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Diamond and Silk Talk About the Real Question African-American Voters Should Ask

Written by Fred Lucas

Donald Trump – in his outreach to African-American voters – asked, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Two staunch Trump supporters – YouTube celebrities Diamond and Silk – would prefer he flip the question.

“There is a flip side to this. What you have to lose is poverty and unemployment,” Diamond told Political Storm. “In the past 50 years, African Americans have voted one way. Another question is what do you have to gain?”

The two sisters weren’t certain how much of the African-American vote their candidate could get, but they admired him for talking more honestly about issues in inner city neighborhoods that the first African-American president, Barack Obama, hasn’t addressed.

Silk added, “People are tired of the same.”

Both are tired of Democratic accusations that Trump and Republicans are racist. They referred to Democratic policies of keeping African Americans in poverty and dependent on government as the “new Jim Crow.”

“The Democrats were the party of slavery and segregation,” Diamond said. “They bully people, they ostracize and stigmatize black people who want to get off the Democratic plantation.”

They will be showing the film, “Clinton Cash,” about corruption in the Clinton Foundation on their Facebook page on Aug. 28 and holding an online discussion.  

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, released Tuesday, says that Trump has just 8 percent support among African Americans – that’s consistent with what Republican presidential candidates usually get. Trump claims if he runs for re-election in 2020, he’ll get 95 percent of the black vote.

Whether you agree with Diamond and Silk, there is one point everyone should agree on. No voting bloc – blacks, evangelicals, rural, urban, or anyone else — wants to be taken for granted by one party and written off by the other party.

Trump is making a particularly aggressive play for African Americans. It’s the most aggressive push by any GOP presidential candidate since George W. Bush in 2000. It didn’t work for Bush then, just as Barack Obama’s play to siphon off some evangelical voters in 2008 didn’t work.

History tells us most people don’t change their party preference en masse, unless it’s a realignment year, as in 1980. Voters – based sometimes on race, other times on religion and most frequently on region – grow up identifying with a party and will either vote for that party’s nominee or stay at home if they don’t approve.

Fred Lucas is a columnist for Political Storm and the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal. He is the author of “Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections” (Stairway Press, 2016).


  • anyone who uses the reason that democrats were the party of slavery are fucking idiots. the parties’ political views back then were reversed. democrats were southern redneck conservatives and republicans were northern liberals. fucking morons.

    • Rhinestone and Polyester need a history lesson as do you. The Democrats of that era were conservative. But keep listed to the media without fact checking, you’ll be alright.

  • These two ladies certainly do a great job in telling the they have an extra bonus for all of us to is their humor..there are times I almost wet my was when the bikers were on the way to the RNC….keep doing what you ladies do best..with re utmost respect.

  • I think all your comments are heart felt … But some of you are not looking at the bigger picture: Trump will take no crap off anyone and is physically able to handle the rigors of being president. Plus congress, Pence and the senate will keep him under control; On the other hand Hillary has a long history of being in office and doing absolutely nothing but take others people money and live way beyond her means; Well now it’s catching up with her her health is failing … That’s no lie… So what happens if she is elected and is too sick to serve then we’re stuck with Kane who is one of the stupidest men politically I know and just guess who he’s going to run too …. slick Willy! Who was impeached, by the way and once again were are stuck with a substandard government that will do nothing and help no one! Look who she paraded at the DNC, it was disgusting how she used others tragedy to further her political career. But there are some that have bought the elitest line hook, line and sinker! Wake up America vote Trump 2016!

  • the problem our elite highly educated government does not know right form wrong they condonthe wong that hellary and super educated obummer have commited for years !!!!!! they may know the definition but surely were not raised to know it when they didi I t!!!!! I guess that’s the difference from highly educated and being raised well by your parents who raised you to have ethics,honesty and integrity must not be taught in all the education they are so suppose to have because no one in our government seems to have any of these values. so much for highly educated people I rather have people with values and its not hellary or obummer for sure. I trust the people with values over any highly educated that all they seem to know is greed and dishonesty and corruption hellary is so full of s**t she has no respect for any body of color or that isn’t in her elite class of friends she could care less about the lower class people just lying and saying what you shcould care less about the lower class people just lying and saying what you want to hear. if she was ever going to help anyone she has had 40 years to do something and she has surely stolen and taken enough bribes to have done something. but she hasn’t done anything or anybody if she does get in she will go back to her snob ways and arrogant life and if she doesn’t we will go back to being to being nothing more than low lass people to her that we have always been to her and she will back to being the rich b***h that she really is. and looking down her noise at us all like she did before she needed our vote to give her the power with her money that will make her above her elite friends she can be the top dog of the snobs and really get to rule over everybody and only do what she wants to do unless you can offer her a lot of bribe money then she will do you a favor !!!! but never for us low class poor people if she really wanted to help anybody she would have already she has no concern for people what they go through or how they live if she did she never would have sold out our jobs for money in her pocket !!!! where did she think our money was going to come from to pay our bills ? she didn’t care and still don’t!!!!!

