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Bursting the Bubble

Two Bubbles
Written by Cindy A Matthews

I don’t know why everyone who asks me, “Were you surprised by the results of this election?” is surprised by my answer, “No, I saw it coming months ago.”

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to read the future, if you keep your ears open, your mind free from mainstream media bias, and your eyes focused on the ninety-nine percent of Americans’ plummeting standard of living. The DNC, by eliminating Bernie Sanders as a contender, made the results inevitable.

You’d think it was a no-brainer. Obviously, for the one-percenters who control the decision-making processes at the DNC, it wasn’t what they expected. Then again, when do they ever leave their “bubble” of insider Washington politics, posh cocktail parties and jet-setting junkets? By distancing themselves from the vast majority of humanity, they caused their own blindness and deafness. By refusing to acknowledge the “little people” and their needs, the little people did exactly what it would take to get these fat cats’ attention–they voted for Trump. The little people wanted to protest their living conditions and the DNC took away the one true protest vote that would have helped both the people and the two-party system: Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision as they say and the 2020 election will be as important as – if not more than – the 2016 election, but it is still four years away. Ordinary Americans will have to survive that long to get another chance to make things better and many are frightened and worried they won’t survive, because of the hateful rhetoric of the Trump Tea Partiers. A young gay friend told us she marched in an anti-Trump protest because she felt she needed to make her fears known to the larger world. She wanted the world to know persecuted minorities weren’t going to “disappear” simply because a right-winger was in the White House. The LGBTQ community is going to band together, growing stronger than ever, to fight off the attacks they feel are coming.

Another friend of ours is still in shock at seeing her name in a WikiLeaks email detailing the political leanings of Bernie Sanders’ delegates to the national convention in Philadelphia. The DNC actually had dossiers on each of the Bernie delegates–mostly inaccurate ones it seems. The information the party heads gleaned from this information was that they could kick Bernie Sanders to the curb while keeping his delegates and making them actively support and campaign for Hillary.

If Clinton and company had bothered to step out of their bubble for even one minute, they would have seen the folly of such an action, but they didn’t. An online acquaintance, who was also a Bernie Sanders delegate in Philadelphia, posted on her blog this past week how glad she was to vote for Trump and witness a Clinton defeat, because of the primary rigging the DNC did in her state. Many other Bernie supporters have voiced similar sentiments.

The moral of the story for this election? Remaining inside the one-percent bubble is not only elitist, it’s just plain stupid.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that the one-percent wants their bubble to go away anytime soon. Already the mainstream media pundits (many of whom are listed in the WikiLeaks emails as having been active participants in the Clinton campaign) are circling the wagons and refusing to acknowledge their part in creating the phenomenon that is Trump by following the DNC’s programming to build up “Pied Piper candidates.” These bought-off media personalities enjoy living in the bubble with their one-percent politician buddies. They will continue to spin false narratives of Russian hacking plots to hide the fact that it was they, the mainstream media, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and their combined sheer greed and desire for power that created Trump’s victory.

Luckily for us little people, we have the alternative media where we can find the information we need to burst the bubble, once and for all. The Internet proved a valuable tool during the Arab Spring–it will prove even more valuable during the political revolution. Bernie Sanders told us we needed one and he’s providing his leadership skills in Congress and via his Our Revolution organization. We’ll burst that bubble before too long and we won’t need a protest candidate to do it for us.


Bio: Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues blog:


  • Yeah, the surprise and shock Cindy describes is yet another sign of how many people are still sleep walking through their lives. I not only predicted this outcome back when the DNC strongarmed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination back in July; I felt so certain that I even created a pic for it to adorn a blog post I wrote predicting this very November outcome:

      • Yes, I do think Bernie could have taken this election if he had been the Democratic nominee. In fact, I think he would have. Probably in a landslide.
        Furthermore, the DNC knew this when they kicked him to the curb… unless they are utterly incompetent. All year, the polls had shown Bernie beating Trump by the double digits, whereas Hillary’s original lead over Trump had kept shrinking until, at the time of the Democratic National Convention in July, Trump and Hillary were neck to neck.
        Hillary’s votes were primarily from rank-and-file Democratic voters (with some holding their noses, for sure, since a lot of the Clinton’s corruption has come to the light and Hillary never had Bill’s charisma).
        On the other hand, the majority of independents, who are the largest voting block nowadays, loathed Hillary but were very favorable of Bernie Sanders. Thus he would have gotten most or all of the Democratic rank-and-file voters, plus contra-Trump voters, plus a huge chunk of independents.
        We can do better than just guess. Shortly before the general election, Gravis Marketing conducted a poll which still showed Bernie beating Trump. This despite of Bernie having lost a LOT of his political capital when he endorsed Hillary Clinton and campaigned for her. I think the loss of voter support from doing a 180 and supporting a corporatist, whom he had exposed as such during the primaries, far exceeds what – if anything – Republican smear campaigns could have done to his popularity.
        Yes, I think, he would have won. And we would all be better for it. OTOH, the presidency is only a small part of our government which, over the last three to four decades, has turned to serving the billionaire class instead of the whole American people. So, either way, we have a fight before us to win back our government. Maybe having Trump in the Oval Office will motivate us to do more in this direction. Therefore, I am not in the end-of-the-world-because-Trump-won camp. Challenges are opportunities, and we need opportunity badly considering the state we are in.

        • Thanks for your candid and supported response! I’ve read many articles about people voting for Trump because they saw him as a beacon for change, a way to crumble the corrupt government we have in place. I’ve read how the media was extremely biased in favor of Hillary, and watched 92% of voters in DC vote for her. All this, plus your argument that the DNC blatantly didn’t pick a candidate who could have defeated Trump, does make me wonder what is going on in DC. Why are they so resistant to change and a non-stereotypical POTUS? I can proudly say that I voted for Hillary, but I guess you are right- no need to feel like we have reached the end of the world.

    • You did predict it correctly, Dirk. I think most of us knew that HRC didn’t have a prayer of winning since she represented the elite 1%. Anon. is a bit hung up on numbers–by “99%” I meant the ordinary Americans who make up the majority of the population as oppose to the elite or the “1%”. It was a literary analogy if that makes you feel better, Anon. 😉

    • So, you make $10 million a year, Anon.? That’s what it takes to live inside the 1% bubble. Why ever do bother to come out and consort with us commoners? Go back to your “people”!

      • haha what..? I want to know what metric was used to determine that 99% of American’s standard of living is “plummeting”. Median income for individuals and households is up in the past year. I get income inequality is high, but 99% is completely fabricated number. Why don’t you actually engage in a meaningful discussion instead of sending out incoherent, personal attacks? And I’m not a 1%-er, I’m below 50%, I can actually use my brain though

  • I think the media who thought they were lining Clinton up for victory have a lot to answer for…. they actually made people dislike her even more! I agree Cindy, that Trump’s victory was for many, the successful result of their protest.

    • I agree, I think the media has a lot to answer for in this election. Also, I think that bubbles not only exist within the elite part of the DNC, but also within homogeneously Democratic states. Places like California and New York felt the strongest shock because they assumed a win without thinking about how other people in other states vote.

    • Yeah, think if the DNC would have allowed Bernie Sanders to actually take all the states he actually won in the primaries (but lost to their election rigging) we would have had the ultimate protest vote for him. We’d be all happy about someone in charge who was serious about climate change, single-payer health care for ALL (not just the elite), and shutting down Citizens United and TPP. The DNC and their bought-off media pundits have a lot to answer for, don’t they? Let’s hope we survive long enough to teach these selfish bastards a few lessons.

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