The grief experienced when a spouse, child, relative or friend dies is usually overcome or lessened by time, the great healer. Not so when one’s country dies or, as now, is in the process of being destroyed by Donald Trump and Mike Pence who along with their cabinet and Congressional henchmen are motivated only by greed and religious fairy tales.
    By overturning regulations of previous administrations implemented to protect our country plus fantasy budgets which solely profit the Military Industrial Complex gripping the throat of America like the hand of a designated KKK hangman, I am as grieved as if my mother is being raped by marauding Cossacks.
    Regrettably there are no means available which will enable change in the Congress, the Presidency and his cabinet to MAKE AMERICA BETTER!
    Dave Henrie dfh3@cox.net

    • Dave, Specifically how is the country being raped? The 62 million people who voted for Trump don’t feel this way -surely. How is it helpful to take this kind of extreme position yourself? This is the kind of talk that leads to violence and civil war. Trump didn’t just show up out of nowhere. His election is the result of a lot of people feeling left out of the system as were the Bernie Bros. The things that Trump supporters want and Trump has said he would do are not radical any more than President Obama’s lurch to the left. They have serious concerns about controlling our borders, jump starting a sluggish economy and decreasing the size of government. Why not fight this legitimately at the ballot box? Why not engage in a useful dialogue with your neighbors that you disagree with and reach some common ground?

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