  • Dear friends in America,

    Most of the European people would vote for Trump, the liberal media here just like in the US, tries to paint him as the Devil himself. You would not believe how aggressive and disgusting what the print on papers, or blog on the internet sites and television networks.. Politicians here on the left socialist liberal side support the Clinton woman for ideological reasons regardless what their own voters want. They want peace, security, economic growth and no mass immigration. What these politicians want here: Mass immigration from Islamic countries, welfare based society which can be governed by food stamps, and global bank rules over every country, government and culture..
    You have to fight back and must vote for Trump. He is the only chance to turn things around.

  • Trump is NOT a racist! He sued Palm Springs years ago because they would not let him open his resort doors to African Americans! Look it up! He also is not a bigot! He has plenty of African American and Jewish friends. He also has plenty of gay friends! He is very good friends with Sir Elton John and his husband and he employees gay people and people of all races! THEY LOVE HIM PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY! Look that up too! STOP LISTENING TO CLINTON AND THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S LIES! Don’t you know the quickest way to cover your own *** is by accusing your opponent of the horrible things you are first!! CLINTON WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WITH A GAY PERSON NEXT TO HER OR IN HER IMMEDIATE CIRCLE!! SHE ALSO DOESN’T WANT “SUPER PREDATORS” TOO NEAR (OUTSIDE OF CHERYL MILLS WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH)!! CLINTON HANGS WITH THE MARTHA’S VINEYARD ELITES! Wouldn’t give you or me the time of day!! Ask those on her security details over the years! SHE MADE THEM GET RID OF THE KIDS “ASAP” IN ARKANSAS; SPEEDING UP THE ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT AT THE GOVERNOR’S MANSION!! SHE’S A HORRIBLE-SOULED PERSON!!

  • Actions speak louder than words, look at the Hillary Clinton record of corruption and all talk/ no do! Most hard working Americans are feeling economic pain from failed policies and leadership from the Democratic agenda, become a Trumpocrat, give change a chance, our votes are the only thing that will stop this rampant corruption, that is not OK, for any American!

  • This is an odd thread, I must say! Too many “anonymous” on here. I live in Alabama. I’m white, college educated, retired, with health problems. I take pride in my logical and fair mind. I listen to Mr. Trump’s speeches, listen to the “interpretations” from the press, and calculate the differences in what I heard him say and what the talking heads SAY he said! I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump. I’m not naive enough to believe that I can influence my black acquaintances toward Diamond and Silk’s support of Trump. I can only pray for America and voice my opinion. Oh yes…and VOTE.

  • I love Diamond and Silk. I will say this the Democratic party has also kept white people down. Growing up poor whites loved Democratic party. Those of us in cold water flats, having to wash in the kitchen sink because we had no showers or tubs, heating with gas on gas stoves etc… My parents thought the Dems were going to help us, 50 years later, sure there has been help! Help to live of the system so they can control us. Some of us got away but many did not. I have a nephew that has been in the system all his life. 38 years!!!! He is on disability for anxiety and is on the list for housing. My sister the same for alcoholism. I come for a democratic state and they give everything but don’t make anybody strive to get ahead. I chose a different path and was called a rich b***h because I tried to get ahead. In my retirement now. I get $894.00 a month from SS for 47 years of work. I have to pay a mortgage and everything that goes along with it and medical. My sister gets the same on disability and 75% of her housing paid plus free medical and food stamps. I should have never worked and sat at a bar! Needless to say she loves Hillary!!

  • D&S have gotten it 100% correct. I can’t understand why my people refuse to get off of the Democratic plantation. All of our false black leaders are keeping us there for cash paid to them by the Democratic party. Remember, a Republican freed the slaves.

