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The best party for Right Wingers who hate the GOP

Democrats and Republicans represent the two main political parties of the United States. When people who usually don’t get concerned in politics or people from a different country ask you your political opinion, it is always democrat or republican. What most common people don’t know is that there are many political parties in America. These parties usually focus on variations of these main political parties to fit a more confined opinion.
For right wingers like myself we are assumed to be automatically republican. So right wingers hate the GOP part of the Republican Party. We see corruption in the GOP and most big government itself. There however is an alternative for me and others like this. This article will be about the Constitution Party and its philosophies.
The Constitution Party was started in 1991 under the name of the U.S. Taxpayers’ Party and renamed the Constitution Party in 1999. The party was founded by Darrell Castle, candidate for the Constitution Party in the 2016 Presidential Election, and former Office of Economic Opportunity Secretary Howard Phillips. The party is only 26 years old and is very small but has great ideas for any right wingers who respects the constitution’s rules.
Now I want to discuss the philosophies of the Constitution Party. The main philosophies that the party supports is English Nationalism, Conservative Libertarianism, and Paleoconservatism. To sum up these ideologies they all support freedom of the people and lack of government control. Something any right winger should be able to back up.
After I had learned about the Constitution Party I switched from the Republican Party to here where I am today. I have provided basic information for the party but if you would like to know more please visit there website

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