you “minimized” my pain, I’d have a lot to thank you for;-). Now, what really matters here, is that I can’t accept apologies on behalf of all the others you tend to disparage with your arguments (just as unintentionally, I suspect). The point on which we keep disagreeing is my stance that when everybody is clawing and clinging to a dung heap in the stable, the proper advice is not to tell people how to better elbow others out of the way, but to instruct them how to clean out the stable.
          As for your account of a brief personal glimpse of the outskirts of poverty, I can’t be as impressed as with losing one’s teeth for having to choose between paying dentists or buying rock bottom cheap food. As for personal success, you report ONE contest which you won and which placed you in a golden cage of professorship (I suspect there must have been at least one more contest, that for the professorship). Professorships with tenure are among the few remaining great jobs in America, a kind for which there are far fewer vacancies than qualified candidates, one which shields you from the job insecurity experienced by most everybody else. I myself have had many career successes (using my vaunted brightness and good education) greatly impressing my then-current and possible future employers; but this didn’t protect me from my careers getting crushed by things like the dot-com bubble burst on Wall Street or giant corporations with infinitely deep pockets invading a market killing many smaller companies and thereby eliminating countless jobs while lowering the quality of service available to customers, or from the destruction of another career (just as it was about to take off) by a health crisis I could get no help for in our American Wild West of profit driven healthcare. So, I have seen both sides of the success fence multiple times. I know how personal accomplishment makes one blind to the luck factor which only those who suffer bad luck truly experience. To see that side of the fence when one lucked out oneself and became firmly established on the sunny side (often to no small part by inherited wealth and/or connections), one has to make a real effort of looking or at least listening, something for which many of us are way too busy (and self-satisfied) to try. Hence I do what little I can from my tiny pulpit to illuminate both sides for everyone, most especially the dark side, since problems must be seen to be addressed.

  • Yes, The Donald is picking guys who can get things done: they are very experienced in getting corrupt looting done. Yes, they have vision: uncle Scrooge’s vision of bathing in gold. If it walks like a duck… No, Trump is not draining the swamp. Of course not! Silly for anyone to have thought he would. Why would a swamp creature do that? No surprise here. And, last not least, Obama’s and G.W.-Cheney’s appointments were no better, just a tad bit less obvious. It’s the oligarchs against the people, and it has been this way for a long time. We have to wake up, stop falling for beautiful campaign lies, stop falling for the propaganda in the MSM, stop letting us be divided across party lines, and fight for a real democracy and a country that isn’t rigged against its own people. Otherwise we’ll all end up in squalor and misery, those of us who aren’t there already. Pretty obvious, I’d say.

  • See, I think that nothing about Trump is “business as usual” and that’s a good thing. I don’t know why people are shocked that he’s appointing people who support his and his voters’ view of the direction the country should be going in terms of illegal immigration, energy, regulation roll back. It’s actually why the stock market has been way up (until Yellen ended the party yesterday). People are expecting that business will have it’s handcuffs removed in 2017. And as an aside to Marx/Engels- You don’t need to be a Nobel Prize winner or a physicist to run a government department, but you do need to know how to run a lot of people- Rick Perry-whether you like his politics or not, was a very successful governor of a major energy producing state.

    • Oldnumber65 … I agree that some of his picks might be good for his voters. But:

      Do you think that Trump’s voters (white, middle / low class) would support Andrew Puzder, who is against minimum wage increases? And what about the Goldman Sachs mafia? There is no draining the swamp here …

      What do you think?

      • The low -middle income people do not live on the minimum wage. They couldn’t. Most (but obviously not all) people in minimum wage jobs are not supporting families. Additionally, most Conservatives and Republicans believe that increases in the minimum wage actually cut employment opportunities for workers – especially teenagers. Where the minimum wage has risen sharply, like in Seattle, unemployment has risen. Fast food restaurant managers/owners are beginning to automate many of their functions in reaction to so-called “living wage” minimum wage hikes.

    • True, however I would much rather have a person who knows how to run a lot of people AND knows a thing or two about nuclear weapons, physics, and energy. There are plenty of people who meet both of these qualifications in the US. What your saying is that expertise is irrelevant to cabinet positions. Make the general our Agricultural Sec, make the farmer our Defense Sec, make the teacher our Commerce Sec, and make the businessman our Education Sec, just as long as they’re good at running organizations? Wouldn’t you rather have the farmer as Agriculture Sec, general as Defense Sec, Teacher as Education, and businessman as Commerce?

      • This was never the criteria before President Obama. The Chief Exec of a company or a state doesn’t have to BE the expert but he or she should be able to hire the expert.

        • The Energy Secretary before Obama was a MIT graduate and Director of MIT’s School Of Engineering. So yes it was.

          Also, doesn’t that then make the position of Chief Exec redundant if they’re hiring someone else who is the expert to make all of the decisions?