  • Hilliary could care less about any of us, no matter our color or standing. She is a psychopath and a pathological lyer. Her mo is to use people, all people, for her own personal gain. She has sold the US secrets to foreign countries, and put lives at risk. People have died under her watch. Lots of people! You cross her, you die?. All she wants is power. All people are to her, all people, are votes! You think your life is bad now, think again. Clinton will destroy us, then she will destroy herself. With her, you can not win! Vote Trump. He may be loud, but he cares and he’s honest. Also, him being racist is a lie. Trump has four black and Latino women running his campaign. He has Ben Carson, the General, and the Sheriff cited to be in his cabinet. A women cited to be a Supreme Court justice, and a woman heading his whole campaign. Trump loves all people. He’s not prejudice. He’s good to women. He treats them the same as men. Equally! The seeing is in the believing. Look again. Hilliary, as usual is lying to you! ?

      • Personally, Hillary does not want the black votes, she hates all blacks me included. She wants any votes, she stated one day to a secret service agent that she hates all people of color she said to him, they pay for my votes, they pay to shine my husbands shoes.. they are my slaves.. yes that’s what she said she called us slaves.. she is a slave.. she should be wipped and spit at. she wants anyones votes so she can throw it up to your face once she gets in.. she is a liar a cheater and defines less of honesty. She allowed and laughed at the young girl after she got raped and said she deserved it. got the man off after 12 yrs in prison… she was paid off to his family… she told many people that she did a lot of people wrong, and she had kennedy family members murdered her own party recently knocked off two men cause they opened up a lot of can of worms… she is EVIL… DEMONIZER HER HUSBAND AND HER , AND HER NASTY ASS DAUGHTER… THE ONE THAT SAYS ON THE PHONE OH THE BITCHES ARE COMING… remember Chelsea you can hide from us but we are still watching your kids.

      • Do you really think Hillary is so concerned about ANY Americans except her thieving entitled group? No she is not! Her husband Bill was impeached, they stole from the Whitehouse and he lied to the American public. Let us not forget her maniacal sex mad husband and his lies! Why doesn’t Obama talk about inner cities, particularly Chicago? He doesn’t care! Let us all stand as AMERICANS, and stop being played. Everyone one who truly cares about the U.S.A. Needs to stand up to corrupt politics and be counted?

    • Hillary is a liar first and foremost a theif and would you know if she’s a racist or not? Trump speaks his mind at least he’s not a liar and he’s transparent

    • He is not a racist bigot. Someone has fooled you — sound like you drank the media’s koolaid and the lies of the Democratic Party who did NOT want to free the slaves. You might want to take a personal inventory and do some furthe historical research on why you would support a party who has done nothing but to suppress and control the blacks in our country. It’s not about racism either since we are all one race–the human race. It is truly about the condition of ones heart!

            • No need for name calling here. Obviously context is important, which is why you can’t simply look at poverty rates and cities where Democrats run the government. You can’t simply pick the context that fits the narrative that you’re pushing. There are thousands of variables that need to be taken into effect. I’m assuming you don’t have much of a background in statistics, because if you did, you would know that there is almost never 1 variable that you can attribute causation to.

    • Voting for a liar is a sin….and by the way, the only person that is insane….is the ones who don’t realize they are. I don’t hear much from Killery these days. I’m very curious though—-how much money did she make off the 100,000 per plate dinner?

  • Doing the same thing over and over, i.e. repeatedly voting democratic, and expecting a different result? Thought that was a sign of insanity! What about it, Girls?

    • I am Nigerian America registered as democrat and voted Democrate for many years I will vote for Trump this year and I agreed with every thing in your documetation

      • That is actually NOT the definition of insanity.

        You watch to many movies.

        The definition of insanity is NOT doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Insanity is ONLY a legal term pertaining to a defendant’s ability to determine right from wrong when a crime is committed.’s definition of Insanity:

        Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

        Insanity is a concept analyzed in court to help distinguish guilt from innocence. It’s informed by mental health professionals, but the term today is legal, not psychological.

        There’ is NO “insane” diagnosis listed in the DSM.

    • Totally agree… what do they have to lose if they vote for someone who is going to save their fat behinds? there will be more jobs.. yes I need one. so employ me. I can only do a sit down job but I have a brain and I can use it, im really quick with making things, so hire me. I will work for 10 bucks an hour.. not proud but that works good for me. also…get off your ass and do something… ask for guidance.. work with those who do not know your talents…. make your voice count… do something useful instead of collecting food stamps and complaining allt he time.

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