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Bernie Sanders Rally in NYC

Join the Political Storm Team as campaign correspondent Laurance Rassin, speaks with NYC voter at the Bernie Sanders Rally in Washington Sq Park and asks them to describe their man in one word..


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Laurance Rassin

Laurance is the Creative Architect and a Co-Founder of Political Storm. Laurance is the Features Editor and Executive Producer of all video and podcast content for Political Storm. Born two blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C., his passion for politics began at a young age. Laurance developed a “Get out the Vote” strategy that was regularly used in both gubernatorial and Presidential campaigns. His innovative concept of skatertizers was featured in The Washington Post, Roll Call, The Hill, Variety and The Atlantic. He is a graduate of The American University with a degree in Communications. Laurance is the author of White Collar Slavery and resides in New York City.

Rassin was the first contemporary artist to preside over the closing bell at NASDAQ and has appeared on WNBC NY, Bravo and MTV Networks. He has been quoted in the Financial Times, Newsweek, Associated Press and The New York Daily News.