  • I think MARXENGELS2020 makes a really important point here that some of Trump’s picks lack the kind of experience that we would normally expect for cabinet members. Another cause for concern is that a lot of these cabinet members are fairly extreme in their viewpoints. This cabinet is very hawkish, very anti-environmental, and very pro-business and finance. In a recent Quora answer Thomas Friedman talks about how Trump’s isolation, even from his own party, during the campaign has led to him being surrounded by extremists.
    Now we’re seeing the results of Trump’s extreme echo chamber in his cabinet choices and that could have dangerous consequences. The U.S. is currently having a hard time getting our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, do we really want a government that is so geared towards more wars? Are these business and finance experts going to be able to make decisions that are good for American workers and good for the economy as a whole? Even if you don’t believe in climate change don’t we want a government that is going to responsibly manage our country’s natural resources for the future? I think all of us, regardless of how we voted, should have real questions about how Trump and this cabinet are going to govern, and who it’s going to benefit.

  • Trump is selecting people who have a vision and are great leaders. This is what this country needs.

    Rick Perry will surround himself with scientists that will advise him, he doesn’t need to be a astro-physicist who, by the way, was terrible and achieved nothing!

    Also, Rex Tillerson is a great pick. Energy and natural resources are the root of all the wars. He understands this complex puzzle better than anybody.

    Trump is playing chess, and he will make America win.

  • I think his pick for Energy Secretary sums it up well….Our current Energy Secretary is an astro-physicist. The one before him, a Nobel Prize in Physics winner.

    Trump picks Rick Perry. Rick Perry has a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

    Prior to becoming Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu was winning a Nobel Prize for “development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light”.

    Prior to being named the future Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry was a contestant on dancing with the stars.

    Let’s not lose track of what the Dept of Energy does…they build and maintain or nuclear arsenal. I wonder if Rick Perry even know what Nuclear fission is.

  • Trump’s picks are great! Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil who has been working with Russia for more than 15 years! Now he takes Secretary of State position. What a great time to be alive!

    • It is because of ExxonMobil & Co. that we went into Afghanistan and Iraq… and Syria and Somalia… So, how is it a good thing to put ExxonMobil right on the throne of the State Department?
      And what about stuffing his cabinet with banksters right after the banking crisis from which many of us are still hurting, and not just any banksters but Goldman Sachs banksters (I think he is up to six by now, or more?)? It’s like a hostile takeover of our federal government by Goldman Sachs, an essentially criminal organisation with an endless list of insider trading and speculation heists, not the least of which the 2008 subprime crisis which brought us the Great Recession.
      I am one of those who was essentially glad to get Trump instead of Shillary, and I sure was of the let’s-give-him-a-chance-crowd, and largely still am; but his cabinet and staffing picks have been abysmal. The way he also tries to rush them through by first delaying his appointments for two months and then insisting on instant approvals without background checks is also problematic. You ought to be able to see that. We have had a long string of awful presidents harming us and our country, no matter if they were from the “right” or “left”, and it is up to us to watch what they are doing and call them on it when what they are dong is wrong. The quicker, the better. The worst thing is for us to look the other way or even celebrate wrongdoings whenever “our” guys do bad things and only call out the “other’s” guys’ wrongdoings, thus perpetuating the good-cop/bad-cop show with which the oligarchy holds us enthralled.
      I am not a friend of the Resist Trump hysteria and demonstrations hype, btw. In the same vein, I am not a fan of Trump’s baiting behavior, either, which may well be intended to invite resistance fatigue and in other cases is designed to create scandals to shame his opponents, at least in the eyes of “his” team.
      We should keep a sensible watch on our government folks and kick them in the shin when they go seriously wrong on the issues which heavily affect our lives and our country’s future. To do so effectively, we need to come together on the main issues (economy, democracy, anti-corruption, and election integrity especially, but also infrastructure, education, and health care, I’d say) and stop letting us being played by this party politics spectacle. The left-right struggle is fake. The real struggle is top-bottom. How high up near the top are you?

  • Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are great. He is picking people with proven records of leadership in the military and government. he is picking people who can get things done. Of course they agree with Donald’s approach.

    • Wasn’t the whole point of his campaign that his supporters didn’t want any Washington insiders and people with proven records in the government? Seems to me like he’s picking billionaires who contributed to his campaign and friends from his pre-political life…a bunch of swamp monsters it seems.

  • It is bad …

    I first thought about giving Trump a chance …. but his cabinet picks are terrifying. Not only for democrats, but also for those who wanted to drain the swamp.

    It is very sad …

    • Anyone terrified by Trump’s cabinet nominees also stay inside to avoid their own shadows and don’t step on cracks. Every selection has been a results oriented, experience-laden advocate of Trump’s policies- which is what the election was all about. I am shocked at the hypocrisy of the left who refuses to give this President his cabinet and have never given him a chance. That is just unAmerican!

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