Brian Robertson, President and CEO of Crispin Solutions, LLC, is an experienced developer of policy and communications strategy with over 20 years of experience in public policy, journalism, and communications. He brings wide-ranging top-level experience in speechwriting, op-ed writing, and messaging. . Robertson, a twice-published author of well-received books on public policy, recently served as Policy Director for Senate candidate Ed Gillespie’s 2014 campaign. Prior to his work providing policy and message strategy for Gillespie, who surprised pollsters and the public when he came within a hair of toppling incumbent Mark Warner in the 2014 Senate race, Robertson was senior policy advisor for the Joint Economic Committee under Sens. Brownback (R-KS-Ret.), DeMint (R-SC-Ret.), and Coats (R-IN), where he gained an in-depth knowledge of economic policy, including tax, budget, and financial services issues.

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