Cindy Mathews: The Cause Is Right and the Time Is Now



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One of Bernie Sander’s most eloquent surrogates (designated speakers) is former Ohio state senator Nina Turner. When Nina walks up to the podium at a rally the atmosphere becomes electric. Thousands of voices gel into a unified force of pure enthusiasm. When Nina leads the crowd in her trademark cheer of “When I say ‘feel’ you say ‘Bern’! Feel–Bern! Feel–Bern!” seismologists across the world take notice of the vibrations, the good vibrations of energized ordinary Americans.

It’s telling how Bernie states plainly in his stump speech, “No president, not Bernie Sanders, not anyone, can do it alone.” No narcissistic “I want the job/power/money” expressed. Bernie says we need to start a movement–his so-called “political revolution”– to govern together. The lack of working together for the greater good explains why we’ve suffered from gridlock in Washington DC in recent times. A defeated and apathetic voting public feels powerless to end the bad attitude of their elected officials, persons who are often put into office by corporate interests via lobbying dollars. Bought-off representatives represent their own selfish interests and the interests of the oligarchs who purchased their loyalty.

Ordinary folks don’t figure into the one-percenters’ equation. Frankly, we don’t give mercenary politicians enough money to create a blip on their radar. Nothing is accomplished to alleviate the suffering of the working poor because these corporate puppets feel no burning need to address these issues. It’s the “I’m doing okay so who cares about you?”attitude at its worst.

So, when Nina Turner shouts, “The cause is right and the time is now,” she is reiterating Bernie’s plea for our cooperation in fixing America’s broken political system. We’ve been given a noble mission, a worthy cause to work for, a greater goal to obtain. No time for excuses–it’s off to the polls to vote for progressive candidates in local, state and federal races. It’s our job to make sure Congress is supportive of our ideals and willing to work with our chosen president, Bernie Sanders, to bring about positive change.

And no more crying about our lazy representatives. We’ve been charged with an important task to replace these self-serving types with Americans who value the same things we do: fair play, compassion, honesty and integrity. A new organization, Brand New Congress, has already started organizing our response for providing Bernie with the Congress he needs to work with in order to improve ordinary American’s lives.

A responsive Congress and an honest leader in the White House are definitely the two things our beleaguered country needs now. There is no time to waste because the cause is right. The time is now. It’s a good day to start the political revolution.


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of The Bernie Blog.